Thursday 31 December 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all our readers.

2010 will be the year that sees UKIP break into Westminster with two or more UKIP MPs being returned in the general election and taxpayer revolts over the EU bleeding us dry and stealing our country.

Taxpayer subsidised skiing holidays for EU officials' children

The European Empire is using our taxes to subsidise skiing holidays for the children of MEPs and EU officials.

Our imperial masters are already threatening legal action if they don't get a 3.7% pay rise next year on top of their already generous salary, expenses and perks.  A sizeable proportion of EU officials, including MEPs, get diplomatic immunity and pay reduced rates of tax.

The subsidy is worth up to 52% off the cost of the £822 holiday for someone on a meagre £69,620 salary and an official on a salary of £108,000 is still eligible for the subsidy.  If more than one child is sent on the holiday, a further 10% subsidy is available.

I'm sure we'd all love to send our children on a subsidised skiing trip - I know for a fact that my eldest son's school charges a damn sight more than £822 for their skiing trip - but we don't all have that luxury.  Whether we can afford to send him on the skiing trip remains to be seen - I don't earn half of the £69,620 salary the European Empire considers to be a low wage.  But I won't get a 50% subsidy on the cost of his skiing trip courtesy of the European Empire, I'll just have to pay for people who earn more than double what I do to send their kids on subsidised skiing trips instead.

And here was me thinking we were in a recession.

EU forces Lithuania to stop 80% of its electricity production

At one minute to midnight tonight Lithuania will shut down its only nuclear power station.

Once the Ignalia nuclear plant is turned off, Lithuania will rely on Russia for most of its electricity supplies as the power station currently supplies 80% of Lithuania's power. Importing electricity from Russia and Europe will mean higher electricity bills for Lithuanians and provide it with no energy security.

And why is Lithuania shutting down a nuclear power station with 10-15 years of useful life left, increasing electricity bills for its people and making itself reliant on its volatile neighbour for electricity? Because decommissioning the plant was a condition of Lithuania's membership of the European Empire.


Tuesday 29 December 2009

UKIP's Godfrey Bloom on the Alex Jones Show

UKIP's Godfrey Bloom, a member of the EU Freedom and Democracy Group was interviewed by Alex Jones.

He rails against politics and big business, global warming, the EU and describes the means by which the British constitution has been overridden, our democratic processes destroyed by treasonous politicians and how the BBC has been complicit from the beginning.

Four-part autoplay:

Read news articles on or by Godfrey Bloom


Sittingbourne & Sheppey Branch Meeting

The first UKIP Sittingbourne & Sheppey branch meeting of 2010 is being held on 6th January at the Ypres Tavern, 22 West Street, Sittingbourne, ME10 1AP.

The meeting starts at 7:30pm and runs until 10:30pm.  UKIP members belonging to the Sittingbourne & Sheppey branch are welcome to attend, members of other branches or non-members wishing to attend should contact the branch in advance.

Monday 28 December 2009

David Cameron: the gift that keeps giving

David Camoron is the gift that just keeps giving ...

Let's be honest that whether you're Labour, Conservative or Liberal Democrat, you're motivated by pretty much the same progressive aims: a country that is safer, fairer, greener and where opportunity is more equal. It's how to achieve these aims that we disagree about - and indeed between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats there is a lot less disagreement than there used to be.
A startlingly honest assessment from Dave: no matter which one of the LibLabCon coalition you vote for you're going to get the same outcome, it's just the way they screw you over that varies.

Sunday 27 December 2009


To all UKIP supporters,

A Facebook group just changed the Xmas number 1 record in this country by giving a means to rebel against the person apparently running things to Indie (Independent) fans who felt that they were being ignored by the establishment in this country and their voice was not being heard on TV or in the music charts (read votes or polls). Does any of this resonate with our situation? We have seen the power of the internet, now let's try and make this technology work for us!

Please click the below link to join this new facebook group:

As we can't protest by buying an .mp3 from the Internet, we are asking everyone to call the BBC over the Xmas period and make an official complaint to the BBC that only 3 leaders are being included in the 2010 TV debate, despite UKIP beating 2 out of 3 of the included parties in the most recent national election.

In the past a few phone complaint phone calls to the BBC have produced a massive reaction and by doing it over a period when staff are taking leave, it should really put a spanner in their works and make the whole protest even more difficult to ignore!

The phone number to ring is 03 700 100 222.

Insist on making an official complaint, make them take your details and ask that you get a proper response within a week!

If you don't have time to make the call on Xmas Day itself, then please call on Boxing Day or the Sunday for maximum impact.

New EU disability tax

A new tax on disability is being introduced courtesy of the European Empire.

