Thursday 12 October 2017

Kippers support free speech don't they? Well now you can show it!!

Three months on, still arrested, still being investigated for a tweet...

Please join my free speech email list - only together can we protect free speech.

OK a quick catch up (from memory, I have all the documents but this is just an overview).

It Starts (Mid/Late June)

1) A local Councillor tweeted about an event they had attended.
2) I tweeted a challenging question.
3) The Councillor didn't answer.
4) A third party chipped in.
5) I tweeted a witty reply regarding the third parties comment.
6) The local Labour party went bat-sh*t crazy and tweeted a complaint to the police.

The next day
7) Local press call ask me about police investigation.
8) I say the police haven't contacted me so I don't know that there is any investigation.
9) I phone the police and ask if there is an investigation, they say they can find no trace.

The next day
10) A different local press call and ask me about the investigation.
11) I say the police told me they have no record.

The next day
12) The local paper runs a story saying I am being investigated by the police for a hate crime.
13) I phone the police and ask if this is true and whether they identified me to the press
14) The police again say they have no record, but if it is true I will be called in the next few days.
15) I complain to the police (in case they did breach data protection with my identity).
16) I complain to the press complaints (in case the paper have run with out having facts).

The next day
17) I am arrested at home during dinner, my phone and a tablet are taken.
18) I am processed (DNA, fingerprints etc) and thrown in a cell.
19) I am interviewed under caution and questioned about various tweets, I confirm that I wrote them and explained each one.
20) I give a custody officer the passwords for my devices which he takes into evidence with them. (I had been told that I was legally required to do and sending devices to be cracked had a 17 week backlog)

The next day
20) I am 'released under investigation' and told I will get a letter in the post saying if I will be charged or not. I am told not to contact the Councillors.

Two months later(Mid/Late August)

21) I contact the police demanding my phone and tablet back as they have had them for long enough to examine/make copies, and they aren't even relevant as my tweets are all on the twitter servers in the public domain.

A couple of days later
22) A police officer contacts me asking for the passwords for the devices. I try to remember and describe the 'pattern' over the phone as best I can.

Even later
23) I contact them again asking for a reply to my demand for my items back

24) The investigating officer contacts me asking for the passwords and confirms that they have lost the original note of the passwords from evidence.
25) The passwords I give don't seem to work (I may not remember the pattern after so long, or may not describe it well etc...)
26) I am told that if the items are not checked locally they will be sent off for processing. (I had been told there is a 17 week backlog on this).

Three months after my arrest (Late September)

27) I put in an official police complaint about my treatment, I am expecting the case to be dropped, my arrest to be purged, my DNA and fingerprints removed from the police national computer and financial compensation to be paid for the damage this episode has caused me.

A couple of days later
28) Twitter block my main account for a week and say four tweets must be deleted to start the count down - the tweets are two of those that the police questioned me about and two other random ones from about a month ago.

A couple of days later
29) The police contact me saying my complaint has been handed to the local station for local handling.

So now...

My twitter account is unlocked and I await the police response.

The last time I pursued a police complaint, ( after months of work, the officers own force engineered a derailing of the process which stopped the investigating officers completing the complaint - in a move that he himself described as Kafkaesque and unsatisfactory.

In light of my experience of police complaints I am under no illusion that it will change anything within the police force, however I am keen to get the episode expunged from my 'record' and to receive compensation for the damage this almighty police cock up has done to me, my family and business.

I also set up a free speech protection fund email list as I expected to need to get cash at short notice for legal fees - however no lawyer I have contacted will do anything until the investigation is complete so I have not needed to call on the subscribers (of whom there are now quite a few!) please join!

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Sunday 27 August 2017

Key UKIP Leadership Questions with John Rees-Evans

1. What is your leadership style and what leadership qualities do you believe you can bring to the party?

My leadership style is one of getting things done, as quickly and as cheaply and as efficiently as possible. I'm demanding of staff, and expect the best.

I'm also a person who's not afraid to get my hands dirty and help. Nothing is beneath me as an activist or a leader. During the general election, I travelled the country in a tent to directly aid and support as many activists as I could, 19 in all, in key seats and / or candidates that were particularly dedicated. The videos I helped make almost always improved their electoral performance when compared to those without a video.

