Thursday, 16 February 2017

Stoke Labour activist illegally exerting spiritual influence over Muslims

The Chairman of Hanley Park Residents Association and Stoke Labour activist, Navid Hussain, has been illegally exerting spiritual influence over Stoke's Muslim community to secure their votes for Gareth Snell.

Hussain has been sending text messages, Whatsapp messages and posting messages on Facebook telling Muslims that they will go to hell if they vote for UKIP which he describes as an anti-Muslim racist party.

This has echoes of Tower Hamlets where the Tower Hamlets First party told voters they would go to hell if they didn't vote for their man. They won the elections but a special election court removed their mayor and councillors, banned them from standing for election again and struck the party off the register. If Labour sociopath Gareth Snell wins then Hussain's actions are grounds to annul the election and force it to be re-run.