The EU Commission has ruled that mobility scooters are leisure vehicles and should be subject to the same 10% import duty as a racing car or camper van.

The average mobility scooter costs about £2,500 which means this new tax will add about £250 to the cost of a mobility scooter.

But why would the European Empire want to impose a tax on some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in society?
The tax, which follows a 2005 ruling by the World Customs Organisation, will raise £6million for the Government, estimates the Elizabeth Finn Care charity.
Ah yes, follow the money.  The European Empire takes 75% of import duty collected by member states and calls it "traditional own resources".  And of course import duties are one of the European Empire's most effective protectionist tools, keeping bloated and inefficient industries in the black at the expense of the consumer by adding punitive import duties to goods imported from outside the empire.

The European Empire decided last month to extend import duty on shoes imported from Asia, adding between 10% and 16.5% to the cost of importing shoes from China and Vietnam - a cost passed on to the consumer.  Tariff's on shoes were introduced to protect Italian shoe makers who were struggling to sell their expensive shoes in competition with cheap imports from countries that aren't subjected to the expensive bureaucracy of the European Empire.

Energy saving light bulbs, which the European Empire has made compulsory, are subject to punitive import duties to protect the German manufacturer, Osram, which was slow to move from manufacturing incandescent bulbs and found itself unable to compete with Chinese bulb manufacturers who were already producing energy saving bulbs on a massive scale and free from the expensive bureaucracy of the European Empire.

Most mobility scooters are made outside of the European Empire, these import duties are just a protectionist scam to protect inefficient, uncompetitive European companies at the expense of disabled people who have no choice but to pay.

Thursday 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all our members and supporters.

Tuesday 22 December 2009

New Branch Website

UKIP is delighted to announce a new branch website is now online at

Click here

Any suggestions , criticisms welcome !

Monday 21 December 2009

PPC's Beware: Another LibLabCon Stitch-up

New rules covering election expenses come into force in January aimed at depriving smaller parties of publicity.

The new rules mean that any activity that would normally have to be declared as an election expense will be backdated six months from the date of an election, even if there was no reasonable expectation of an election in that six month period.  Receipts must be provided and the spending limit for the election will be backdated for the six months.

This benefits the LibLabCon immensely because the only way smaller parties will ever effectively challenge the LibLabCon is with publicity.  The media generally ignores smaller parties in favour of the LibLabCon so smaller parties have to rely on leaflets, newsletters and public meetings to get their name about.  And because smaller parties have proportionately more activists willing to get off their backsides than the LibLabCon, you are much more likely to get a UKIP leaflet through your door than one for the LibLabCon.

The upshot of all this is that a party could go out and deliver 10,000 leaflets and hold a public meeting in January and find that they've spent more than they're allowed for an election campaign and can't stand a candidate.  Without regular leafleting campaigns, smaller parties like UKIP will suffer at the ballot box in a way that the LibLabCon never will because they just don't need the publicity.  The system is deliberately skewed in the favour of the LibLabCon and today's announcement that the BBC, Sky and ITV will hold a "leaders debate" for Comrade Brown, Comrade Camoron and that bloke who leads the Lib Dims* in the run-up to the general election gives the LibLabCon even more of an advantage.

Forcing parties to scale back their campaigning between elections will harm the prospects of everyone but the LibLabCon.  It's a stitch-up.

* I know who it is

Germans plan to neutralise UK's EU sceptics and recruit Cameron

As if we didn't know, the EU's plan is for ever closer union and an ultimate end to the sovereignty of nation states.

The Germans are now pushing to recruit Cameron and neutralise the sceptics, ever fearful (and rightly so) that the UK's scepticism will cause it to leave the EU eventually and destabilise the EU in the process.

In case the article "End of Sovereignty" disappears from the server, I've reproduced it in full, below (my emphasis):
German government advisors are insisting on concerted efforts to politically neutralize British EU-skeptics. As explained in a recent paper published by the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP), the British Conservatives' attitude will have a "decisive influence on helping to set the EU's future radius of action," because the ambitious possibilities in EU foreign policy making, opened through the Lisbon Treaty's coming into force, will depend, to a certain extent, on London's cooperation. It is expected that the elections scheduled in May will bring a government change - from Labor to Conservative. The chairman of the conservatives, a flexible "Euro-pragmatist," is taking a Euro-skeptic position because of the balance of forces within his party, according to the authors of the SWP paper, but he can be brought to oppose his party's EU-critical wing. The main reason for British EU-skepticism is the fear of the loss of the country's sovereignty. This is not unjustified, as can be seen in the controversy around Greece's national debt. The German chancellor is threatening Athens that the EU needs to consider whether it should impose an austerity budget on Greece - if necessary, even against the will of the elected parliament in Athens.

