Friday 30 September 2016

Anti-democracy campaigners protesting Tory conference in Birmingham this weekend

Anti-democracy protesters are planning a pro-EU rally in Birmingham on Sunday to greet visitors to the Tory party conference.

Anyone wanting to represent the majority who voted to leave the EU and counter-protest these democracy hating europhiles will need to be at Waterstones in Birmingham City Centre at 12 noon or or Birmingham Symphony Hall before 1pm to greet them.

Tuesday 27 September 2016

SNP MP charged with fraud

SNP MP, Natalie McGarry, has been charged with fraud offences relating to the finances of SNP's Glasgow Regional Association and Women for Independence.

McGarry was reported to the police 10 months ago for alleged fraud after audits showed money was unaccounted for at both organisations.

Diane Abbott accuses 17.4m Leave voters of being stupid and racist

Racist Labour MP, Diane Abbott, has accused all 17,410,742 people who voted to Leave the EU of being stupid and racist.

This comes after a campaigner for the trade union front, Hate not Hope, told delegates at the Labour Party conference that working class people are racist but they have to talk to them to win elections.

Abbott later tried to backtrack, claiming she was just saying that Brexit isn't an excuse to racial abuse people. Because that's what we all spend our time doing now in Diane "white people love to play divide and rule" Abbott's mind.

Dickie Bird selected as UKIP candidate for Witney by-election

Former soldier, Dickie Bird (no, not Dickie off the cricket), has been selected as UKIP's candidate for the Witney by-election.

Dickie served in the Royal Green Jackets (now the Rifles) in Oxfordshire for 20 years and was an Oxford College porter, a respected and highly sought after job. He is not believed to have been a porter there when David Cameron had his porcine encounter.

Overturning the Conservative Party's 25k majority will be an epic task, not to mention a potential record breaker. Witney is about as safe as it gets for the Tories so it will be interesting to see if the poll advantage the Tories have courtesy of Jeremy Corbyn's disastrous leadership of the Labour Party translates into actual votes.

Sunday 25 September 2016

Burlington "Hispanic" terrorist suspect turns out to be Turkish

A 20 year old Turkish man has been arrested for the fatal shooting of 5 people in a shopping mall in Burlington, Washington this weekend.

Police described the suspect as being of Hispanic appearance following the shooting but that proved not to be the case. Arcan Cetin can be seen entering the mall unarmed on CCTV footage but a few minutes later is seen with what appears to be a hunting rifle.

Cetin has a history of domestic violence and had been ordered by the courts to stay away from drink and drugs. He was attending court-mandated mental health counselling sessions.

The FBI have said that they are not ruling out terrorism.

Saturday 24 September 2016

Maidstone independent councillor joins UKIP

An independent borough councillor in Maidstone has joined UKIP.

Cllr Gordon Newton has joined the UKIP group based on their local policies after his former colleagues in the independents group refused to oppose a number of large housing developments or support his efforts to protect greenfield sites.

Jeremy Corbyn wins Labour leadership election

Jeremy Corbyn has won the leadership of the Labour Party for the second time.

Bring on the next election.

Douglas Carswell and Nigel Farage react to the news

Friday 23 September 2016

Scottish Labour councillor suspended for homophobia

A Labour councillor in Scotland has been suspended after allegedly referring to the chair of a local LGBT* group as a deviant.

Dumfries & Galloway Labour councillor, Tom McAughtrie, has been placed under administrative suspension by the Scottish Labour Party after he allegedly posted the comment on social media.

Schultz says we have to leave the EU by 2019

The unelected president of the EU Parliament, Martin Schultz, has said that the UK must leave the EU by 2019 so that it's all done and dusted before the next EU elections.

We will leave in 2019 but not because this windbag says so. The next EU elections are due to be held in April or May 2019 and there is no legal basis for excluding the UK from EU elections. The British government won't want to shell out several tens of millions of pounds on a pointless election and more importantly for the pro-EU parties, they won't want the UKIP landslide that is inevitable if Article 50 hasn't been triggered by then.

EU elections are officially declared a month before the poll in the UK and the next elections are due in April or May 2019. Article 50 will need to be triggered in February of March next year to safely avoid the next EU elections. My guess is that Brexit will happen on 31st March making 1st April independence day which also ties in nicely with the new tax year and annual budgets for government departments.

Wednesday 21 September 2016

Diane James will meet UKIP's AMs to try and unite the party in Wales

Diane James is meeting with UKIP's Welsh Assembly Members to try and get work through the divisions that have plagued the group since the elections this year.

Neil Hamilton has entered Welsh politics with the tact and diplomacy of Donald Trump (ok, maybe not that bad) and in a few short months came close to losing the party one of its MEPs and an AM and then turned his attention on the chairman of Caerphilly branch who works for Nathan Gill and has been critical of Hamilton.

