Friday 31 July 2009

Lisbon Treaty was deliberately made unreadable

Just in case anyone has forgotten, or has simply not grasped how mendacious europhiles are and how they have conspired to stop the people of Europe voting in a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, listen to ex-Italian PM say so himself.

They deliberately made the Lisbon Treaty unreadable. I hope the Irish take note.

OpenEurope posted this on its blog in 2007:
The pro-euro camp are all busy congratulating themselves about having fooled the public by changing the name of the constitution.

At a meeting of the Centre for European Reform yesterday EU officials discussed their strategy for adopting the EU Constitution without a referendum.

Former Italian PM Giuliano Amato said, “They decided that the document should be unreadable. If it is unreadable, it is not constitutional, that was the sort of perception. Where they got this perception from is a mystery to me. In order to make our citizens happy, to produce a document that they will never understand! But, there is some truth [in it]. Because if this is the kind of document that the IGC will produce, any Prime Minister – imagine the UK Prime Minister - can go to the Commons and say ‘look, you see, it’s absolutely unreadable, it’s the typical Brussels treaty, nothing new, no need for a referendum.’ Should you succeed in understanding it at first sight there might be some reason for a referendum, because it would mean that there is something new.”

You can listen to them all chortling about how terribly clever they are on this clip. There is a quite lot of this kind of gloating going on in the pro-euro camp at the moment. But unfortunately for them, calls for a referendum are not going to go away.
Breathtakingly arrogant and anti-democratic.

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Thursday 30 July 2009

Farage: Remember, they are not pretending anymore

Nigel Farage has written his first blog post since March and it's a bloody good laugh.

Here's an extract:
When I finished, Barroso rose on a point of order, I had never seen this before.

He asked the President whether it was allowed for MEPs to display national flags and if it was he would fly his. He then produced an EU flag and put it on his desk.

So there we have it – the EU flag is a national flag. Remember, they are not pretending anymore.

I got up and strode over to him, amidst much noise. From the look on his face, I think he was worried what I might do. I pointed to the huge EU flag on the wall and said to him: "I think your side is well covered!"

This is going to be up close and personal. I'm looking forward to it.
Click here to read the whole thing.

Tuesday 28 July 2009

Quis custodiet ipsos custodies?

A quick update for anyone who has complained to the BBC about their biased coverage of the Norwich North by-election ...

OFCOM have informed me today that they do not handle complaints against the BBC for bias - that is the job of the BBC Trust.  So, rather than directing your complaint to OFCOM, you should instead direct it to the BBC Trust.  Contact details for the BBC Trust are available on the BBC website at

Whether the BBC Trust will deal with the complain with the same level of independence as OFCOM remains to be seen.

Monday 27 July 2009

UKIP Gain Two New Cllrs in Wales

As of this morning we have two new Cllrs in Wales. As UKIP Wale's representation and message grows, two popular Independent councillors on Merthyr County Borough council have decided that UKIP is the most suitable national party to represent the needs of their constituents.

Cllr Adam Brown is the first non Labour councillor ever to be elected to represent the uncompromising well known Gurnos estate in Merthyr. Jock Greer is councillor for Penydarren ward. The pair are preparing to take their one cabinet and one scrutiny committee seats on the former Labour stronghold council.

They look forward to meeting you all at the party conference in September.

Czechs to delay Lisbon Treaty via Constitutional Court

Václav Klaus and 17 Czech senators plant to refer the Lisbon Treaty to the Czech Constitutional Court at the beginning of August, which would delay the signing of the treaty into Czech law until the court has given its verdict. If the court finds the Lisbon Treaty to be unconstitutional, its fate could be the bin - where it belongs.

The Telegraph reports:
That could thwart the ambitions of Sweden, current holder of the EU's rotating presidency, to see the Treaty's provisions pushed through before the end of the year if Ireland votes to approve the treaty in its Oct 2 referendum.

Fredrik Reinfeldt, the Swedish prime minister, said recently he wanted to see the EU "move over to the Lisbon Treaty, if possible, late in our presidency".


Germany and Poland still have to ratify the treaty. While they are widely expected to do so, any further delay could hold up the appointment of the new European Commission, which is due to take office on Nov 1.

Andrew Duff, the UK Liberal MEP, accused Mr Klaus of procrastinating.
Meanwhile, one of the key figures in the pro-treaty campaign in Ireland has admitted that the "Yes" camp faces a "tough campaign" over the next two months.

The latest opinion polls suggest a "Yes" vote would be possible, but Pat Cox, campaign director of Ireland for Europe, an independent civil society group promoting ratification, said, "Ireland is a very different place today to what it was a year ago. The financial crisis has rocked our confidence. We are reeling from a series of body blows over the last 12 months. There is no room for complacency.

"There are those on the No side who will seek to exploit our present uncertainty to encourage the Irish people to vote against our own interests and reject the Treaty.
"We do not plan to let them succeed," Mr Cox, a former Irish MEP and president of the European Parliament, added.
What Mr Cox is not telling us is that the EU spent €2.4bn spent on promoting the EU in 2008. With the uphill struggle that the EU now faces as it desperately tries to get this dreadful treaty ratified, I'm willing to bet that 2009's EU propaganda budget will be double that sum.

And we're all paying for it.


Sunday 26 July 2009

EU con: Ireland to be bailed out by Germany

The Germans were not keen on relinquishing their highly regarded Deutsche Mark for the Euro in the '90s, for fear that should any member states be reckless with their economies, Germany's economy would be forced to bail them out. So the Maastricht Treaty was designed to reassure German taxpayers that bailouts between member states would be illegal and that each member state had to be fully responsible for their own fiscal policies - including debts they incurred.

At the time, the German economy was strong, Ireland's economy beginning to boom, EU states generally growing and nobody seemed to foresee the possibility of future economic busts - despite the huge disparity between the social and economic fabric of the member states.

Ireland's current spending shortfall this year is €26bn while its spending requirement is €60bn, which means that it must borrow approximately €400m per week to keep the public sector going. Ireland's debt servicing costs are already the most expensive in Europe because the markets regard it as risky. Ireland is in a bit of a hole.

In October, it faces its second referendum on the same Lisbon Treaty with bogus guarantees and the EU and Brian Lenihan are trying to convince them that should their economy crash, their only hope would be bailouts from the EU.

Firstly, Ireland can slash its public sector and save itself a ton of money - so giving the markets confidence in its handling of the economy. That would have the effect of easing the cost of its credit and reducing the likelihood of its economy crashing.

Secondly, 70% of Germans are against bailing out the Irish and indeed, under EU law, it would be illegal for them to do so.

So, the Irish are being conned into believing:
  • that the 'guarantees' they were promised will be delivered (they won't);
  • that their only hope out of their financial crisis is to keep borrowing (it isn't);
  • that the EU will bail them out should their economy fail (it can't and it won't).
And we all have to pay for the privilege of delivering this fiction to them, to persuade them to sign up to a treaty that none of the people of the member states wants!

