Monday 21 August 2017

Key UKIP Leadership Questions with Ben Walker

1. What is your leadership style and what leadership qualities do you believe you can bring to the party?

Having served in the Royal Navy and been a business owner for the majority of my working life I always lead from the front.

I never expect anyone to do something I haven't or wouldn't do. I am a huge team player who looks for his team to always buy into the ethos and tackle challenges with determination and commitment.

I don't give up.

I have huge ambition and drive and a will to succeed. I operate well under pressure and high levels of stress.

I believe I can bring all of these elements to the party. Lead from the front with a new energy and drive, with a revitalised team, fresh messages and once again, an ethos.

UKIP has always operated at its best with clear leadership and a solid commitment to its members. I promise to achieve that once again, galvanising our supporters.

2. What is your internal and external vision for the party going forward?

Full details of this will follow in my proposals for the party but, here is the general outline of my plans.

Reform the party structure, including the NEC. Employ fully paid Regional Co-ords and better utilise County Chairs as part of the party management structure.

Empower the members. Move to a more online platform following a full re-brand and name change.

Commission a policy and strategy unit.

Carry out a membership drive on a scale we haven't seen before.

Externally, I would want to see a return to our 2015 manifesto with minor updates throughout along with major changes to Crime & Punishment, the NHS and voting reform.

3. How will you demonstrate the strength needed from a leader and what will you do to get a grip on the recent internal party issues?

All the recent issues will be tackled head on. I'm looking for buy-in as stated and an invigorated and unified party ready for the next elections. Campaigning starts immediately. We have no place for people who wish to create tensions and dissent. If that what they want, main stream politics is available to them. We are different. We need to stay that way.

My political experience dates back to 2007 when I was elected as a Town Councillor. I was Mayor of the town for two consecutive terms (population 28K), also being elected as a District Councillor and Vice Chair of the authority. Stopped from serving as chair due to my defection to UKIP in 2011.

4. How will you keep the party being radical without focussing on single issues?

Full use of the new Policy & Strategy unit will be made, making is informed and current at all times. Spokes rolls will no longer be handed out to MEP's and the like. They will be awarded to people with expertise in the given sector by way of an application process. This would be open to members. Terms of reference will be produced and strict guidelines will be followed. Voting reform will become our new core issue and detailed policy will be available to all branches, members and elected members to ensure we are no longer a single issue party. There will be no lunge to either side of the political spectrum. We will occupy and command common sense politics once again.

5. What attitude will you bring to the parties campaigns in the future and how will you look to win the hearts of the electorate?

Drive, belief and new ideas.

With a new unified and re-structured party delivering a clear new strategy and common sense policies, we will appeal again to working class voters and those who are floating and undecided.

I want to target young people and the working classes. Having served my country during war in the Navy, as an unpaid volunteer in the community and as a small business owner, they don't come much more working class than me. I'm confident I have what it takes to appeal with the support of the UKIP machine!