My main quality is one of belief in the British People, the Members, the Party and the Country. I think for too long in the party there has been a cynicism and a 'that'll do' attitude. UKIP will never win seats until it starts believing it can win them. It will not continue to build on its immense achievements until it can harness the talent of its members. I've set out plans for systems to achieve this. One for Direct Democracy which allows the members to have a say and propose policy, one to identify strengths in our activists and allow activists to communicate and use those talents and strengths efficiently (as well as allowing the leadership to identify talent which is unused), and a media platform so we can produce our own content and showcase the hard work of our activists and elected representatives.

In all, my leadership style is one of giving power back to the members, so that the mistakes of the last year, namely caused by small groups of people behind closed doors, are not repeated. It's one of openness and meritocracy. While I have my own convictions and beliefs, I do not and cannot claim to know better than the thousands of people who make the party possible.

2. What is your internal and external vision for the party going forward?

My internal vision for the party is, as mentioned above, one where it is controlled by the members, for the members. One that isn't afraid of the media, and produces our own. One that understands the need to use digital platforms if we're ever going to surpass our rivals and not rely on the traditional media. One that isn't a boys’ club, but instead isn't afraid to pick the best people for the job, regardless of who they are, or whether they’re friends with the right people.

Most importantly, however, is my external vision for the party. I believe if UKIP is to survive, it must have a unique selling point. I see little point in the party pushing particular policies, which other parties will simply claim as their own, and then not follow through on after they have claimed our votes. There is also no point in this approach if we are not in a position that will see us get elected.
Instead, I see the party becoming a mass-membership populist movement that people will join and fight for because it has the mechanisms to take their views into account. One that understands the problems of the country are caused by small cliques that decide what they want to impose on you, and how your money should be spent.

Gone are the days when people travelled for three days by horse to represent us in parliament. We have the means to hand much of the decision making process to the people. And the ordinary people will always have their interests acted against while we rely on small groups of people, corrupted by lobbyists and transnational interests, to make those decisions on our behalf.

I believe UKIP must therefore become a direct democracy mass membership movement, that not only campaigns on the issues that the members vote for, but also for the UK to become a direct democracy, a reboot of our ancient constitution and the principle of 'government by consent'.

I believe UKIP and the country will continue to suffer until we understand this must be our purpose if we want to see genuine change.

3. How will you demonstrate the strength needed from a leader and what will you do to get a grip on the recent internal party issues?

Having operated businesses in competitive and stressful environments I have become reasonably accomplished in conflict resolution, especially when working with difficult people.

I am tenacious in pursuing goals, and will continue to do so, with the consent of, and on behalf of the members. I have no difficulty removing people from positions of authority and responsibility once it becomes clear they are not useful in these roles.

I believe many of the party’s problems and the resentment this causes, come from top-down decisions being made by incompetent or inept people. The people working on the ground, knocking on doors, are invariably better placed to make decisions that affect the party’s future.

The systems I have proposed will ensure infighting will cease, as one cannot argue with a demonstrable mandate from the members, who have the final say.

4. How will you keep the party being radical without focussing on single issues?

Direct Democracy is in itself incredibly radical! It promises to radically change the way the most important decisions are made in Britain. The word 'radical' it is from the Latin 'root'. Direct Democracy gets to the root of many of the problems we face both as a country and as a party, by transferring authority to the grassroots, to the very people affected by the decisions formerly made by government.

No other party in the UK will be handing its members such power. It is the embodiment of anti-establishment politics. We saw it in action with the referendum last year, and we saw how the result of that shook the British political and media establishment.

But the other side of Direct Democracy is that it cannot possibly be, by its very nature, a single issue. The Direct Democracy platform will allow members to address any issue they please, be it the economy, taxation, multiculturalism, Islam, health, education, etc. It will allow real, outside the box, radical policies to spring forth from our massively diverse pool of talent.

5. What attitude will you bring to the party’s campaigns in the future and how will you look to win the hearts of the electorate?

