Monday 22 September 2008

EU're a bunch of losers

America has won the Ryder Cup for the first time since 1999.

The Ryder Cup was originally an Anglo-American competition but over time it has been appropriated by Federal Europe as an opportunity to foster a "European Identity".  They're ably assisted, of course, by the good old BBC whose coverage of the Ryder Cup was all about how "we" were doing against the Americans.

Team Europe isn't Team EU but that doesn't stop Federal Europe ploughing millions into the event, covering everything in the EU ring of stars and the European team using a .eu web address.  The Ryder Cup team is the thin end of the wedge - Federal Europe wants an EU Olympic team and football team.

I don't know about you but despite having no interest in golf whatsoever, I still rooted for the American team just to see the EU's tame propagandists lose.


The Pub Consultancy Service said...

As a golfer myself, and an avid follower of the various tournaments, we lost because Faldo left Monty at home. Forget the politics in this one except the EU flag, I noted that also.