Monday 28 March 2011

EU plans to ban cars from cities by 2050

The EU has drawn up a plan to ban cars from cities in EU member states from the year 2050 to combat global warming climate change global climate disruption.

The British government says it won't be banning cars from cities (probably another cast iron guarantee) but does agree that the EU should be setting punishing and economically devastating targets to reduce carbon emissions.  Norman Baker, one of the British government's Transport Ministers, said that they won't be banning cars from cities but didn't rule out the target of a 50% reduction in petrol and diesel cars in cities.

Other EU orders that the British government will be blindly following are a unified air traffic control system, a massive rail building programme to connect airports and various targets to cut the number of petrol and diesel cars on the roads and the number of road journeys for freight.  All of which will cost us dearly.

The high speed rail routes that the British government is planning are part of this "Single European EU Transport Area", as are the electric car subsidies which they are planning will take up the slack.  All of which is a lovely idea but firstly, how do you get the electricity into the car in the first place and secondly, how do you get round the fact that you can only drive 60-odd miles in your electric car before you need to stop for 4 hours to charge it back up?  Will the next couple of decades solves this problem?  No.  Electric cars are a great idea if you live in a big city and travel a few miles a day but most of us don't.  We will be reliant on the black stuff for a long time, no matter how many targets the environmentalists in the EU set.

Oh and one final point: isn't it a little presumptuous and just a bit improbable that the EU will still be here in 38 years time?

Monday 21 March 2011

The Golliwog Two join UKIP

Cast Iron Dave thinks brown
toys are racist
A husband and wife couple who resigned from the Conservative Party at the weekend after being suspended for having their pictures taken with a golliwog have joined UKIP.

Bill and Star Etheridge had their picture taken with the toy for the Campaign Against Political Correctness.  They were suspended from the Conservative Party for 30 days after someone supposedly complained.  Apparently, having your picture taken with a child's toy that has been popular for generations is bringing the party into disrepute.  Because having a black toy is clearly racist.  The Ministeress for Equality will no doubt be drafting laws as I type to ensure that only white faced toys appear in shops from now on.

Bill has published his letter of resignation on Facebook:
Please accept my immediate resignation from the Conservative party.

If my activities with the Campaign Against Political Correctness are not compatible with being a member of the Conservative party, then the Conservative party is not an organisation I wish to be
involved with.

I joined the party of Thatcher and Tebbit to find it has been hijacked by a watered down version of New Labour. I want no further part of it!


Bill Etheridge
Of course Lord Tebbit is still around but finding himself very much in the minority holding, as he does, conservative and eurosceptic views.  He's still clinging on desperately to the party he joined all those years ago which has been stolen from him, determined not to be forced out by the europhile blue labour Tory leadership.  But even he realises that the party is never going to change and encourages people to vote UKIP.

Bill told us:
The conservative party has been hijacked by people with no principles and who are purely motivated by power. I look forward to being an enthusiastic member of the last political party with principles.
Bill will be contesting the local election in Dudley for UKIP this year.  Good luck Bill!

Thursday 17 March 2011

Our future is with the Commonwealth

The British government may have virtually ignored Commonwealth Day on Monday but UKIP didn't, nor did the rest of the Commonwealth.

UKIP's vision of the post-EU future includes a Commonwealth Free Trade Area which would give us access to lucrative markets in the Caribbean, the Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Africa and the world's second largest economy, India.  The LibLabCon vision of the future includes isolating ourselves from the rest of the world and staking our economic future on a group of failing economies.

UKIP even has a Commonwealth spokesman, Winston McKenzie, who wrote a Commonwealth Day piece for the UKIP website on why the Commonwealth still matters.  I first heard Winston talk about the Commonwealth at the leadership hustings last year and he passionately believes our future is in it.  Despite the LibLabCon's efforts over the years, we still do more trade with the Commonwealth than we do with their beloved EU (the official figures are deliberately falsified by the British government by counting exports sent to Rotterdam for onforwarding as exports to the EU).  Our future is with our friends in the Commonwealth who share our language, our values, our common history and legal system and above all, loyal friends who have stuck with us despite being marginalised and neglected in our name by our glorious leaders.

I would like to see UKIP put some meat on the bones of this Commonwealth Free Trade Agreement idea now. It's all well and good saying that it's worth billions but how many billions?  What sort of formal agreement do we need with the other Commonwealth nations to facilitate a Commonwealth Free Trade Agreement?  We don't want to free ourselves from the EU only to find ourselves in another increasingly political union.

Interestingly, I see that the subject of Ireland joining the Commonwealth has surfaced again.  Makes sense.

South Staffs Tory defects to UKIP

Yet another Tory has defected to UKIP, citing Cast Iron Dave's lies about a referendum on the EU not-a-constitution as one of the big reasons.