Globally Designed

According to a recent paper published by the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP), London should be more firmly integrated into EU foreign policy, if for no other reason, than for Britain's political economic significance. The authors explain that "Great Britain, the second largest economic realm in the EU, with London being a hub of international finances" could definitely not be ignored "because of its globally designed foreign and security policy."[1] Because of the United Kingdom's well known EU-skepticism, continental European countries have paid "little attention" to London. That was a mistake. It would "behoove" EU members to insist on the British government's firm engagement for Brussels after the Lisbon Treaty takes effect. Attempts should be made to gain influence on the Conservatives, since they will probably win parliamentary elections in the spring.


Because of the growing popularity of the EU-critical forces, the SWP describes the current development within the Conservative Party as "somber." "The new generation of the Conservative parliamentarians will further strengthen the EU-skeptical camp." Therefore it will "sooner or later" be necessary to seek a closer integration into the EU. To achieve cooperation with the current party leader, David Cameron, is not out of the question. Up to now, his EU-skeptical statements have "mainly been out of consideration of internal party power struggles," whereas he, himself, tends more toward "conservative EU-pragmatism." This has become clear already through his backing off from holding a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. The SWP authors suggest that on the basis of this sort of "conservative EU-pragmatism" Cameron could "use his party leadership position, to place the [EU-skeptical - gfp] rank and file under pressure." Of course Cameron's previous "failure to settle accounts with the hard-liners of his party sends a signal" even "to the dyed-in-wool optimists that there is still a lot of work to be done." But it is worth the effort to attempt to continue to marginalize the EU-skeptics.

Constructive Potential

According to the SWP document, various extraneous circumstances are advantageous to this project. The paper points out that the possibilities of the British Conservatives influencing the European Parliament have been "weakened" since they broke off from the European People's Party, forming a new group ("European Conservatives and Reformists") this year. The authors are also of the opinion that the US government, which is so important to Great Britain, is, under the Obama administration, increasingly seeing "Britain's significance within the EU as a constructive rather than a conflict potential." Therefore the conditions are not disadvantageous for taking action against the EU-skeptics. One cannot avoid the task of forcing the EU-critical circles into retreat, because even if Labor - against all expectations - does remain in government, it can "not be excluded that the national viewpoint, will not come to the fore" - meaning the EU-skeptical tendency. That is why, in any case, an "open debate" with and in Great Britain around the extension of EU activities must be initiated. The SWP authors' suggestions concerning how this should be done remain non-committal and rather ambiguous.

Austerity Policy

The main reason for British EU-skepticism remains the fear that in the future the EU could usurp the sovereignty of the nation-states and blatantly rule the member states, even Great Britain from abroad, bypassing the elected national parliaments. That this fear is justifiable can be seen in the recent developments in Greece. Greece's national debt has reached about 120 percent of its BNP, which is twice what is allowed under the EU's Stability and Growth Pact. Several EU states, including Germany, are exerting strong pressure on Athens to reduce the level of debts at all costs. Whether this is a justified demand, is a matter of dispute. The Prime Minister of Luxemburg, Jean-Claude Juncker considers "the perspective being painted by some, as if Greece is on the brink of national bankruptcy, is at variance with my observations."[2] Axel Weber, President of the German Federal Bank, on the other hand, demands that Athens impose a rigid austerity policy, that would also drastically cut salaries.[3]

Still Independent

The German chancellor is demanding that Brussels should be granted new rights of intervention into central areas of national sovereignty, for such cases. If, for example, an elected parliament refuses to enact substantial cuts in wages, Brussels must have the power to order these cuts against their will. "National parliaments do not like to have things imposed," observes Angela Merkel and demands "we have to discuss this type of problem."[4] The extent of this sort of intervention, particularly affecting the smaller EU nations, placing them under de facto direct control of the EU hegemonic powers, in particular Germany, has been anticipated by the Greek Prime Minister Giorgos Papandreou. According to Papandreou, the country's sovereignty is under threat for the first time since 1974, through the external pressure on Athens to reduce its level of debts at all costs. In 1974 the military dictatorship in Greece was replaced by a parliamentary democracy. Papandreou added that Athens itself must institute the reductions demanded by Berlin and others. This is "the only way to insure that Greece does not lose its independence."[5]

[1] Martin Kremer, Roderick Parkes: Großbritannien: "Being nice to a sceptic?" SWP-Aktuell 66, Dezember 2009
[2] EU macht Druck auf Griechenland; Handelsblatt 10.12.2009
[3] Bundesbank fordert Griechenland zum Sparen auf; Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 10.12.2009
[4] EU verweigert Griechenland Soforthilfe; Spiegel Online 10.12.2009
[5] Bundesbank fordert Griechenland zum Sparen auf; Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 10.12.2009

Thursday 17 December 2009

Carbon tax scam: Nigel Farage on the Alex Jones Show

5-part autoplay of UKIP's star, Nigel Farage, on Alex Jones show:


Gordon is leading the EU, apparently

The British Climate Change Minister, Joan Ruddock, was interviewed this morning on BBC Breakfast from the Copenhagen World Government Climate Change Conference.

