Monday 23 January 2017

McKinsey & Co take new offices in London in "renewed commitment" to the UK

The world's post prestigious management consultancy firm, McKinsey & Co, have reiterated their commitment to post-Brexit UK by taking 100,000ft² of office space in a new development in London.

US-based McKinsey has 11,000 employees spread across 110 locations worldwide. McKinsey's UK & Ireland Managing Partner, Vivien Hunt, said the new office "represents a renewed commitment to London and the UK".

More than six months on from the referendum and we're still waiting for the 3m job losses, global economic apocalypse and mass exodus of big employers the Remainiacs predicted. Instead we've seen unemployment go down, the UK was the fastest growing advanced economy in the world last year and big names are investing significant amounts of money in their UK operations.