Monday 8 November 2010

Nuttall appointed Deputy Leader

Nigel Farage's new team has been confirmed by the NEC today and by far the most pleasing and important appointment is Paul Nuttall as Deputy Leader.

The only person who could have really given Farage a run for his money in the leadership election (had he decided to stand) was Paul Nuttall.  He's an excellent speaker, politically astute, down to earth and approachable.

It's not clear whether Lord Monckton is remaining vice-deputy leader or not.  Having two leaders is unusual and not really necessary.  The deputy leader has a clear role - to deputise for the leader - and I don't see why we would ever need two deputies.  Nigel's a hard act to follow but it doesn't take two people!

Steve Crowther is the new Chairman, the Secretary is Michael Greaves and Lord Pearson is head of fundraising with Stephen Woolfe assisting.

Congratulations to all of Nigel's new team.