Throughout the 5 minute interview she talked constantly about the European Empire - the offers it has made, the deals it has done, the laws it has passed, the promises it has made and of course, Gordon Brown is leading it (seriously, she said Gordon Brown was leading the EU at Copenhagen!).  When asked what the British government was doing she went straight back to the European Empire again.

The reason?  We are entirely in the hands of the European Empire as far as this charade goes because when Gordon Brown signed the Lisbon Treaty/EU Constitution, he gave the EU unlimited and exclusive control over "combatting climate change" without a national veto.  If the EU issued a directive saying all cows had to be ritually sacrificed and used to build a bridge over the Channel and the entire population were allowed to eat nothing but lettuce and celery, the British government would be legally obliged to carry it out.

Wednesday 16 December 2009

Cui Bono, Mr Pachauri?

Emperor Barroso has urged the boss of the Tata Foundation, Rajendra Pachauri, to sue UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall for pointing out that Tata stands to make £600m from trading "carbon credits" under the Carbon Trading Scam Scheme invented by ... erm ... Rajendra Pachauri.

Nuttall's speech is as follows::
Mr. Barroso,

Recently we have heard that there is to be a closure of the Corus Steel Works in Teeside, in North East England. This is due to the EU target of a reduction of 20% of Carbon emissions. Thanks to "Carbon Credits", Corus can no longer afford to employ over 5,000 Steel workers including suppliers.  We also have the spectacle of the British government admitting that its hands are tied on this issue by punitive EU Competition Law.

The real gain to Corus from stopping production on Teeside is the saving it will make on its carbon allowances, allocated by the EU under its Emissions Trading Scheme which will be worth up to £600 million over the next three years. As the head of the IPCC, Rajendra Pachauri, is the head of the Tata foundation, one must ask "qui bono?" Needless to say, Tata of India owns Corus.

Is it now official EU policy to offer incentives to companies to close plants, such as Teeside, so that they can out-source their business to countries such as India, or is there a more personal interest at stake here?
Cui Bono, indeed.  Pachauri is clearly a blagger, he managed to get himself appointed to the management team of the IPPC and oversaw the creation of the "carbon credits" pyramid scheme yet he has no relevant qualifications.  A PhD in industrial engineering and economics doesn't qualify someone for this sort of thing.  So how exactly did Pachauri manage to blag his way into this job?

Viaticus Sermo.

Tuesday 15 December 2009

English Democrats PPC Defects to UKIP

The English Democrats PPC for Broxbourne (Hertfordshire) has recently switched to UKIP. Below he explains why

Why I Am Moving over To UKIP because I Feel The English Democrats Are Doomed To Fail

Back in the early part of this year i really felt i needed to stand up and be counted rather than sit back and be an armchair politician..But not really wanting to join any of the main stream i felt confussed.Then i came across a party called the English Democrats that shared all my concerns but with out the hate or prejudice of parties like the BNP.

Tough on Immigration.
reinstate the identity of the English.
Create a Parliament for the English.
It all sounded good to me.

After getting a bit more familiar with the party i started to notice the cracks i started to come across some of the comments left by one of the Lead members called Steve Uncles where he sounded more like a child in a playground than a potential politician.

Then there was the Doncaster mayor Peter Davis who was elected well i broadly agreed with his ideas of eradicating Political Correctness ect..
But then there was the policies of stop funding for the Gay Pride march…I thought why should we fund it but he was prepared to upset so many people all to save £3000 yes £3000 the amount of business that would be generated by the march would have easy covered the £3000.

Well later down the line they took on board an Ex member of the BNP the very party i wanted to oppose now i am going to stand side by side with him morally i just can’t do it….

I became an MP candidate for Broxbourne and i never ever met a soul from the party that is their vetting process so every Tom Dick or Harry can stand for them..Don’t get me wrong i do feel the party has some very good and genuine members that should take control and not let the party be run by the loonies that are more vocal.

I voiced my concerns a few times to Robin Tilbrook but only to fall on Deaf Ears i don’t think its that he don’t want to do any thing its that he can’t. The English Democrats are not a real political option they are a mixed bag of people who have no political Knowledge and just run their campaign on being patriotic

Eurobarometer confirms UK most eurosceptic country in EU

The UK is once again confirmed as the most eurosceptic country in the People's Republic of the EU in their Eurobarometer survey.

