Sunday 15 January 2017

A pro-Brexit general strike would bring the country to its knees

Left wing author, Guardian writer, luvvie and owner of his own £18k a year liberal arts university, AC Grayling, has called for a general strike in opposition to Brexit.

This is a fantastic idea because the 52% can also hold a general strike in favour of Brexit.

As sneering Remoaners delight in telling us, your average Brexit supporter is a poorly educated low earner - in other words, the working class who do all the menial jobs that keep the lights on, the streets free of litter and the country's production lines going. Your average Project Fear supporter is either a higher earner, a luvvie or a snowflake student - in other words, the kind of people who would struggle to change a light bulb.

Let the Remoaners call a general strike to oppose Brexit, the workers will bring the country to its knees with their own.