Merkel, who faces an election this year, is latching onto a line from Article 100 of the Maastricht Treaty which permits a bailout for a member state in the case of "natural disasters" or "exceptional occurrences beyond its control." She says this allows some "interpretive room for manoeuvre." Update: Der Spiegel gives the low-down on Germany's economy.

The Irish aren't stupid but people do crazy things when scared - which is precisely what the EU intended. We have a duty to tear the veil from their eyes, in any way we can.

I suggest we get busy blogging - and flooding their newspapers with comments.


Saturday 25 July 2009

Even Tories are unhappy at the BBC's anti-UKIP bias!

Bloggers4UKIP's call to flood the BBC with complaints about their appalling treatment of UKIP in the run-up to the Norwich North by-election has been quite successful.

Nigel Farage has congratulated Glenn Tingle on securing he best Westminster by-election result so far for UKIP despite the BBC's anti-UKIP agenda.

Complaints about the BBC's election coverage is a hot topic on the official UKIP members' forum.

Daniel Hannan, the last outspoken eurosceptic in the Tories, has written an article for the Daily Telegraph website on the BBC's anti-UKIP election coverage and unjustified promotion of the Greens. He has echoed the explanation I gave to the sceptics on the Digital Spy forum for the complaints:
As to the BBC's motivation for excluding UKIP ... there was no way they could put a positive spin on excluding the Tories but the other three parties are left wingers and the BBC is full of left wing extremists from the top to the bottom. The BBC also receives a considerable amount of money from the European Empire for "informational programmes" (ie. propaganda). UKIP is a centre-right party opposed to the EU - two traits that the BBC detest. The BBC is also fully signed up to the British government's (and EU's) climate change scam and promoting the Green Party is part of their campaign to make the climate change scam seem credible and relevant.
Dan Hannan, referring to Bloggers4UKIP, says:
UKIP activists politely drew these facts to the BBC’s attention in the hope of fairer coverage. They misunderstood the Corporation’s mindset. In Beebworld, Greens are essentially nice, and deserve a fair crack of the whip. But UKIP are anti-immigration, anti-Brussels and, worst of all, sceptical about climate change. They are not Our Sort Of People, and should be covered accordingly, if at all.
There was no misunderstanding of the BBC's motivation, believe me!

If you haven't yet made a complaint about the BBC's anti-UKIP bias, please do so. If you've made a complaint to the BBC and are not satisfied with the pre-prepared response that has been sent to everyone who has complained, including those complaining about independents being left out, then please complain to OFCOM. A sample complaint to OFCOM will be posted shortly.

Friday 24 July 2009

Norwich North result

The results are in for Norwich North and the result is a little disappointing.

Despite putting in a huge amount of effort, UKIP's candidate Glenn Tingle came fourth.

The results are as follows:

Conservative & (European) Unionist Party: 13,591
Liebour: 6,243
Lib Dims: 4,803
UKIP: 4,068
Green: 3,350
Craig Murray (Ind): 953
BNP: 941
Independent: 166
Monster Raving Loony Party: 144
None of the Above Party (no, not the Lib Dims!): 59
Libertarian Party: 36
Independent: 23

UKIP’s Deputy Leader said: “This is a very good result for us. We started from a low base and worked extremely hard. We were helped by having a dedicated and genuinely local candidate who really threw himself into the campaign. I congratulate Glenn on what he has achieved.

“I am particularly pleased that we beat the Greens by over 700 votes, because their candidate was given much greater broadcast media coverage than we were. This excellent result follows on from last night’s success in Cambridgeshire and really does show that UKIP is now well and truly on the political map in domestic elections. Voters now know that there is another serious contender in British politics.”

Mr Tingle said: “Obviously, I would like to have won but I am pleased with what we achieved because we can build on this result in the future. I believe the voters in this area will remember UKIP when the General and local elections come around. I would like to thank the Norwich North voters for their support and my campaign team, who worked so hard.”

Bloggers4UKIP Comment: Glenn Tingle ran a great campaign with the help of UKIP activists from all over the country and the result really doesn't reflect the amount of effort put in. The BBC's indefensible exclusion of Glenn Tingle from their election programming undoubtedly had a big effect on the result and Bloggers4UKIP will be making a complaint to OFCOM about the BBC exerting undue influence over the election result with their deliberate exclusion of Glenn Tingle.

Well done to all those involved in the campaign, you did UKIP proud.

BBC Bias Clearly on View. Aunty shows her underskirt!

Did anyone see the BBC feature "What it means for Norwich"? It was pathetic. Lab, Con, Lib and the Greens all had their own write up, and at the very end, lumped in with the BNP and other also ran's, UKIP got the briefest mention in which they said "UKIP are still basking in the aftermath of their June euro election...." as if to say that we haven't moved on from there. In the Greens feature, the BBC says that, due to the economic climate, the Greens have little chance of winning, and the BBC devotes an entire 5 paragraphs to telling us how badly they expect the Greens will do, and yet UKIP who were tremendously successful increasing their lead election upon election got two paragraphs lumped in with the 'also rans' at the very end of the article. To me this article clearly shows a reluctance on the part of the BBC to give UKIP a fair share of reporting. One of many examples how BBC reporting of UKIP has been restrained to say the least. If ever there was evidence of bias in BBC reporting of UKIP, this article is surely a clear contender. Just to remind the BBC, the pecking order is as follows:

1/. Conservative 4,198,394 27.7,
2/. UK Independence Party 2,498,226 16.5,
3/. Labour 2,381,760 15.7,... Read More
4/. Liberal Democrats 2,080,613 13.7,
5/. Green Party 1,303,745 8.6
6/. Others

Round up of this weeks byelections

Eastern regional organiser Pete Reeve had an amazing double win in Cambridgeshire taking both the District and County Council seats at the Ramsey by-election.

Hard-working Pete, who ran the campaign for Norwich North candidate Glenn Tingle as well as his own, took In the County Council seat he took 43% of the vote in the County Council and 39% in the District Council – gaining both seats with a majority of nearly 200 from the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats respectively.

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said:"This is a great result and shows that UKIP can do very much more than just succeed in the European Elections."

In his acceptance speech, Councillor Reeve said "It's not a victory for me. It's a victory for UKIP and the UKIP team. It's a victory for Ramsey, a victory for peope on the streets and I hope that we will be able to work together in the future."

Pete Reeve also thanked activists who have helped to run a professional campaign. The results will provide a springboard for the General Election campaign.

UKIP General Secretary Jonathan Arnott spoke at a public meeting in Ramsey on Tuesday night, in which he praised Pete Reeve as "a hard-working local activist who has campaigned tirelessly on behalf of people in Ramsey".

The Party Chairman Paul Nuttall has invited Pete Reeve to address the party's Conference in September, where the inaugural UKIP councillors' meeting will be held

In other parts of the country: Derek Armstrong was elected to Broseley Town council in the West Midlands

Broseley East Ward - Result

Derek Armstrong UKIP - 204
Mark MCintyre- 76

and UKIPs Gerald PRICE took 3rd place from no where in Reddish North

Lab 1218 49.5% +1%
Con 403 16.4% -8.8%
UKIP 342 13.9% +13.9%
LD 303 12.3% + 0.7%
BNP 195 7.9% - 6.6%

Well done all

Thursday 23 July 2009


The Conservative Party has been a long term supporter of Turkey's application to become a full member of the European Union.