Only 36% of people polled in the UK thought there was any benefit from membership of the European Empire whilst 49% believe there is no advantage.  There are no figures for the number that think it disadvantages us because they don't ask.

Asked whether membership was a good thing, 30% said yes, 30% said no, 34% were indifferent and 6% didn't know.

The European Empire spends millions of pounds of our money on propaganda, claiming that people need to be "informed" and "educated" about the EU so they can form their own opinion of how great it is.  This Eurobarometer survey shows us that only 6% don't feel they know enough about the EU to be able to judge whether it's good or bad for the country.  That's comparable with just about any subject you'd care to survey on and particularly good when you consider that the British government refuses to commission a cost/benefit report on EU membership, thus depriving the population of objective information.

It really is time we ended the farce of EU membership.  We don't like them, they don't like us.  Most of us see no benefit in EU membership and most of us think it is either bad or largely irrelevent.  It costs us billions of pounds to be in and makes three quarters of our laws.  It doesn't prevent war or provide protection as the recent Russian invasion of Georgia, the genocide in the Balkans, the Turkish invasion of Cyprus and various civil wars still ongoing have shown.

Monday 14 December 2009

Bercow running scared

John Bercow, the current speaker of the House of Commons, is so scared of losing his seat to Nigel Farage in next year's general election that he has suggested creating a new constituency just for himself which no party will be allowed to contest.

The suggestion is that MPs create a new constituency called St Stephens (named after the chapel in Westminster Palace) in which nobody would be allowed to stand on a party ticket.  The only constituents would be MPs.

This is all personally reasonable - the convention that the Speaker doesn't campaign in an election and that the Speaker doesn't act as a constituency MP in Parliament means that tens of thousands of people in his or her constituency are deprived of effective parliamentary representation.  But the driving force behind this suggestion isn't a professional concern on the part of Bercow for his constituents, it's a selfish and desperate suggestion to save his political career.

If this suggestion is taken forward by MPs then much will be made of how much more democratic it will be and how it will benefit the electorate.  But MPs won't dare take it further and give us all a vote for the new constituency and allow the entire electorate vote for a Speaker.

But do MPs have the ability to create a new constituency with their own rules on whim just to protect one of their own?  Surely the independent Electoral Commission is responsible for such things? Not according to John Bercow: "The House of Commons can always decide to do that if it wants".  MPs can give create seats for themselves and make up rules to stop anyone from unseating them.  Who'd have thought it, eh?

Friday 11 December 2009

Diplomatically incompetent, economically illiterate

Gordon Brown has plumbed new depths of diplomatic incompetence and financial illiteracy with the announcement that the UK will contribute £1.5bn to a £6.5bn fund for "poor" nations to combat climate change.

The pre-budget report this week set out the bleak outlook for the economy - taxes are going up, £30bn of extra pre-election vote buying, tens of billions of pounds of extra borrowing - but the chosen one has found a spare £1.5bn down the back of the sofa in Number 10 to spend on adverts showing drowning puppies and polar bears in the Seychelles.

But setting aside the idiocy of borrowing £1.5bn to give away to some corrupt, third world tinpot dictatorship to spend on guns and gold plated Mercedes, why are we paying one fifth of the amount being pledged in the name of the European Empire when there are another 26 member states who are supposedly out of recession?  No wonder the economy is in such a state when the person holding the purse strings thinks 6½ divided by 27 is 1½.

Eurozone slipping into insolvency

The European Empire's eurozone may have officially come out of recession relatively early but at what price?

Greece has borrowed so much money to spend its way out of the recession that Greek national debt next year is expected to hit 125% of GDP.  Spanish national debt is predicted to reach 67% of GDP next year.  Both Greece and Spain have had their credit rating downgraded by international ratings agencies.  Spain has been downgraded from "Stable" to "Negative".

We have yet to see what the impact of Gordon Brown's scorched earth pre-election budget will be on the UK's credit rating but despite Liebour's economic incompetence keeping us in deep recession after the rest of the developed world has come out of it, we are still in a better position than most of Europe.

With Greece and Spain insolvent and international confidence in their ability to pay disappearing, how many other eurozone countries will be taken down thanks to the negative effects on their mickey mouse currency?

Sunday Sport: UKIP Bus in South Pole

SPECULATION is rife that a missing campaign bus belonging to the UK Independence Party has been dumped in the SOUTH POLE.

The double decker battle bus, which was used to rally support,went AWOL in July and hasn’t been seen since.

