Wednesday 12 July 2017

Sadiq Khan dismisses David Kurten AM's call to remove the EU flag from City Hall

UKIP London AM, David Kurten, has called on Sadiq Khan to respect and honour the decision to leave the EU and remove the EU ring of stars flag from City Hall.

The Mayor of London has so far rejected calls to remove the EU logo from City Hall and said that he will continue to fly it after we have left.
Our city will continue to look outwards and trade and engage with the entire world - including the European Union - and we will continue to fly the EU flag outside City Hall.
London's largest export market is the US, just like the UK as a whole. But Mayor Khan doesn't propose to fly the American flag from City Hall.
I believe it also sends an important message to the almost one million Europeans living in London, who make a huge contribution to our city.
Kurten is calling for the EU logo to be replaced with the Cross of St George. English people are still the largest ethnic group in London although, of course, no longer the majority. How about flying the English flag to send an important message to the 4m English people living in London who make a huge contribution to the city?

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