Wednesday 12 July 2017

Sadiq Khan dismisses David Kurten AM's call to remove the EU flag from City Hall

UKIP London AM, David Kurten, has called on Sadiq Khan to respect and honour the decision to leave the EU and remove the EU ring of stars flag from City Hall.

The Mayor of London has so far rejected calls to remove the EU logo from City Hall and said that he will continue to fly it after we have left.
Our city will continue to look outwards and trade and engage with the entire world - including the European Union - and we will continue to fly the EU flag outside City Hall.
London's largest export market is the US, just like the UK as a whole. But Mayor Khan doesn't propose to fly the American flag from City Hall.
I believe it also sends an important message to the almost one million Europeans living in London, who make a huge contribution to our city.
Kurten is calling for the EU logo to be replaced with the Cross of St George. English people are still the largest ethnic group in London although, of course, no longer the majority. How about flying the English flag to send an important message to the 4m English people living in London who make a huge contribution to the city?

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Tuesday 11 July 2017

UKIP Tendring councillor fights off knifeman

UKIP Tending councillor, Mohammed Khan, has disarmed a knife-wielding suspected robber at his shop in Clacton.

The man threatened Cllr Khan with the knife but didn't ask for anything. When Cllr Khan managed to wrestle the knife from his hands he racial abused him and then ran off.

Clacton police are appealing for information on the suspected armed robbery.

Monday 10 July 2017

Havering UKIP councillor proposes "independence" for his borough

UKIP Havering councillor, Lawrence Webb, has put forward a motion to turn the borough into a unitary authority and take back local decision making from the Mayor of London.

Residents in the London borough are unhappy with subsidising the mayor's spending plans for the rest of the city and want to take back control of planning, emergency services and other local services in what locals have nicknamed Hexit.

Cllr Lawrence's motion goes before Havering Borough Council on Wednesday.

Tuesday 4 July 2017

Craig Mackinlay MP in court over election fraud allegations

South Thanet MP, Craig Mackinlay, is due in court today alongside his agent and a Conservative Party activist to answer charges of electoral fraud relating to the 2015 general election.

Mackinlay was found by a Channel 4 investigation to have declared a considerable amount of election expenditure as belonging to his party's national campaign when it should allegedly have been declared as local spending. Adding this expenditure to his expenses return would have put him a long way over the legal spending limit.

During the election campaign Nigel Farage and his team warned that Mackinlay was spending more money than he was allowed and we will soon find out if a judge agrees. Many other Conservative MPs were found in the Channel 4 investigation to have done the same thing but the CPS only brought a case again Mackinlay which suggests either a show trial given the importance of that election or that Mackinlay and his team were doing more than just following advice from the party.

Even if he is found to have cheated the 2015 election a judge would have no power to remove Mackinlay from his post as there has been another election unless he is sentenced to more than 3 months in prison.

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Sunday 2 July 2017

Farage rules himself out of the leadership contest

Nigel Farage has ruled himself out of the latest leadership election, saying that mounting a comeback would be premature.

Although the decision will be a disappointment to many he is right to point out that after three times as leader it's becoming a bit of a joke. We are the UK Independence Party, not the Nigel Farage Party and although he is by far the most successful politician to never make it to Westminster we have to move on under someone else's leadership. We've had a couple of false starts but with the right leader we will rediscover our success of the last few years without Nigel at the helm.

The best way to protect Nigel's legacy now is to get behind the party and its next leader. We have to make sure we get a real Brexit and provide an effective opposition to Labour and the Tories and that's only going to happen with a successful UKIP.

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UK to start withdrawal from London Fisheries Convention on Monday

The UK is withdrawing from the London Fisheries Convention on Monday which will return control of fishing between 6 and 12 miles from the coast to the British government.

Under the Convention, trawlers from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy,
Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden have the right to fish in the 6-12 mile zone around the UK. In two years they will lose that right and the estimated 10,000 tons of fish that are landed from that zone annually can be landed by UK fishermen again.

Glastonbury sack 600 EU immigrants on zero hour contracts

The company behind the Glastonbury festival has laid off 550 staff almost two weeks early thanks to zero hour contracts.

Jeremy Corbyn attracted a lot of criticism last week after turning down multiple requests to attend Armed Forces Day events to tell thousands of middle class festival goers who'd spent over £240 on tickets that he was going to end austerity for them. Corbyn appeared beside the millionaire landowner and festival organiser, Michael Eaves, to tell the masses about the evils of zero hour contracts, exploitation of workers, how the minimum wage should be set at £10 an hour (including for 16 year olds) and how EU immigrants must have their rights unilaterally guaranteed.

Embarrassingly for Corbyn, the company behind Glastonbury shunned the million+ unemployed people in the UK and employed around 700 mostly EU immigrants on zero hour contracts to clean up the mess left behind after the festival finished and then sacked 600 of them because there wasn't enough work for them to do. Many of them don't have enough money to get home or pay for accommodation until their return flights.

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