Mike Nattrass, UKIP MEP for the West Midlands, contacted us for help in finding the 1997 Leyland Atlantean A111 HLV, which once served Merseyside’s public transport links.

And we’re asking YOU, our loyal army of readers, to help us track down the vanished vehicle.

Mike, 63, believes that thieves may have hidden the bus in the Antarctic –– just like in one of Sunday Sport’s most iconic exclusives.

He said: “I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned up in the South Pole –– just like that bus you guys found there in the 1980s.”

Mike thinks aliens may have snatched the bus, just like what happened last time.

In February, 1989, we shocked the world and scooped the opposition when we broke the story of a bus found buried at the South Pole.

And we’ve mocked up this incredible picture to show what the UKIP bus may look like there –– and a few other places it could be.

Mike added: “I don’t know who to blame –– our political enemies, a gang of international bus thieves or ALIENS.

“Those crafty spacemen would certainly have the neccessary technology to transport our bus to the Antartic.

“I’m asking Sunday Sport readers to please keep their eyes peeled for our double decker and let your news desk know if they spot it.”

Hmmm.  Now, I could be wrong but I suspect the UKIP battle bus probably isn't at the south pole!

Apologies for spoiling the pictures of the two young ladies but this is a reputable website.  The originals are available on request if you'd rather look at two pairs of boobs rather than the pair of tits they've been censored with.

Wednesday 9 December 2009

UKIP Telford & Wrekin Christmas Party

UKIP Telford & Wrekin had their Christmas party on Monday (my first Christmas party of the year).

The party was, naturally, organised by the formidable Jill Seymour and among the guests were Mike Nattrass MEP, Nikki Sinclair MEP and a number of PPCs, including Telford & Wrekin PPCs Councillor Denis Allen and Malcolm Hurst and Solihull PPC John Ison.

Telford & Wrekin's veteran activist, Councillor Ray Knight, was presented with a medal for outstanding service to the party by Mike Nattrass and Nikki Sinclaire.


The EU has prescribed a bitter pill which could deliver a fatal blow to the UK’s herbal medicine industry says UKIP MEP Mike Nattrass.

West Midlands MEP Mike Nattrass is backing calls made by HRH The Prince of Wales for the Government to implement the regulation of herbalists.

The Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health charity claims without regulation an EU directive banning herbalists and practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine from using manufactured or pre-prepared herbal medicines could abandon herbal medicine patients to ‘quackery’.

The charity, which was founded by the Prince of Wales in 1993, has expressed fears that, without regulation and the implementation of the EU Directive in 2011, herbal medicine patients may be tempted to obtain their medicines from backstreet traders.

Under the EU Directive only statutory registered professionals like doctors would be able to prescribe manufactured or pre-prepared herbal medicines.

Mr Nattrass has welcomed the charity’s statements and also a statement by the European Herbal and Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association (EHTPA) that without Government regulation of the industry the directive would force many herbalists to close down.

He said: “I fully back the comments made by the Prince’s charity and the statements made by the EHTPA. The herbal medicine industry could be plunged into crisis by this directive which is due to be implemented in 2011.
“It could lead to herbal medicine patients seeking remedies from backstreet traders or via junk websites.

“This EU directive could have very serious consequences and like all UKIP MEPs I am completely opposed to this interference from the European Union.

“We should regulate our own healthcare services and not be dictated to by Brussels.

“This whole issue is deeply concerning and UKIP has warned of this for the past seven years. We should make our own laws and policies in Westminster,” he added.

Friday 4 December 2009

Global warming a myth, a useful political device, says Václav Klaus

Václav Klaus declares global warming to be a useful political device for politicians.

Hat tip: EU Referendum


Foreign police on our streets, foreign judges in our courts

The European Empire is planning an exchange system for judges and police officers from member states.

The "Stockholm Programme" will see foreign police officers patroling with our own and foreign judges sitting with our own judges.  It will also include prosecutors, customs officers and border guards.

The Roman/Napoleonic legal system is funadamentally incompatible with our own legal system.  How can a judge from another country that has a completely different legal system to our own sit in judgement in one of our courts?  How can a police officer from an EU member state enforce a law they don't understand in a foreign country?

Unfortunately, there is little benefit in opposing the Stockholm Programme because the Lisbon Treaty gives MEPs an "equal" say in justice and home affairs with national governments and there are a lot more MEPs than there are national governments.  A Dutch MEP has pointed out that because of the Lisbon Treaty, Justice ministers will no longer be able to ignore MEPs.  This, she suggests, is a good thing.

Wednesday 2 December 2009

It's not that simple, I'm afraid

It is a commonly-held belief that leaving the European Empire is as simple as repealing the European Communities Act 1972, the law that made us a member of what was then the EEC.