Lyndon Jones was the South Staffordshire Conservative Association Chairman until recently and is very well known in the Wombourne area.

Thursday 10 March 2011

UKIP level with Lib Dems in Wales

A YouGov poll for ITV has UKIP joint third in Wales on 5% with the Limp Dims.

All your Wales are belong to us
The sample size is quiet low at 1,019 but anything over a thousand is considered a representative sample in surveys and it bodes well for UKIP.

Getting an MEP elected in Wales in the 2009 EU election was a shock to everyone, including John Bufton and there has been no capitalisation on that success until now.  It is conceivable that UKIP could end up with a couple of AMs in May and that will certainly shock the establishment.

At the UKIP Party Conference last week Nigel Farage announced that the party would be adopting a policy of a federal UK with devolved government in all four home nations.  After the referendum for more devolution in Wales last week returned a 63.49% "yes" vote, it's essential that UKIP policy is changed before the elections in May to reflect the reality of public opinion.

The Scots and Welsh have voted for devolution every time they've been asked and if the English were ever asked they would vote for it too.  We simply cannot go into the elections in May opposing devolution when public opinion is consistently and overwhelmingly in favour of it.

Wednesday 9 March 2011

UKIP getting closer to Lib Dems

YouGov's latest survey on voting intentions has UKIP on 6%, just 3% behind the Limp Dims.

Won't be long until they have to start changing the yellow to purple on all their graphics.

The treason of Andrew Duff MEP

Lib Dem MEP, Andrew Duff, has written to the President of the European Parliament, Jerzy Burek, asking him to amend the EU Constitution Lisbon Treaty to allow new and amended EU treaties to be imposed on us with a vote of 4/5ths of member states rather than by a unanimous decision.

Andrew Duff MEP working for the French
"yes" campaign for the EU Constitution
The letter makes it clear that this amendment - which he has even drafted in his letter - is to make the already pathetic and ineffectual EU Bill entirely redundant but removing the requirement for the British government to approve any EU Treaty and its ability (albeit only technically possible) to refuse to assent to one.

Looking at Andrew Duff's news feed it looks like the treasonous MEP has set his heart on betraying his country. In this letter to Baroness Jay opposing the EU Bill, he argues against the sovereignty of the British Parliament over the EU, warning that the "crude" Bill "imposes British Acts of Parliament" on EU laws.  He draws Baroness Jay's attention to the example set by the Germans who have changed their constitution to ban referenda and commit Germany to ever closer union.  But what would you expect from a traitor that was a member of the Federal Trust and helped to write the EU Convention on Human Rights (which gives prisoners the right to vote - something he says he supports) and the EU Constitution.

Although the death penalty was abolished for treason by the previous Labour government to protect themselves from conviction, Andrew Duff should remember that treason remains a serious crime in England and anyone aiding and abetting him is committing a serious common law offence.  I wonder if the fools that voted for this europhile traitor could be tried for misprison of treason?  I think I'd rather give the vote to prisoners than Lib Dems.

Monday 7 March 2011

Three more councillors join UKIP

Three more councillors have joined UKIP, following the lead of the former Conservative councillor for Little Thurrock, Steve St Clair-Haslam, who defected to UKIP on Saturday.

The latest three councillors to join the UKIP fold are all independent councillors for Ramsey & Parkeston, Essex.  Councillor John Brown is a district councillor and Councillors Martyn and Lesley Donn are parish councillors.

That's four new councillors in three days for UKIP.  This is good news indeed.

Perhaps our new councillors will get the Ramsay & Parkeston Parish Council website sorted out?  Just a suggestion. 

Sunday 6 March 2011

UKIP hot on the heels of the Limp Dims

A survey of voting intentions by polling company VisionCritical published today puts UKIP on 7%, just 3% behind the Limp Dims.

Worryingly, 41% of people would still vote Labour despite them almost single-handedly bankrupting the country during the reign of King Gordon the Nothingth.  The Tories are sitting on 33%, the Lib Dems on 10%, UKIP 7%, the SNP 3%, the Green Party 3% and the BNP 2%.

The poll also shows that Cast Iron Dave's approval rating has stayed at 41%, Cleggover is down 20 points in 10 months to just 30% and Red Ed is on 33%.  Approval rating for the other party leaders isn't measured.

The other thing the poll measured was voting intentions for the AV referendum: 32% in favour, 26% against and 35% undecided.

Hat-tip: Guido

Saturday 5 March 2011

Another Tory defects to UKIP

Thurrock Councillor, Stuart St Clair-Haslam, has defected from the Conservative & ΛEuropean Unionist Party and joined UKIP.

Three Tory councillors in Little Thurrock left the Conservative Group on Thurrock Council (but not the party) last year amid concerns about proposed housing developments on green belt land and formed the Concerned Conservatives group.