This demonstrates that the Conservatives are soft on immigration and soft on Europe.

While David Cameron tries to give the impression of being tough on these issues.

It is all hypocrisy. David Cameron's hypocrisy should be exposed.

Its a matter of "VOTE TORY, GET TURKEY"

Norwich North goes to the polls

Voting started today in the Norwich North by-election.

The UKIP candidate, Glenn Tingle, has run an excellent high profile campaign with the help of dozens of UKIP volunteers who travelled to Norwich to help deliver leaflets.  The West Midlands even contributed a coach load of people!

Despite the BBC freezing Glenn Tingle out of their election programming, for which they have yet to provide a reasonable excuse, hopes are still running high that Glenn could be the first successful UKIP candidate in a Westminster election.

The BBC, as you would expect, are continuing to report this as a two-horse race between the Conswervatives and Liebour despite the evidence from the people out knocking doors pointing to it being a run-off between the Conswervatives and UKIP.  The Lib Dims reckon it's between the Conswervatives and them.  The Greens are putting out their usual deluded guff about how well they're expecting to do (just like they did before the EU imperial elections last month).

Will Glenn Tingle be the next MP for Norwich North?  Only time will tell.  The UKIP campaign in Norwich North has been excellent but the BBC's campaign against UKIP has been persistent.  I think at worst, Glenn Tingle will come in second behind the Conswervatives and if he does come second it certainly won't be a reflection on the campaign.

Wednesday 22 July 2009

BBC response to complaint about anti-UKIP bias

The BBC responded to my complaint about their exclusion of Glenn Tingle from their election programming in Norwich North in record time with a pre-prepared response that has been sent to lots of other people who complained.
Thanks for your e-mail regarding our coverage of UKIP.

Especially when there are a large number of candidates - 12 in Norwich North - the broader interests of the voters would not be served by giving equal coverage to each and every candidate, irrespective of their chances of success. So when editors are deciding how much coverage to give, relatively, to different parties and candidates in any election, one of the key factors they look for is "evidence of past and/or current electoral support" in that electoral area.

On that basis, in Norwich there is clear evidence of support for the three main parties as well as for the Green Party and therefore those parties will be getting similar levels of coverage. Similarly, there is evidence from the recent elections that both UKIP and the BNP have some support in at least parts of the constituency and they will also, proportionately, be given an appropriate level of coverage by programmes covering the by-election.

For example, 'Look East' looked at Glenn Tingle's candidacy on 15 July and Radio Norfolk did a piece on him the following day. UKIP leader Nigel Farage's visit to the constituency also featured on 'Look East' and 'Look East Special' on 20 July.

We'd like to assure you that we've registered your comments on our audience log. This is the internal report of audience feedback which we compile daily for all programme makers and commissioning executives within the BBC, and also their senior management. It ensures that your points, and all other comments we receive, are circulated and considered across the BBC.

Thanks again for taking the time to contact us with your concerns.


BBC Complaints
This just isn't good enough. If they look at "evidence of past and/or present support" then they will see that Liebour and the Lib Dims both came behind UKIP in the elections in June. They will see that Liebour no longer controls a county council in England. They will see that Glenn Tingle is currently out in front according to one of his rivals.

Back to the BBC Complaints website ...
I have received a response to a complaint under reference T20090721xxxxxxxx and am not satisfied with the response.

In your response you claim that because there are so many candidates in the Norwich North by-election you allocate coverage to candidates based on "evidence of past and/or present support".

In the election last month UKIP came second, ahead of Labour, the Lib Dems and the Greens. Labour no longer controls a single county council in England and the Lib Dems control only one. Labour lost three quarters of their councillors in England and now have less that the Lib Dems. The Greens continue to be an irrelevance in local, national and EU elections.

Glenn Tingle's opponent in Norwich North, Craig Murray, says on his website that more people are telling him that they will be voting UKIP than any other party which confirms that Glenn Tingle is the leading candidate.

So the BBC has clearly not based its election coverage on "evidence of past and/or present support". I am very unhappy at the unfair promotion of Labour, the Lib Dems and the Green Party at the expense of UKIP and at being lied to in the response to my original complaint.
If you received the same inadequate response, please make sure you make a new complaint about it.

Monday 20 July 2009

BBC excluding UKIP from election programmes in Norwich

Glenn Tingle, the UKIP candidate for the Norwich North by-election, has been excluded from a BBC election hustings programme.

Craig Murray, one of Glenn Tingle's opponents in the election, says that "many more people have told me that they are voting UKIP, than have said they are voting for any other party". Feedback from the dozens of UKIP campaigners on the streets every day in Norwich tells much the same story - that Glenn Tingle is currently the lead candidate in Norwich North.

So why is the BBC - required by law to be an independent and impartial broadcaster - excluding the UK's second largest European party and the party with the leading candidate in the election from a televised hustings? Well, there's only one way to find out ...
The BBC is producing a televised election hustings for the Norwich North by-election but the UKIP candidate has has been excluded.

UKIP is the second largest European party in the UK, the fourth largest political party in the UK and by admission of one of his opponents, the UKIP candidate, Glenn Tingle, is the favourite candidate.

Excluding the leading candidate (or, indeed, any candidate) is unacceptable and I feel certain that if he was a candidate for one of the LibLabCon parties that he would have been included.
You might like to make a complaint to the BBC along similar lines. The more complaints they get, the more likely they are to treat Glenn Tingle fairly.

Sunday 19 July 2009

How can we expose David Cameron's hypocrisy on Europe and Immigration ?

The whole country is turning to the Conservatives, because they believe the Conservatives are tough on Europe and immigration.

How can we expose David Cameron's hypocrisy on the issues of Europe and immigraton.

The hypocrisy is that when you scratch the surface the Conservatives are in fact very soft on the issues of Europe and immigration.

How can we expose David Cameron's hypocrisy ?

Friday 17 July 2009

Final Call

With polling day less than one week away, the Glenn Tingle campaign has kicked into high gear.The momentum in the Norwich is building with dozens of UKIP's activists and helpers canvassing and leafletting the length and breadth of the constituency. They have been joined by UKIP's MEPs David Bannerman , Stuart Agnew , Nigel Farage , Derek Clarke , Nikki Sinclaire , Paul Nutall and Marta Andreasen.

With a public meeting planned on Monday the 20th which will see Party Leader Nigel Farage share a platform with Glenn Tingle, the time to come down and help the campaign is now. Countless doors have been knocked but if the campaign's potential is to be realised and if Glenn Tingle is to score the result his dedication deserves, we need UKIP activists in Norwich every day from now on.

The aim is to carry on the huge momentum created by UKIP's second place finish in the European Election, but this can only be done if every UKIP member does all that they can so please get in touch and get involved! To get involved please call UKIP's Norwich Campaign HQ (166 Wroxham Road, NR7 8DE) at 01603 412643

Free Accomodation can be provided, so do get in touch.

The Lisbon Treaty ratification process is a slow motion Coup d'etat.

