Friday 3 February 2017

Labour Party loses 7,000 members over Corbyn's Brexit Bill whip

Around 7,000 Labour Party members are believed to have resigned from the party last week over Jeremy Corbyn's decision to whip his MPs to vote for the Brexit Bill.

Despite Labour MPs being under a three line whip 47 of their MPs voted against the bill to give Theresa May the go-ahead to trigger Article 50 negotiations, including shadow cabinet members and the whips themselves. And there is still no punishment for the ultimate party political "crime" of defying a three line whip from their increasingly weak and ineffective leader.

It looks like having joined Labour for a quid to vote for Corbyn as leader the kids and nutters have either lost interest or patience in their messiah.

Jeremy Corbyn with his "freedom fighter" IRA friend, Gerry Adams