Councillor St Clair-Haslam's defection to UKIP was announced at conference today.

The BBC are suddenly interested in UKIP

The BBC are suddenly interested in UKIP after Thursday's historic second place in the Barnsley by-election.

BBC News: How would UKIP cut the deficit?
The BBC interviewer was hostile, naturally, but it was good to see someone from UKIP interviewed on a subject other than the EU.  Nigel did sound a bit vague though, he could have done with quoting some figures such as the amount of money we could earn from a Commonwealth free trade agreement.

Nigel was also interviewed on BBC Radio 4's Today show - "UKIP leader Nigel Farage describes the significance of the Barnsley by-election result".

Friday 4 March 2011

Wales says yes, UKIP says no

The Welsh voted for more powers for the Welsh Assembly today.

At the moment, the British government has to pass a law to allow the Welsh government to pass a law.  It's a ridiculous way of doing things and the Welsh have rightly voted to stop the buggering about and just let the Welsh government pass its own laws.

In all, 63.49% of those who took part in the referendum (36.5% of registered voters) voted for more devolution for Wales.  Which shows up exactly how utterly ridiculous it is to contest the Welsh Assembly elections this year with a policy of abolishing it!

And before any anti-devolution UKIPpers point to the low turnout and suggest it's not representative of public opinion, the turnout in Barnsley yesterday was also 36.5%.

UKIPpers who want UKIP to adopt a sensible policy on devolution might want to check out the 1997 Group.

Please sir, can we stop taking so much money off the serfs?

The British government has asked the EU Commission for permission to reduce fuel duty by 5p per litre in the Scottish Isles and the Isles of Scilly.

Under the EU Energy Tax Directive, member states have to charge a minimum tax on fuel and have to get the unanimous agreement of Finance Ministers from every EU member state before they are allowed to introduce any variable rate of fuel tax.

The EU Commission is expected to take at least 6 months to decide whether the British government is allowed to discount fuel duty.

This isn't just a national embarrassment, it's a declaration of the British government's subservience to their masters on the continent.  Whoever signed us up to this EU Directive should be charged with treason.

Second place for UKIP in Barnsley!

Being a member of a "minority" party isn't easy at times.  You look with envy at how easy it is for the LibLabCon to win elections with frankly very little effort, the way they have thousands of people who would literally vote for a chimp if it wore the right colour rosette.

For today, at least, I'm going to have to ask some other people to remind me what that's like because UKIP's Jane Collins came SECOND in yesterday's Barnsley by-election.

No matter what I write here, it won't convey the importance of this result or reflect the unbelievable amount of effort Jane and her fellow UKIP activists put in in Barnsley over the last few weeks to secure UKIP's biggest ever election success.  After almost a decade of blogging, it's not very often I find myself stuck for words.

Not going to be on Nick
Clegg's Christmas card list
The results are:

Independent (Tony Devoy)1,2665.2%
Lib Dem1,0124.2%
Eng Dem5442.2%
Monster Raving Loony Party1980.8%
Independent (Michael Val Davies)600.2%

In the comments of this post on Bloggers4UKIP last week, the CEO of the polling company, Survation, suggested that the Lib Dems could conceivably come fifth with a UKIP third and fourth.  As it happens the Lib Dems came sixth and UKIP second but kudos to Survation, they were the only polling company to come close to predicting the result.

I'm so pleased with this result I think I'll buy cakes for the office to celebrate.  I think I'll get a special one for the token Lib Dem voter on the team.

Thursday 3 March 2011

It's "B" Day for Jane Collins

Barnsley goes to the polls today in the second by-election in the last few months to replace a thieving, corrupt LibLabCon politician.

Thieving Labour MP, Andrew Illsley, was convicted of making illegal expenses claims recently and so was removed from his seat.  Jane Collins - the daughter of a Yorkshire miner - is flying the UKIP banner in this by-election and according to the polling company Survation, is on target to knock the Limp Dims out of third place.

A third place for Jane would be a great success for UKIP who have been firmly established as the fourth party in the UK.  Recent local elections, Paul Nuttall's very strong performance in the Oldham East & Saddleworth by-election (caused by another thieving Labour MP, Phil Woolas, being convicted of stealing from the taxpayer) and a number of opinion polls have shown that UKIP is a rapidly rising force in domestic politics.

The people of Barnsley have a chance today to kick out the tired old corrupt politics of the LibLabCon and replace it with the new small government of UKIP.  They won't of course because most people in Barnsley would vote for one of the puppets of the Compare the Market adverts if it wore a red rosette.  But they are enough people in Barnsley who vote with their heads to give the LibLabCon the bloody nose it deserves.

Good luck Jane.