When the Lisbon Treaty is ratified, it will pass virtually all law making power in Britain, over to the European Union, in a slow motion coup d'etat.

The Conservatives say they have no option but accept that state of affairs, if they are elected after the ratification process of the Lisbon Treaty has been completed.

If the Conservatives accept the Lisbon Treaty under these circumstances , they will have ratted on their 2005 election manifesto promise, to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

Total Politics Top Blogs

Total Politics (Iain Dale's latest venture) are running the annual top blogs poll.

Send your top ten list of UK blogs to to take part in the poll.

If you included Wonko's World, Bloggers4UKIP or the Campaign for an English Parliament in your top 10 list that would be lovely. :)

Thursday 16 July 2009

Iceland votes to join EU

Members of the Icelandic Parliament, the Alþingi, have narrowly voted to surrender one of the oldest parliaments on the planet to the European Empire in 2013.

Iceland has had its own parliament since 930 with only a 45 year break.

The Icelandic economy relied almost exclusively on fishing, banking and tourism until recently when most of their banks collapsed (helped along by the British government abusing anti-terrorism laws to force the UK arm of an Icelandic bank into administration) and the Europe-wide recession meant nobody could afford to go to Iceland on holiday. Iceland is now bankrupt with no hope of paying its way out of insolvency in our lifetime and sees the European Empire - and more specifically, our money - as the only way to balance the books.

Emperor Barroso is happy with the vote, saying that Iceland is a "European country with long and deep democratic roots". He likes a challenge does Emperor Barroso, unravelling 1,079 of parliamentary democracy in 4 years will keep him busy.

He went on to say that it was evidence of the "vitality of the European project and indicative of the hope that Europe represents". Hope that the net contributors to the imperial treasury - the UK, the Netherlands and Germany - will bail them out and they will need bailing out for a long time because not only has their banking sector been devastated but they will find their fishing industry eradicated by EU fishing quotas and their tourism industry wiped out by the EU's green taxes targeted at preventing people from flying.

Iceland has two options for the future - they can either stay as an independent, sovereign nation and emerge from recession in a few years as an independent, sovereign nation or they can submit themselves to EU imperialism and have their economy pegged at third world levels for the next few decades.

Sovereignty, self government and Blair

At last the mainstream press is starting to echo what UKIP has been saying for a long, long time.

"Any president of Europe is an affront to Britain as a sovereign, self governing nation".

Read more:

Further quotes:

"As Labour leader in 1995 Blair nominated Glenys's husband Neil Kinnock to be an EU Commissioner - yet as young politicians Blair and Kinnock advocated Britain's withdrawal from the EU. No wonder they have changed their minds with first class seats on the gravy train".

"As Prime Minister of this country Blair presided with a phoney grin over a grotesque lie machine. Previous Labour Prime Ministers may have made damaging mistakes but at least they were patriotic - Blair's allegiances are quite apparent by his enthusiasm for the potential new job opportunity".

"Certainly the prospect of President Blair swaggering on the world stage would be insufferable. But the more serious point is that the very creation of such a job would be an affront to Britain as a sovereign, self governing nation".

Wednesday 15 July 2009

How the European Union Works

The European Council
This is a meeting of the Prime Ministers of all the EU countries. They meet regularly to approve treaties, and decide on the general direction of future policy.

President of the European Council
The President of the European Council is the Prime Minister of an EU country, and holds the post for six months.

The EU Commission
All the real power to make laws and amend leglislation lies with the EU Commission. One Commissioner is appointed from each country for a four year term. They are the only ones that can initiate legislation. The Commissoners run the EU, and can be reappointed. The law made by the EU Commissioners overrides national law.

President of the Commission
He is chosen by the European Council for a four year term. He is an influential person with the status of a Prime Minister possibly higher. He can be reappointed.

The European Parliament
The members are elected by proportional representation. They are called Members of the European Parliament (MEP). They give the EU a democratic image, but in facty their powers are very limited. They nominally scrutinise EU legislation, but this consists of voting yes or no. They are only allowed to make short speeches of 90 seconds, and there is no proper debate as would be expected in a proper parliament. They can reject legislation but not alter any of it. It is nothing more than a talking shop, with no real powers to do anything.

The Council of Ministers
The Council of Ministers approve leglislation after it has completed its journey via the Commission and the European Parliament. It finally comes to the Council of Ministers for signature. The ministers on the council would be the minister from each country, relevant the piece of legislation being passed. In practice the Council of Ministers are presented with a massive pile of leglislation with no time allocated to read or discuss it. All they do is sign to approve the legislation, and agree a pre-written press release.

The European Court of Justice
The European Court of Justice is the court that enforces EU Law. It ususally uses fines to punish noncompliance with EU Directives.

European Union Treaties
The European Union has been formed through a series of treaties. Every time each new treaty is ratified, the individual country passes further political power over to the EU. Every treaty that Britain has negotiated with the EU has contained detail that has been missed by our negotiators. Heath, Wilson, Thatcher, Major and Blair have all in turn announced negotiating victories, only for the complete opposite to be the case, once the detail was studied.

EU Parliament researching new anti-UKIP smear?

Interesting. Why would the EU Imperial Parliament be searching for "UKIP far right" in Google and then again for "Nikki Sinclaire"? Expect a smear any day now ...

Tuesday 14 July 2009

Farage's first speech of new EU Parliament

Monday 13 July 2009

Ode to Eurofederalism

The European Empire held the opening ceremony of its imperial parliament today with troops from the new EU imperial army, Eurocorps, raising the EU ring of stars flag and playing the EU "national anthem", Ode to Joy.

Nigel Farage said "Today is the EU's equivalent of trooping the colour. There is no pretence anymore. The EU is to be a fully militarised state."

The flag and anthem of the European Empire were removed from the EU Constitution when they changed the name to the Lisbon Treaty but it makes not one bit of difference to the eurofederalists. Eurofederalist MEPs actually stand to attention in their parliament when they play Ode to Joy.

Hans-Gert Pöttering, the soon-to-be-ex-president of the European Empire, has called for eurofederalist MEPs to freeze what he calls "anti-Europeans" out of the decision making process during this parliament so that they can get on with their federalist agenda.

How can anyone be "anti-European"? How can you oppose a continent? Being opposed to the European Empire doesn't mean you detest an entire continent. It doesn't neccessarily mean you dislike the French!

Göring Pöttering says the European Empire "depends on those who are willing to unite Europe". Just how much more evidence do people need that the sole objective of the European Empire and the traitors that run it is to create a federal European susperstate? It's there in black and white.

Pöttering said that "Soldiers are part of the defence of our values of human rights, democracy and the law, and this is part of our value system of the European Union". The threat is quite clear - the European Empire has its army that is there to enforce EU law and its system of values, such as being guilty until proven innocent and immunity from prosecution for politicans. Would their soldiers be used against us if we tried to leave the European Empire? Is there any doubt that they would?

He went on to say "We respect the identity of our regions and our villages and counties and this makes Europe rich". Regions, villages and counties? What about nations? Does the European Empire respect the identity of our nations? Of course not, that doesn't further the eurofederalist agenda - national identities have to be abolished so a European national identity can be created from the ashes.