I'm afraid it's not that simple.

We can repeal the European Communities Act 1972 but the Lisbon Treaty still stands under the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties and the Lisbon Treaty says that if we wanted to leave, we would have to ask permission from the rest of the European Empire to leave and if they agreed we would have to endure a 2 year "cooling off period" before we got out.

To renounce the Lisbon Treaty without having to get permission and sit out the cooling off period, we would have to argue that articles 50 and/or 51 (corruption and/or coercion of our representative) applied.  To leave early without invoking articles 50 and/or 51, we would have to break international law to get out of our Lisbon Treaty obligations.

It is true that no parliament can bind its successor under English common law but the "Supreme" Court or the EU Court of Justice (as the highest legal authority in England) can rule differently.  It's no longer a case of repealing the European Communities Act 1972, we would have to repeal or amend the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties (it's on the statute book) to allow the British government to withdraw unilaterally from the Lisbon Treaty.  Repealing or amending the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties would seriously undermine international confidence in the country and set a very dangerous precedent - probably more damaging to the country than the EU, I'm afraid.

I would say we've been stitched up like a kipper but the Spanish have probably got all the kipper quota under the Common Fisheries Policy.

British Finance team storms out of EU banking negotiations

Apparently our esteemed finance team had a hissy fit and walked out of the negotiations on financial supervision (by the EU and their new Napoleon) because the French are delighting in emasculating our City.

Funny that these incompetents didn't see this coming, isn't it? What did they expect?

OpenEurope reports:
UK "storms out" out of negotiations over new EU financial regulator;
Sarkozy: For the first time a French Commissioner is in charge of the City of London

EU Finance Ministers will today discuss the formation of a new EU-wide system of financial supervision, including the creation of three new EU authorities with the mandate to overrule national regulators on issues such as shortselling and the recapitalisation of banks. The authorities would also have the power to supervise and intervene in individual firms - moves which the UK is said to resist.

The UK stalled negotiations in October on the three new authorities as Alistair Darling wanted the EU to clarify exactly what powers the new authorities would have if a member state failed to implement decisions taken by the bodies. The UK also wanted all decisions taken by unanimity, Euractiv reports. However, the site reports that EU diplomats believe that Britain is isolated and that the remaining 26 member states will give the new authorities their full support. "Mainly ministers will be asking what kind of majorities will be needed in the new supervisory bodies," one EU diplomat is quoted saying.

Comments made yesterday by Nicolas Sarkozy have added to fears that the proposed architecture, in combination with the appointment of French protectionist Michel Barnier as the next Internal Market Commissioner, will damage the City of London. Sarkozy said yesterday: "Do you know what it means for me to see for the first time in 50 years a French European commissioner in charge of the internal market, including financial services, including the City [of London]? I want the world to see the victory of the European model, which has nothing to do with the excesses of financial capitalism".

Dutch daily NRC reports that "the British are so angry about Sarkozy's triumphalism that they are blocking negotiations on EU banking supervision...The atmosphere has been so poisoned that the British, who think that supervision damages their City, have stormed out of the negotiations, according to an eye witness".

Writing in the Times, Alistair Darling argues, "We must resist measures, however superficially alluring, that could undermine the effective functioning of our cherished single market. National supervisors, such as the FSA, must remain responsible for supervising individual companies. Making companies directly accountable to more than one authority is a recipe for confusion."

In a debate in the House of Commons last night, Shadow Treasury Minister Mark Hoban criticised the Government for not being more active in the formulation and scrutiny of the new proposals. He said: "I'm not optimistic of the Government's chances in insisting on its red lines because I think the Government has repeatedly left debating these matters until too late in the process."


Press Office Statement to UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidates and members

Press Office Statement to UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidates and members

In the light of the orchestrated campaign to destabilise UKIP in the run up to the next general election, and the admitted mistake made by the press office on Saturday it would like to make a few things clear.

At no point was an offer made neither to the Conservatives, nor anybody else that UKIP would do anything other than stand back for one election if a public manifesto commitment was made to hold an In/Out referendum on our membership of the European Union. That commitment was not made.

In a statement made by the press office there was the suggestion that after that referendum was won then the entire British political situation would change. UKIP would have to take stock on how it would proceed. That statement should have not suggested that the party would consider any given course of action. This was my error, and my error alone.

Yours sincerely,

Gawain Towler

Gawain Towler
Press Officer
UK Independence Party

Darling the hypocrite

In a bizarre piece of grandstanding, Alistair Darling has told the European Empire not to regulate the financial sector in London despite being one of the most vocal proponents of EU regulation of the financial sector.

