Friday 3 February 2017

Jeremy Corbyn says people choose to be gay

Chair of UKIP's LGBT* group, Flo Lewis, has condemned Jeremy Corbyn for comments he made at an LGBT History event suggesting gay people choose to be gay.

Corbyn was attempting to portray the Labour Party as the gay-friendly party by saying that Labour was behind anyone who "chose to be gay" or "chose to be lesbian".
Mr Corbyn states that he is in solidarity with those who "chose to be gay" and "chose to be lesbian". Mr Corbyn, in case you weren't aware being LGBT* is NOT a choice! It is part of who we are!

Why would anyone choose to be part of a community that endures disproportionate discrimination, be at a higher risk of mental health issues, and in some countries imprisoned or even killed?

Such a statement only serves as a clear demonstration of just how out of touch Mr Corbyn is with the communities that he claims to represent.