Graham Dines: Don't be afraid of the Greens, UKIP and yes the BNP: it's time for pluralism

Graham Dines, political correspondent for the East Anglian Daily Times (one of the few remaining independent-minded newspaper titles in England), says that it would be "refreshing" to have UKIP MPs in Westminster.

He also makes the point that I have made many, many times about the BNP (and to a lesser extent UKIP) that whether or not a political party suscribes to the mainstream agenda, if people vote for them then they have a right to take part in the democratic process and the LibLabCon have an obligation to allow them to without undue hinderance.

Don't be afraid of the Greens, UKIP and yes the BNP: it's time for pluralism

I'M contemplating a flying visit to Norwich to see if there is by-election fever. I suspect not. There's 12 candidates standing, with six no-hopers as well as the Big Six - Tory, Labour, Liberal Democrat, UKIP, Green, and BNP.

The UK is becoming a pluralist society. That's why I include UKIP, Green, and BNP among the big hitters. However, without proportional representation, the chances of any of them being elected at a General Election is just about zero. It would take an exceptional local campaign for any of them to make it.

So do we introduce PR and risk the election of the BNP to seats in Westminster? No one should attempt to control democracy, and if enough people back the BNP, that is democracy, no matter how much we might regret it.

And how refreshing it would be to have Green and UKIP MPs striding around the corridors of Westminster. I reckon around a fifth of the electorate would like to see the back of the European Union. Again, establishment politics might tut and fret, but that 20% deserve to have their voices heard in Parliament.

For too long, the Commons has been a cosy club of political consensus. And it's for that reason that I'm coming around to supporting PR as part of a comprehensive updating of Parliament, democracy, and above all, the constitution.

I have asked, in the interests of balance, if Dines might like to include a pro-UKIP blog in his list of political blog sites rather than just the "UKIP Watch" blog run by an anti-UKIP fruitcake. He does, after all, list Iain Dale in his list of blogs who would vote for a single-celled amoeba if it was wearing a tiny, tiny blue rosette. It's only fair.

Whether proportional representation (PR) is the best way of running an election is open to debate. In broad terms I would say yes but there are many variations of proportional variation, some better than others. It would certainly give smaller parties a better chance of getting people elected and in combination with an elected Prime Minister with a cabinet appointed on a PR basis, it would make government more representative.

It would, though, be at the expense of strong government and with escalating tensions between the four nations of the UK, we could have a similar situation that the Belgians had recently where they went six months without a government before the King banged a few heads together and got a caretaker coalition government in for a few weeks to tidy up some loose ends. Which might not be such a bad thing after all ...

Sunday 12 July 2009

UKIP candidate Glenn Tingle turns up the heat on Norwich City Council

Glenn Tingle, the UK Independence Party’s Parliamentary Candidate for Norwich North has been speaking up for the residents of Fiddlewood, 800 of whom signed a petition against the Ives/Bussey Road development, which involves the building of new flats and houses on a playing field in the middle of their estate.

The Council’s Planning Department is now claiming that the petition was never received. Mr Tingle has been helped by the former Chief Accountant to the European Commission, Marta Andreasen, who is now a UKIP MEP, who visited Norwich yesterday (Sunday) to support his campaign. The pair took a second copy of the missing petition to the doors of the City Council building to stage a symbolic second delivery.

Speaking about the development, Glenn said: “Norwich City Council has behaved appallingly and treated the residents with contempt. I have a copy of a letter from the Directorate of Community & Neighbourhoods confirming receipt of the petition and I also have copies of 500 of the 800 signatures submitted in the missing petition. The Fiddlewood residents, who have legitimate concerns about the loss of an open play area for children in their community, have been trampled under foot by Norwich City Council. They are entitled to an explanation and I believe that there should be a local referendum to let the people decide about this development.”

The petition, which strongly objects to the building of homes on a play area for local children, was handed to Norwich City Council, who later wrote to confirm receipt of it. However, the Council’s Planning Department subsequently said that it had no record of ever having received the petition. It later claimed in documents published on the Council’s website that there were only two objections to the development, which consists of 16 new houses and 18 flats. It has since given permission for the development to go ahead.

Tweet for UKIP

Friends, Romans, countrymen (although, probably not many Romans I suspect), lend us your Twitter account.

For anyone unfamiliar with Twitter, it's a web service that calls itself a mini-blogging site and is basically a way for people to broadcast anything that's on their mind in 160 characters or less. It doesn't sound particularly useful or exciting but it has a strange addictiveness and the other services out there on the internet that make use of Twitter make it all the more useful.

One such service is TwitterFeed, a website that will take any RSS feed (like a table of contents for websites that other websites and applications can use) and posts new entries to your Twitter account.

Bloggers4UKIP uses Twitterfeed to post any new items from the blog to the Bloggers4UKIP Twitter account. People who "follow" Bloggers4UKIP on Twitter will see the title of the blog post and a link to it in their Twitter home page.

However, whilst Bloggers4UKIP has over 300 followers in Twitter, there is even more potential for promoting UKIP through Twitter using TwitterFeed to "re-tweet" posts from Bloggers4UKIP on your own Twitter account.

To do this, pop over to and log in using an OpenID. If you don't have one (you may not realise you have one but you probably have) then there are instructions on how to get one. Once you are logged in, click on the Create new feed button and enter the login details for your Twitter account. In the RSS feed box, put in Set update frequency to Every 30 mins and post up to 5 new updates each time. Set Include ... to title & description and make sure the checkbox for Include item link is checked. Set Prefix each tweet with to "RT @bloggers4ukip " - this is important because it shows people where your post has come from and also lets us know how many people are doing it (and don't forget the space at the end!). Finally, make sure the Active box is ticked and save.

For more information and a tutorial with pictures, check the tutorial on the Tripwire website.

Friday 10 July 2009


Glenn Tingle’s ‘Clean Start for Norwich North’ campaign (UKIP) continues to attract high level support from the Party’s MEPs. Gerard Batten MEP for London,touched down earlier this week and is back helping today.

Nikki Sinclaire MEP for the West Midlands is due tomorrow and on the Sunday the former Chief Accountant of the European Commission, Marta Andreasen will be out canvassing. Ms Andreasen was controversially sacked by Neil Kinnock when she tried to expose the fundamental flaws in the EU’s accounting procedures, which leave it wide open to fraud.

At the European Election on 4th June, Ms Andreasen was elected as a UKIP MEP for the South East, and will once again be a thorn in the European Commission’s side when she takes up her position in the European Parliament, next week in Strasbourg.

Glen has also been helped by the partys MEPs in the Eastern region David Campbell Bannerman and Stuart Agnew, as well as UKIP Leader Nigel Farage and Party Chairman Paul Nuttall.

The Norwich-North by-election will take place on July the 23rd. To help ring 01603 412 643.

Thursday 9 July 2009

MEP Joins Glenn Tingle on the Campaign Trail

UKIP MEP for the East Midlands , Derek Clark has been out on the streets with Norwich North by-election candidate Glenn Tingle today. The two men spent the afternoon in Sprowston knocking on doors to spread the word about the UK Independence Party’s Clean Start for Norwich North Campaign.

