Tuesday 14 February 2017

YouGov poll finds Labour now has less working class support than UKIP

A YouGov poll for the Times has revealed that UKIP has more support amongst working class voters than Labour and is only 10% behind Labour overall.

The poll highlights just how far Labour's support has declined nationally with the Tories the most popular party amongst working class voters with 39% supporting them. UKIP is the second most popular party amongst working class voters on 23% and Labour trailing in third with 20% support. Overall, the Tories are sitting on 40% for a general election with Labour trailing a distant second on 24% and UKIP in third on 14%.

It gets worse for Labour because even though Jeremy Corbyn is hugely unpopular with voters, experts believe that replacing him would do very little to shore up the Labour vote with the party fatally divided between the hard left Corbynites and the middle class Blairites who want social justice for all as long as someone else is paying for it.