Nathan Gill remains chairman of UKIP Wales, a post that is appointed by the leader of the national party whilst Neil Hamilton is leader of the UKIP group in the Senedd which is a position he was elected to by the party's AMs. Both have called for the party to unite behind our new leader, let's hope that includes the pair of them!

Juncker caves in on Swiss immigration controls

The unelected president of the EU Commission has given up arguing with Switzerland over unlimited immigration and opened the door to Swiss immigration controls for EU citizens whilst remaining members of the EU single market.

The Swiss people voted to end the bilateral agreement between Switzerland and the EU that allows unlimited immigration as if they were EU members in February 2014. Since then they have been threatened by the EU with all sorts of retaliatory measures, including cancelling their free trade agreements but they were just empty threats.

Under the Swiss constitution the Swiss government has until February to implement the referendum result into law whether the EU agrees or not and regardless of the consequences. The only way to deal with the EU is by playing hard ball - tell them what the outcome is going to be and ignore their empty threats. The British government need to learn from Switzerland.

Monday 19 September 2016

Merkel's CDU gets another pounding in the polls

Angela Merkel's CDU party has been given another bloody nose in regional elections, losing its place in the ruling coalition of the Berlin state parliament.

The CDU secured just 17.6% of the vote which is a record low for the party in Berlin. Both the CDU and the SDP lost vote share to the soft eurosceptic party, AfD who now have representation in 10 out of 16 regions.

A fortnight ago the CDU came third in regional elections in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania.

RIP Dr Raj Chandran

UKIP NEC member, Dr Raj Chandran, has passed away.

Dr Chandran stood for election for UKIP on several occasions and sat on the party's National Executive Committee. Before defecting to UKIP he was Conservative mayor of Gedling and a former Commissioner for Racial Equality.

Corbynists are targeting children as young as three with Momentum Kids

The far left militant Labour Party group, Momentum, is setting up a Momentum Kids to indoctrinate kids as young as three years old.

Momentum Kids will provide cooperatively-run creches and breakfast clubs for children as young as 3 and training in political activism for older children. Momentum wants to improve the "political engagement" of children and teach them campaigning skills.

The Momentum personality cult is a parody of Hitler Youth and the Junior Spies and Youth League in Orwell's 1984. Momentum has already changed its rules to allow activists to use violence, they are consolidating political power through their puppet party leader and anyone who disagrees with their far left politics is relentlessly undermined and attacked.

While it's amusing to watch the Labour Party put so much effort into fighting itself and becoming more unelectable by the minute, they have crossed a watershed by directly targeting children for indoctrination. There are laws against child propaganda in the education system, perhaps it's time to do the same for political parties? There aren't many things more sinister than lessons in political activism for children by a political party.

Sunday 18 September 2016

Let's put the EU to the back of the queue and get on with Brexit

Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia have threatened to veto any trade deal with the UK that limits the right of their citizens to work in the UK.

More than 80% of our trade is domestic trade and just 8-9% is with the EU. That 8-9% of trade with the EU is subjected to an effective 7% tariff because of the cost of membership compared to just 3% under WTO rules.

Rather than wasting time trying to secure access to the expensive single market, the British government should be putting its efforts into securing new trade deals with countries that want to trade rather than play games. The cheap pound and renewed optimism of the UK being open for business again once we've left the EU has given a welcome boost to the UK's export markets and with the world's biggest and fastest growing economies lining up to negotiate trade deals we need to just put the EU to the back of the queue and face the future on our on terms.

Two bombings and a mass stabbing in America this weekend

ISIS have claimed responsibility for a knife attack in a shopping centre in Minnesota yesterday.

A man in a private security company uniform stabbed 8 people in Crossroads Mall in St. Cloud, shouting Allahu Akbar. He asked at least one of the victims if they were muslim before stabbing them. The attacker was shot by an off-duty policeman.

Meanwhile, a bomb was set off and another bomb disarmed yesterday in Manhattan. The bombs were similar in construction to a bomb set off earlier in the day on the route of a US Marine Corps charity race in New Jersey. Nobody has claimed responsibility for either of these attacks as yet.

Coincidentally, a man was arrested at Heathrow Airport yesterday on suspicion of possessing terrorist material. No further details have been made available but he is being questioned by anti-terrorist police at the Met.

No mention of the offenders/suspects being mentally ill yet but there's time ...

Lib Dem councillor says school careers advisors should be allowed to suggest prostitution as a career

A Lib Dem councillor has resigned after comparing prostitution to accountancy and saying that careers advisors should be allowed to suggest it as a career.