Mr Clark said; “I was delighted to come to Norwich to help Glenn Tingle, who is an ideal candidate – a local man, who really cares about the issues and wants to make a difference.”

Glenn Tingle said: “It was a pleasure to work with Derek, who brings great experience and knowledge to my campaign. He was a natural on the doorsteps of Sprowston!”

Wednesday 8 July 2009

When Will the Penny Drop ?

According to a poll published today, 84% of the CON-servative party's membership (of those asked) want a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty... Interestingly, 60% wish such a referendum to also question the basis for Britain's continuing involvement/ membership of the Draconian EU.

I wonder for whom the penny will drop first - the CON-servative party's pro-EU leadership, or its members? Let us hope that it is the latter...


Glenn Tingle, the UK Independence Party’s candidate for Norwich North has committed himself to signing the clean campaign pledge promoted by the Green Party and was due to take part in a formal signing ceremony with Rupert Read and Chloe Smith (Cons), until the Tory candidate declined to attend.

Mr Tingle said: “It is a great shame that the Tories have refused to take part, despite considerable efforts to persuade them. As candidates, we could all have shown a united front against negative political campaigning. It suggests that the Tory commitment is rather skin deep.

“A clean campaign is something that I am personally very committed to, regardless of any written pledge but I am perfectly happy to formalise it by signing the same document as the other parties. I see no benefit to the public in hearing political parties smearing each other. In my view, it is far better to stick to the issues that really concern the voters.

“I am taking the clean campaign a stage further by committing myself to donating 10% of my Westminster salary to a local charity. I invite my opponents to do the same. In this way, we can all provide a cast iron guarantee that part of the future benefits package of the next Norwich North MP will definitely go to a good local cause.

Tuesday 7 July 2009


Publicans in Norwich were invited by the UK Independence Party Leader, Nigel Farage MEP and the Norwich North candidate, Glenn Tingle, to a special meeting last night (6th July) at the Cottage Public House, to discuss the parlous state of their industry and to be briefed on UKIP’s ‘Save the British Pub’ Campaign.

Mr Farage said: “UKIP wants to save British pubs because they are a fundamental part of so many communities. They are a place for local people to meet and have a chat about the important issues of the day. In fact, they are a sort of unofficial parliament where everyone can have a say. Pubs have been hammered by a combination of greedy breweries and over zealous legislators. The smoking ban has been a disaster for British pubs and UKIP is totally opposed to the EU’s latest iniquitous plan to ban smoking in all public places, including beer gardens and parks, which would mean you wouldn’t even be allowed to nip outside for a smoke, while you were having a pint.”

Glenn Tingle UKIP's Parliamentary Candidate introduced himself as a local man looking to bring Norwich North a clean start. “The Constituency needs a fresh start after getting dragged into the MP expenses scandal and if I were to be elected, publicans in Norwich would certainly have a strong voice speaking up for their interests at Westminster.

Also speaking at the meeting, was Nick Hogan, UKIP’s national spokesman on licensing and the night time economy. He was the first publican to be prosecuted for allowing smoking on his premises, when he chose not to ask a party of Second World War veterans to stand outside to smoke on a cold winter’s night. Topics under discussion at the meeting included the 2003 Licensing Act, the 2006 Health Act, the beer escalator and the EU’s latest proposals anti-smoking proposals.

UKIP candidate gives up his job to campaign in by-election as the Green candidate concedes defeat

Glenn Tingle, the UK Independence Party’s Parliamentary Candidate for Norwich North has committed himself full time to his ‘Clean Start for Norwich North’ by-election campaign by giving up his job as a contracts manager for a local engineering company. Mr Tingle formally submitted his nomination papers on Monday (6th July).

He said: “I did not feel that I could fully commit myself as a candidate, while trying to hold down a job. For me, the ‘Clean Start for Norwich North’ campaign is far too important to be going at it with anything less than 100% concentration. It was also unfair to my employer. The voters are crying out for a fresh start and they won’t get that from any of the other parties.

“The Tories have chosen a youngster, who works in London and who has very limited knowledge of local issues and the Lib Dems have brought in a failed candidate from another local constituency. The Labour Party is in meltdown and the Green Party has chosen Rupert Read, who has already conceded defeat in the by-election, in comments he made to the Times last Friday. Not the most inspiring field to choose from unless you vote for Glenn Tingle and a ‘Clean Start for Norwich North’.”

UKIP's momentum in the Norwich North by-election is definetly building with dozens of UKIP's activists canvassing and leafletting the length and breadth of the constituency. They have been joined by UKIP's MEPs in the Eastern region David Campbell Bannerman and Stuart Agnew, as well as two other MEPs UKIP Leader Nigel Farage and Party Chairman Paul Nuttall. Other MEPs will shortly touch down in Norwich to help out in what has so far been a big campaign for the Party .

However, we do want more UKIP members and activists to help with the effort. The aim is to carry on the huge momentum created by UKIP's second place finish in the European Election, but this can only be done if every UKIP member does all that they can so please get in touch and get involved! To get involved please call UKIP's Norwich Campaign HQ (166 Wroxham Road, NR7 8DE) at 01603 412643

Proposed Smoking Ban Provokes call for Civil Disobedience

MEP Godfrey Bloom has mooted that 'Civil Disobedience' would be an option he wouldn't dismiss over the new EU proposed blanket smoking ban. ( Story Here )

I've seen reports that say Landlords are down 15% income thanks to the smoking ban already in existence and jobsworth council employed snoopers spying on 'offenders' with a view to prosecution. Godfrey Bloom quotes that 6 pubs a day are closing in the UK. They can't make a profit with high taxes, costly regulations, the credit crunch, breweries obsessed with their own profit and the smoking ban. Put them together and it's no wonder so many pubs are closing.

Now the dictators who imposed that situation on us want to make it worse so that you can't even smoke in a beer garden, a park, an open air concert or one of those lean-to smoking shelters without incurring the wrath of the courts. This is just one stark example of how the EU legislates and then legislates yet again in order to get what they want, that being to run your life for you and thwart any opposition by inventing more legal directives; and look how you will have no say or appeal if you're punished by the EU courts, and how you may be imprisoned for objecting strongly enough without leave to arrange your defence and kept in jail for as long as they think fit.

This all sounds like the ramblings of a mad man doesn't it. The real scarey part is that it's all true. I can't help hearing the voice of Private Fraser in Dads Army. "We're Doomed". I wonder what Captain Mainwaring would have said about handing Great Britain's justice system and civil liberties over to the EU dictatorship in Brussels.

I say again, because it's important, that this blanket smoking ban proposal is just one example of how our liberties are being taken away, and there are hundreds if not thousands more, some already enforced, others in the pipe line. That's why I say that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

None smokers will poo poo this story no doubt because they perhaps agree with the EU stance, but let's see how they react when the next EU directive takes away some of their personal liberties, which they will do without doubt sooner or later.

