Thursday 23 February 2017

If you don't vote UKIP in Copeland and Stoke Central then nothing will change

Voters are going to the polls today in Stoke Central and Copeland in two hugely important Westminster by-elections.

Stoke Central is, of course, the big one where 7 out of 10 people voted to leave the EU and the Labour Party have decided to stand a sexist, potty mouthed, Remain-supporting councillor from Suffolk as their candidate. UKIP's new leader, Paul Nuttall, is the UKIP candidate to replace Labour's Tristram Hunt as MP Stoke Central.

But let's not forget Copeland where UKIP's Fiona Mills is hoping to cause an upset in a seat that has been held by the Labour Party for almost a century. Contesting a by-election on the same day as the UKIP leader means you're never going to get the publicity or resources but a strong third is expected nonetheless.

As Einstein may or may not have said, insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Voting for the same people and parties means nothing will ever change and every election they win is an endorsement for their failed policies. Labour and the Conservatives have been letting down Stoke, Copeland and the whole country for more than a century, it's time for change.