Cllr Dennis Parsons, chairman of Cheltenham Lib Dems, gave a speech at a Lib Dem party conference on the stigma of sex workers. He went from calling for the legalisation of prostitution - something recommended by a committee of MPs in July - to asking why careers advisors be able to suggest prostitution as a career choice for children.

Lib Dem leader, Tim Farron, said that he's not going to slap down Cllr Parsons because when you want people to "explore ideas" then they have to say things that are "quite shocking". We'll bear that in mind next time someone from UKIP says something "quite shocking" to "explore ideas".

Conservative councillor says police shouldn't record rape as an offence

A former Conservative MP, now a councillor in Worcestershire, has been criticised by the police for suggesting that they should no longer record rape as an offence.

Alan Amos is currently a Conservative councillor for Gorse Hill & Warndon on Worcestershire County Council and was mayor of Worcester between 2014-15. He switched from Labour back to the Conservatives in 2006 after previously switching from the Conservatives to Labour in 1994.

As an MP Amos was known for his strong views on rape, calling for rapists and muggers to be flogged. He lost his seat in 1992 after being cautioned for a "childish and stupid" indecency incident on Hamstead Heath.

Friday 16 September 2016

It's time to put aside our differences and unite behind our new leader

Diane James was elected leader of UKIP today by a large majority.

A total of 17,842 votes were cast in the leadership election with around 50% of eligible members voting.

The leadership contest has caused some divisions in the party but now it's time to get behind our new leader and win elections. The Tories can't be trusted to deliver on Brexit or any of the UKIP policies they've been talking about. Labour and the Lib Dems are both committed to reversing the referendum decision and blocking Brexit. Winning the referendum was just the first battle in our war for independence and we won't win that war without UKIP.

Diane James8,45147.4%
Lisa Duffy4,59125.7%
Bill Etheridge2,05211.5%
Phillip Broughton1,5458.7%
Liz Jones1,2036.7%

Breaking: Diane James elected leader of UKIP

Diane James has been elected leader of UKIP by the party membership.

Our own polling on social media had Diane way out in front for the duration of the contest.

Diane will be seen as a safe pair of hands, pledging to retain UKIP's current manifesto rather than rip it up and steer the party in a different direction. She rightly said that UKIP's manifesto doesn't need changing, it's already reflective of what the party stands for.

Thursday 15 September 2016

Juncker announces plans for an EU army

Jean Claude Juncker, the unelected president of the EU Commission used his state of the union speech yesterday to call for an EU army.

During the referendum campaign Nigel Farage was accused of lying about the EU's ambitions for its own army despite it already having been proposed and a German plan for an EU army headquartered in Germany being leaked to the press. In fact, the former leader of the UK's fourth largest party, Nick Clegg, described Farage's warning as a "dangerous fantasy".

A European army headquartered in Germany deployed across the continent ... what could possibly go wrong?

Wednesday 14 September 2016

England's electoral boundaries are changing

The Boundary Commission for England published its draft plans for reducing the number of MPs in the UK from 650 to 600.

Under the formula devised by the the British government, England will lose 32 of its 533 MPs, Northern Ireland will lose one of its 18, Wales will lose 11 of 40 seats and Scotland will lose 6 of its 59 MPs. The opportunity to remove Scotland disproportionate representation in the House of Commons - both in terms of its population and in recognition of the extensive range of devolved powers the Scottish Parliament has - has been missed. As has the opportunity to purge the House of Lords to get their numbers down to a reasonable level.

Labour is affected much more than the Tories under the boundary review as they have benefited enormously from smaller urban constituencies where they need far fewer votes to get an MP elected than elsewhere in the country. The big winners are the SNP, though, who will probably win all 53 seats next time round. If Scotland had 5% of British MPs to reflect the 5% of the population the Scots make up they'd have just 30 MPs. If they lost three quarters of their MPs to reflect the extent of the Scottish government's devolved powers then they'd have just 8 MPs.

UKIP's only MP, Douglas Carswell - who represents nearly 4m voters - has escaped relatively unscathed from the review. His Clacton constituency has lost the deprived area of Jaywick but has gained Harwich which has a lot of UKIP support.

You can see how the boundary review affects your area at the BCE Consultation Portal.

Tuesday 13 September 2016

David Cameron resigns

David Cameron has announced that he is resigning as an MP, triggering a by-election.

In announcing his resignation, Cameron said that remaining a back bencher would distract from the work of Teresa May's new government. But since his resignation as Prime Minister he has mostly been ignored as the arrogant, irrelevant failed politician that he is. It will be interesting to see what is being done to his Witney constituency in the boundary review that is being announced today and whether his currently safe seat swallows up any of the nearby Lib Dem leaning areas.

