Thursday 7 January 2016

Mayor of Cologne gives women responsibility for their own safety from rapists

The Mayor of Cologne has issued advice to women in the city to stay "an arm's length" from male strangers and not to embrace then in case it is misunderstood after a group of as many as 1,000 illegal immigrants robbed, sexually assaulted and raped women during New Year's Eve celebrations.

The advice has been ridiculed worldwide and has caused outrage in Germany where German citizens are quite understandably unhappy at the suggestion that it is a woman's responsibility to take steps to avoid being raped rather than the illegal immigrants' responsibility not to behave like feral animals.

Angela Merkel has welcomed a million so-called refugees - almost all of which are young, single men and mostly not from Syria - into Germany and there is no hope that they will ever be assimilated into German society. Germany will be changed forever by this influx of mostly Muslim economic illegal immigrants and not for the better.

These illegal immigrants are in an unfamiliar country with a language that is rarely taught outside of Europe, a religion incompatible with their own and a culture and value system that is apparently so alien to their own that they don't realise that robbery, sexual assault and rape are wrong. They aren't going to settle down in German communities and become model German citizens, they are going to settle in the same neighbourhoods and every major town and city in Germany will have a Muslim quarter - just like Paris and Belgium - bringing the same religious and ethnic tensions that have been causing wars in their own countries.

Shi'ites aren't going to stop hating Sunnis and vice versa just because they're now living in Europe. Syrians and Iraqis aren't going to stop hating Kurds and vice versa just because they're now living in Europe. Christian and Muslim Africans aren't going to stop hating each other just because they're now living in Europe. All the hatred and distrust and propensity for violence and misogyny isn't going to be left behind, it's now here in Europe and with a million new people arriving in Germany in just a year on top of those already present it won't take long to get out of control, there are just too many people. And as early as 2020 they could have German passports which will allow them to move freely anywhere in the EU which makes this no longer a German problem but a problem for every country in the EU. Let's hope we're well out of it before then.

"Against Sexism, Against Racism"