Some would say the EU already has stripped us of many liberties but some folks haven't spotted it yet. That will be because those folks are either apathetic, anaesthetised by decades of the two party ping pong politics and spin, or they are in denial. More likely the public has been kept so much in the dark by our own politicians and media over Europe and the EU Commission's true intentions and indeed achievements so far, that they didn't notice the creation of a self appointed, unelected and unaccountable dictatorial monster going on, and no matter if you smoke or not, this passive poison of dictatorship from Brussels is affecting us negatively already with the loss of independence of Great Britain, the loss of liberties, the dismantling of our culture and so much more.

Monday 6 July 2009

European Empire releases road pricing sales video

74% of residents in Edinburgh voted against a road pricing scheme. 79% of residents in Manchester voted against a road pricing scheme. 1.8m people signed a petition on the Prime Minister's website calling on the British government to abandon plans for road pricing.

The European Empire's response? Ignore the referenda and press on with promoting road pricing using its Galileo satellite navigation white elephant project, setting up a road pricing quango and releasing a Galileo road pricing sales video.

Keep an eye on the flags of countries involved in their crackpot scheme at around 4:35.

Hat-tip: Drivers' Alliance

Saturday 4 July 2009


Read the July 2009 edition of the Euro Realist newsletter which includes comments about the European elections, a motion from an Italian campaigning group and news from the anti-EU campaign. To read the newsletter CLICK HERE

Friday 3 July 2009


The newly elected UKIP MEP for the Eastern Counties, David Campbell Bannerman, has joined the Glenn Tingle, ‘Clean Start for Norwich North’ campaign. David, who is also the Party’s Deputy Leader and Head of Policy, will be bringing new expertise to the campaign and will focus on highlighting the increasing range of key domestic policies UKIP has to offer.

Mr Campbell Bannerman said: “We are ahead of the policy game in many ways. For instance, UKIP was calling for an independent panel to monitor MPs' expenses, more than a year ago. This is now Government policy and it is particularly relevant here in Norwich North, where the expenses issue has generated this by-election. I will also be tackling the subject of immigration, we are a non-racist, non-sectarian party but we are not afraid to talk in practical terms about this vitally important issue. It is about managing numbers - about space, not race.”

Parliamentary Candidate, Glenn Tingle, whose ‘Clean Start for Norwich North’ billboards and kiosk posters are now visible all around the Constituency said: “David’s policy expertise is greatly appreciated, as I am keen to show the voters that we are a Party with fresh ideas and common sense policies. UKIP are not afraid to tackle the difficult issues, which are invariably the issues which most affect ordinary people.”

To help, call the Norwich North campaign office on 01603 412 643.

Thursday 2 July 2009

EurActiv says 90% of Europeans are "far right"

EurActiv, a eurofederalist propaganda quango, has decided that UKIP is far right!

According to an article on their website titled "Far-right MEPs form group in European Parliament" they claim that UKIP and Legal Nord have formed a far right group in the EU imperial parliament.

It appears that the criteria in euroland for being "far right" is being opposed to EU integration and immigration policies and being in favour of returning sovereignty to member states. If this is the case, 90% of Europe must be "far right".

UKIP is right of centre, there's no denying that. There is nothing wrong with being right wing, it's just that the "right wing" label has been demonised by the left wing media and policial parties. Pumping out enough propaganda to convince the majority of the electorate that the far left nationalist socialist BNP is right wing (or "far right" as the left wing media likes to call them) has somewhat demonised right wing politics.

I'm bang on the centre line on the political compass but I do have plenty of right wing views and I'm quite happy to admit to being on the right. I'm also quite happy to admit being something of an evangelist for English nationalism. Being a right wing nationalist doesn't mean you're a racist, have a shaved head and swatika tattoo or eat kittens. It means you are proud of your country, have a strong national identity and would really rather not have 50% of your gross income taken off you to subsidise a vast socialist establishment (British or European).

Not only is UKIP and this new group the only effective voice of opposition to the whole European Empire, but whilst we are in it, they are the only mainstream right of centre group opposing a huge pan-European socialist alliance driving the marxist agenda of the British government.

Why UKIP's devolution policy is wrong

In 1997, Tony B.liar presented Donald Dewer, the first Scottish First Minister, with a ceremonial copy of the Scotland Act on the front of which he had scrawled:
To Donald,

It was a struggle, it may always be hard : but it was worth it. Scotland and England together on equal terms!

Tony Blair
The Scotland Act marked a fundamental change in the way the UK was governed and widened the democratic deficit that had always existed between England and Scotland, with the latter already having a disproportionately high number of MPs and its own dedicated Minister and Office within the British government.

The Scotland Act gave Scotland a devolved Scottish Parliament and Executive with control of domestic affairs in Scotland, a Scottish First Minister and a raft of MSPs (Members of the Scottish Parliament) to represent the Scottish people in their new parliament.

Shortly afterwards, a referendum was held in Wales (50% turnout, 51% in favour) and a Welsh Assembly was created with much more limited powers than the Scottish Parliament but an impressive amount of control of domestic affairs nonetheless. A year or two later, the Northern Ireland Assembly at Stormont was reconstituted, giving the Northern Irish people self-government again.

Far from putting England on an equal footing with Scotland, or the rest of the UK, this put England at a distinct disadvantage. Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs have continued to attend the British parliament in Westminster and vote on any bill put before the House, whether it something that is devolved in their own constituencies or not. University top-up fees and foundation hospitals are just two examples of controversial legislation that only apply to England that would not have passed without the votes of Scottish MPs. The Scottish health and education services are under the control of the Scottish Parliament north of the border yet Scottish MPs lined up to vote for the introduction of foundation hospitals and top-up fees in England, overturning the vote of the majority of English MPs who had voted against them.

So what is UKIP's policy on devolution? In a nutshell, it is to abolish the devolved Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish governments and replace them with grand committees of MPs based on the country they were elected in. Scottish MPs would sit in Holyrood for a couple of days a week, Welsh MPs in Cardiff Bay, Northern Irish MPs in Stormont and English MPs in Westminster. For the other couple of days, they would all descend on Westminster to deal with British issues.

When the Hansard Society published their Audit of Public Engagement report, the issue that respondents were most dissatisfied with was Scottish MPs voting on English issues. Not the European Empire (4th), not House of Lords reform (3rd) and not funding of political parties (2nd). Would UKIP's policy address that dissatisfaction? Yes, to a certain extent but would it work?

The UKIP policy is a variation on the English Votes on English Legislation (EVoEL) policy the Tories announced a few years ago. On the day the Tories announced their new EVoEL policy, an MP from a Scottish constituency said that under EVoEL he would still be able to claim an interest in any English matter because any money spent in England would affect the amount of money in Scotland's block grant.

This wouldn't happen if an English executive was created with clearly defined areas of responsibility. I don't know if this was the intention of the committee that came up with the policy but it is the only way that it can work without MPs representing the celtic nations undermining the whole setup as mentioned in the paragraph above. But if you create an English executive then why not create an English Parliament?

