Sunday 26 February 2017

Lib Dem candidate tells Shneur Odze being an Orthodox Jew makes him unsuitable to be Manchester Mayor

UKIP's candidate for Manchester's metro-mayor, Shneur Odze, has been told by Lib Dem candidate Cllr Jane Brophy that he shouldn't be allowed to be a candidate because he's an Orthodox Jew.

Cllr Brophy took issue with the fact that Odze is unable to shake the hand of a woman due to his observation of Orthodox Judaism. She told a hustings that he was unsuitable for the mayoralty because of his religion.

It is an unusual religious observance in this country but it is a religious observance nonetheless. If Cllr Brophy was invited to the local mosque would she refuse to cover herself up? If she was invited to a gurdwara would she sit on the men's side of the Diwan Hall? Of course she wouldn't. So what is it that makes those religious requirements something she can tolerate but not Shneur Odze's?

If politicians are going to allow someone's religion to influence their morals then they need to be consistent. You either respect all religious intolerances or none of them.