Taking Witney would be a mammoth task for UKIP but one that would shake the Tories to the bone.

Sunday 11 September 2016

Kenyan police kill 3 burka-clad terrorists in Mombasa police station

Three burka-wearing terrorists have been shot dead in a police station in Kenya after setting fire to the building and stabbing an officer.

The women entered the police station in Mombasa claiming to be reporting a stolen mobile phone but once inside produced knives and a petrol bomb from under their burkas which they used to attack the police officers.

With almost comic timing, West Midlands Police has signaled its intention to consider allowing the burka as part of their uniform this week in a bid to encourage more fundamentalist Muslim women to join the force. A terrorist impersonating a burka-wearing police officer would find it much easier to get into a police station to carry out an attack than someone approaching a front desk.

Al Shabaab have claimed responsibility for the attack which they say is in retaliation for Kenya sending troops to Somalia.

Friday 9 September 2016

UKIP win Shepway South by-election

Yesterday saw a big win for UKIP in the by-election to fill the vacancy for Shepway South on Maidstone Borough Council left by the death of another UKIP councillor, David Sargeant, in May.

John Barned took an impressive 45.2% of the vote, increasing UKIP's vote share to win the election. He had more than double the votes of the second placed Conservative.

John BarnedUKIP43245.2%+1.3%
Bob HinderConservative21522.5%+0.2%
Dan WilkinsonLabour18319.2%-8.3%
Jon HicksIndependent889.2%+9.2%
Milden ChoongoLib Dem413.9%-2.4%

Tuesday 6 September 2016

Theresa May rues out restricting EU immigration

Theresa May has ruled out a points-based immigration system for EU citizens, claiming that it wouldn't reduce immigration.

A points-based system would filter out the large number of unskilled immigrants from the EU but in itself doesn't give control over numbers. It needs to be coupled with a quota system to control both the quality and the quantity of immigrants arriving here.

Theresa May dishonestly cites Australia's large number of immigrants as evidence that a points-based system wouldn't work when she knows full well that Australia chooses to have a high number of immigrants because that's what they need. Every year the Australian government sets the number of immigrants they will accept and through the points and quota system they keep immigration to that level.

We officially have 1.65m unemployed people already living here chasing 741k available jobs. We need engineers, medical professionals, scientists and some other skilled professions which are on the shortage occupations list for non-EU visa applicants. We don't need to import labourers, factory workers and hand car washers because we already have 1.65m unemployed people who can do those jobs. A points-based system would filter out the unskilled workers that we don't need and prioritise the skilled workers that we do whilst a quota system would ensure that we get the right people in the right numbers.

Theresa May is deliberately misleading the public on immigration so she can keep unlimited EU immigration in place after we leave. This would suggest that she has already accepted unlimited EU immigration as the price for membership of the EEA despite it being a clear red line from the electorate. The benefits of EEA membership are tenuous at best when trading under World Trade Organisation rules costs less and has a lower regulatory burden. Unlimited immigration is too high a price to stay in the EEA.

Sunday 4 September 2016

Labour Party official admits embezzlement

The former treasurer of the Eastern Edinburgh Constituency Labour Party has pleaded guilty to embezzlement of more than £4,600 from the party's funds.

Karen Rennie was caught out after she failed to produce accounts several times in 2014 and the police were called in. The Unite union official was suspended by the Labour Party pending an investigation into the cheque fraud.

Angela Merkel's party comes third in regional elections

Angela Merkel's CDU party has been beaten into third place in regional elections in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania by Alternativ für Deutschland (AfD) and the Social Democratic Party (SPD).

The pro-EU parties in Germany have all made a pact to freeze AfD out regional and national government just like the pro-EU parties and UKIP here but it's a sign of things to come. Germans have had enough of bailing out half of Europe, millions of so-called refugees making their way to Germany and terrorists smuggling their way into the country to carry out attacks.

The CDU gained 19.8% of the vote in Angela Merkel's home state behind second placed AfD on 21.4% and and the SPD who secured 30.2% of the vote. It's looking increasingly likely that the CDU will come second or even third in next year's general election and that Merkel will lose her seat.

Friday 2 September 2016

LGBT* in UKIP question leadership hopefuls

Members of the LGBT* in UKIP group had their opportunity to put their questions to the five leadership hopefuls this week in a Q&A arranged by LGBT* in UKIP Chairman, Flo Lewis.

Which candidate has changed their mind on gay marriage? Which candidate thinks Northern Ireland needs educating on same sex marriage? Who wants to lift the ban on gays donating blood and who thinks the party has to be careful not to rock the boat? Find out in the LGBT* in UKIP Leadership Election Q&A.