Under the current system, Scottish people elect MPs to represent them in the British parliament and MSPs to represent them in the Scottish Parliament. In Wales they elect MPs to represent them in the British parliament and AMs to represent them in the Welsh Assembly. In Northern Ireland they elect MPs to represent them in the British parliament and MLAs to represent them in the Northern Irish Assembly. In England we elect British MPs to represent us in the British parliament but nobody to represent us in an English assembly.

Under UKIPs proposed system, Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish and English people would elect MPs to represent them in the British parliament and their national assemblies at the same time. It's a bizarre concept because it requires MPs to put Britain first for a couple of days a week and then put their own nations first for another couple of days a week. There is a clear conflict of interests and divided loyalties in asking MPs to put Britain before their own nation for half of the week and then put their own nation before Britain for the other half.

It's worth repeating a quote from the bible that I used a couple of weeks ago:
No one can serve two masters, because either he will hate one and love the other, or be loyal to one and despise the other.

Matthew 6:24
You cannot reasonably expect an MP to effectively and fairly separate their loyalties based on what day of the week it is. You also can't expect MPs elected in England to suddenly rediscover their loyalty to England when they've spent over a decade defending a system of apartheid against their own constituents.

But the biggest problem with UKIP's devolution policy is not that it won't work, it is that it is out of step with public opinion. Had the members ot the committee that came up with UKIP's devolution policy done their research and looked at what the many independent opinion polls say, they wouldn't have come up with this policy. There is a large majority in favour of the creation of an English parliament, just as there is a large majority in favour of the Scottish Parliament.

So what are the arguments against an English Parliament (or any of the other devolved assemblies) within UKIP? Well, so far I've heard the following:
  1. It will lead to the break-up of the union
  2. Too many politicians
  3. It's playing into the hands of the European Empire
Let's take the first argument - it will lead to the break-up of the union. Firstly, the union will be dissolved in my lifetime. I'm not advocating the break-up of the union, I'm just telling it how it is. All over the world - but particularly in Europe - the nold unions are breaking up and historic nations are re-emerging. The union between England and Scotland was never a strong one - Scotland retained all its own customs, traditions, legal system, etc. and has never really been integrated into the union in the same way England and Wales have. Now they have their own parliament, the union is virtually unravelled from Scottish life. The Scots would declare independence before they lost their parliament and while the Welsh are a bit less enthusiastic about their assembly than the Scots are about their parliament, that would change dramatically if it was under threat. The only chance the union has of surviving is to put all four home nations on an equal footing and as devolution cannot realistically be rolled back, that means by converting the Welsh and Northern Irish assemblies into parliament and creating an English Parliament.

The second argument - too many politicians - is a common one and the easiest to dismiss. We currently have over 650 British MPs. If you took away 80% of their job by devolving it to an English Parliament, why would you still need over 650 British MPs? It needn't mean more politicians, just different politicians. With a devolved parliament in all four home nations and a small federal British government, there would be no need for any more than one British MP per county with the balance (or less) being English parliamentary constituencies, allowing for 2 or 3 Members of an English Parliament to represent each county.

The third argument - that it is playing into the hands of the European Empire - is such bunkum that it's barely worth talking about but if I don't dispell the myth it will perpetuate. Our imperial overlords on the continent split the UK up decades ago. They didn't split it into four, but into twelve euroregions - Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and nine euroregions of England. Uniting all nine euroregions under one devolved English Parliament would not be playing into the hands of the European Empire, it would be a two-fingered salute to the anglophobes and federalists that see a future where England only exists in history books.

UKIP's devolution policy loses us support from a large number of voters who want an English Parliament, 99% of which are arch-eurosceptics. Those people generally vote for the Tories because of their vague promises (aren't they always vague?) to sort out the West Lothian Question or, if they feel that strongly about it, they vote for the English Democrats. If UKIP came out in favour of an English Parliament, we would not only reinforce our credentials as a democratic, libertarian party but we would attract the vast majority of English Democrat voters and an even bigger chunk of Tory voters. If we can't convince enough people to vote UKIP in the general election on our policy of leaving the European Empire, let's convince them to vote for us by supporting an English Parliament.

For Info: I am a national council member of the Campaign for an English Parliament

German Courts Suspend Lisbon Ratification

More bad news for the European Constitution aka Lisbon Treaty.

The German Constitutional Court has suspended the ratification process in that country as it says that the implementation of this treaty would have profound effects on democracy.

It "explicitly confirmed" that contrary to the outright lies told by people like Broon and Mandelson, this treaty does indeed transfer still more powers from the member states to the EU and goes way and beyond being simply, "....a tidying up exercise" as deceitful liars like Hain have claimed in the past......Or maybe they are just too thick to understand it. That wouldn't surprise me at all.

It is a shameful day when this great country has to rely on the constitutional courts of another country, whose constitutional arrangements we were largely the architects of, to protect us from the mendacity and lies of our own government.

When the people of this country elect a government they vest power to govern in that government for five years or less should that government so wish.

The power vested does not belong to that government. They only have a five year lease. When the five years is up they hand it back, intact, to the freehold owners......the people. It is not theirs to give to another party without consulting the freehold owners any more that a lessee and lessor of a property can enter into an arrangement that binds the reversion (the freeholder).

Thankfully the lies of Brown are being laid bare.....How much longer will we be compelled to put up with these people?(rhetorical question). They absolutely disgust me!

Wednesday 1 July 2009

Rude carrots back on the shelves

The European Empire has graciously allowed our shops to start selling bendy cucumbers, square strawberries, rude carrots and other "deformed" fruit and veg from today.

Our imperial overlords finally caved in to constant pressure from across the continent and lifted the strict rules on the shape of fruit and veg that even went as far as setting a legal limit on the curvature of a banana and required any non-compliant fruit and veg to destroyed.

Lifting these pathetic rules will make fruit and veg cheaper - some experts reckon as much as 40% cheaper - but the fact that they've been in place for a couple of decades despite being so utterly ridiculous and universally despised and condemned shows how pig headed our imperial overlords are. Brussels would argue that black was white if they issued a directive declaring it to be so.

UKIP to Launch New Parliament Group at 3pm

At 3pm today (1st July) a new Euro-critical Group in the European Parliament will launch. The event will take place in the European Parliament in room ASP 1E2. The Group will comprise of the following members, Denmark: Dansk Folkeparti, 2 MEPs , Finland: True Finns, 1 MEP , France: Libertas (Mouvement pour la France - CPNT), 1 MEP , Greece: LAOS, 2 MEPs , Italy: Lega Nord, 9 MEPs , Netherlands: Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij, 1 MEP , Slovakia: Slovenská národná strana, 1 MEP ,United Kingdom: UKIP, 13 MEPs

Nigel Farage the UKIP leader and the current President of the Group said,

“I am delighted to announce the formation of this group. It is a cohesive and broad based Group that will be able to build on the effectiveness of the Independence/Democracy Group from the last Parliament.

It will be able to provide real opposition to the centralising consensus of the other groups. Something that this Parliament, and the free peoples of Europe have been crying out for”. The name of the new Group and its program will be presented at the launch. Rumour has it the group may be called ''A Europe of Free Peoples'' or A Europe of Peoples for Liberty, although the word 'Independence' may yet be retained somewhere in the title.