Saturday 18 February 2017

Campaign for an English Parliament told English flag and anthem are offensive by Stoke police

Two police officers in Stoke have told the Campaign for an English Parliament's Eddie Bone that the English flag might offend some of Stoke's "diverse population".

The CEP have been driving their customised flatbed truck with advertising hoardings calling for an English Parliament around Stoke throughout the election campaign. The truck was pulled over this week by two police officers who told Bone that the English flag calling for an English Parliament and playing Jerusalem might be offensive to some people.

Despite the exchange being videoed, Staffordshire Police are claiming that Bone was only pulled over so officers could speak to him about loud music playing from the truck.

Bone has made a formal complaint to Staffordshire Police over the incident whilst UKIP's Home Affairs spokesman, Jane Collins, said " would like to ask the police what they could possibly view as offensive about a hymn and a flag which is used across the world not just in England".

Paul Nuttall is a long-time supporter of an English Parliament and published a policy paper a few years ago calling for devolution for England. He used his first speech as UKIP's candidate for Stoke Central to call for an English Parliament to represent England's interests.