The European Empire's interference in the financial sector has already been disastrous for our economy.  The collapse of Northern Rock and the subsequent deep recession that we are still experiencing can be traced back to the EU Monetary Abuse Directive (MAD) that forced the Bank of England to publicise the fact that it had offered an emergency credit line to Northern Rock.  This information, which would ordinarily have been kept secret to maintain confidence in the bank, caused mass panic with investors and let to a run on the bank.  Northern Rock collapsed, confidence was lost in the entire banking industry, shares in banks nosedived leaving them short of capital and then the recession ravaged the weakened banks.

The Monetary Abuse Directive is, quite literally, MAD.  The current Governor of the Bank of England's predecessor said at the time that if he was still in the job he would have resigned over the introduction of the Monetary Abused Directive.

This ridiculous hypocritical warning from Darling is prompted by the appointment of the former French Agriculture Minister - the man responsible for blocking any reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) which accounts for one third of the EU budget and mainly benefits France - as the EU Single Market Commissioner.

Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president, has been gloating about the appointment of Michel Barnier saying it is a sign of "French ideas for regulation that are triumphing in Europe" and that "It's the first time in 50 years that France has had this role. The English are the big losers in this business."

Even more worryingly, Sarkozy also said "Do you know what it means for me to see for the first time in 50 years a French European commissioner in charge of the internal market, including financial services, including the City?  I want the world to see the victory of the European model, which has nothing to do with the excesses of financial capitalism."

The whole purpose of EU regulation of the financial industry, especially under the cosh of the economically illiterate socialist French, is to destroy the UK economy.  Despite the English taxpayer being the second largest contributor to the EU budget after the Netherlands, the jealousy of our European "partners" and in particular the French, at the success of the world-leading English financial sector, means that the City of London is seen as evil and the common belief on the continent is that it must be destroyed.  And, of course, the best way to destroy an economy is through the imposition of socialism as Sarkozy has alluded to above.

No matter what Alistair Darling says, the European Empire will destroy the City by regulation and the imposition of socialist economic policy that is fundamentally incompatible with our economy.  Since the Lisbon Treaty came into force yesterday, the EU government runs our country and has full control over our economy.  Alistair Darling has no more say in how the financial sector is regulated than a parish councillor, which all he is now - a parish councillor in the People's Republic of the European Union..

Tuesday 1 December 2009

William Hill says UKIP 2/1 to gain an MP

Following the election of Lord Pearson as leader of UKIP, William Hill are now offering odds of 2/1 for UKIP to win one or more seats in the next general election.

The odds of Nigel Farage beating John Bercow in Buckingham have been shortened to 5/1.

Nick Griffin to represent EU in Copenhagen

The sad news that the Lisbon Treaty/EU Constitution comes into force today, ending the 1,082 year history of England as an independent, unified state is made slightly more palatable by the news that the Peoples Republic of the EU will be represented at the Copenhagen Global Socialist Government Climate Change Summit by Nick Griffin.

Not only is Nick Griffin a man-made climate change sceptic but he's also a bumbling, racist embarrassment and the European Empire's first major summit as a country in its own right will see a nationalist socialist representing it.  You couldn't make it up.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Green Party said:

He is one of a number of members of the European Parliament who will go on a delegation.  He won't get the right to speak. The Parliament sadly doesn't even get the right to really influence the decisions at al.

What good EUropeans the Green Party are.  As the leader of a pro-EU party, you'd have thought that Caroline Lucas would have realised that the Peoples Republic of the European Empire now has complete, unvetoed control over climate change policy for all member states.

The Peoples Republic of the European Union

The Lisbon Treaty/EU Constitution came into force today, making us all citizens of the Peoples Republic of the European Union.

The unelected President of the European Empire, Herman van Rumpy Pumpy, and unelected Imperial Foreign Minister, Baroness Ashton, start their new jobs today.

The European Empire now has control of our gas and electricity supplies as well as our means of food production which it has controlled for some time now with the Common Fisheries Policy and Common Agricultural Policy.  They can, from today, force the British government to adopt whatever climate change policies they come up with and they now also control the distribution of international aid.  The British government no longer has a veto over these policy areas.

In 5 years time we will spend long periods of time without an EU Commissioner as the concept of sovereign nations sending commissioners to the EU Commission to represent national interests has been abolished.  The EU Courts, EU Parliament and EU Commission have more control over justice and home affairs.

Some very important people will be celebrating the imposition of the Lisbon Treaty/EU Constitution on the continent with fireworks and speeches in Portugal, the country that spawned the EU Constitution.  Does anyone know the odds of a freak meteor the size of a large building striking the spot where they'll all be gathering while they sing the EU national anthem?  I don't want to get my hopes up unneccessarily ...