My Direct Democracy approach will, I hope, attract many ordinary people from other parties and from none. The policies created by it will speak to the hearts of those people, because increasingly, our members will come from those people.

I want to not only win the hearts of the British people, but also to engage them, firstly within the party by offering something no other party can possibly offer, and in the long term, by allowing them to have a direct say over how they are governed. I want to invite all of the British people to stand up, be heard, and be the government.

Friday 25 August 2017

Key UKIP Leadership Questions with Anne Marie Waters

1. What is your leadership style and what leadership qualities do you believe you can bring to the party?

I am a passionate and genuine public speaker, this is obvious when I speak, this is also key to effective leadership. I am a clear and consistent communicator and I am unafraid of the media, who have targeted me for years without success.  I believe in honesty with the electorate, this builds trust.  I also want UKIP to stand out, it won’t do this unless it can offer something really different,  this is what I will do.  I don’t just talk about the poison of political correctness, I oppose it with uncomfortable truths.

2. What is your internal and external vision for the party going forward?

My vision for the party is one that stands out from the crowd with truth and passion.  I want a fiercely pro-Britain party that will defend the country as an independent and free nation, without apology.  I want a libertarian party, but fused with tradition and respect for traditional values.  A mixture of the old and the new is the middle ground that many more people will be willing to stand on.  Most importantly of all, I want clarity and consistency from UKIP; if this is not forthcoming, we cannot expect the electorate to put their trust in us.

3. How will you demonstrate the strength needed from a leader and what will you do to get a grip on the recent internal party issues?

Leaders need to be above party squabbles, never listen to gossip or ‘take sides’.  A good leader should listen calmly to both sides of disputes, acknowledge pertinent points of both sides, and make a decision based on what’s best for the greater good – while explaining that decision clearly.  Differences within a party are healthy, but it is how they managed that matters.  Gossip, back-biting, plots and smears are unacceptable.  The leader must spell this out, being fair to all.

4. How will you keep the party being radical without focussing on single issues?

There is nothing wrong with a party being built around an issue, UKIP was built around leaving the EU.  This is particularly the case when the entire political class is on the same page on the issue with UKIP provides the only opposition.  If a party is willing to distinguish itself, regardless of whether this is on one issue or several, it will gain the attention required to ‘sell’ its other policies.  Radical policies of all kinds are needed in my view, but it is an error to ‘fear’ being labelled single issue.  This has been done to UKIP for years, and it didn’t prevent success and won’t in the future.

5. What attitude will you bring to the parties campaigns in the future and how will you look to win the hearts of the electorate?

Once again, I believe the electorate can be won over with commitment, consistency, passion, and truth.  These are key and they are unbeatable.  I believe I am the only candidate who can really offer this.  I am the only one likely to be seen as a force for change.  There is only one true way to win the heart of the electorate - talk to them, honestly, openly, and make sure they know they can believe what you say.  I am that candidate.

Monday 21 August 2017

Key UKIP Leadership Questions with Ben Walker

1. What is your leadership style and what leadership qualities do you believe you can bring to the party?

Having served in the Royal Navy and been a business owner for the majority of my working life I always lead from the front.

I never expect anyone to do something I haven't or wouldn't do. I am a huge team player who looks for his team to always buy into the ethos and tackle challenges with determination and commitment.

I don't give up.

I have huge ambition and drive and a will to succeed. I operate well under pressure and high levels of stress.

I believe I can bring all of these elements to the party. Lead from the front with a new energy and drive, with a revitalised team, fresh messages and once again, an ethos.

UKIP has always operated at its best with clear leadership and a solid commitment to its members. I promise to achieve that once again, galvanising our supporters.

2. What is your internal and external vision for the party going forward?

Full details of this will follow in my proposals for the party but, here is the general outline of my plans.

Reform the party structure, including the NEC. Employ fully paid Regional Co-ords and better utilise County Chairs as part of the party management structure.

Empower the members. Move to a more online platform following a full re-brand and name change.

Commission a policy and strategy unit.

Carry out a membership drive on a scale we haven't seen before.

Externally, I would want to see a return to our 2015 manifesto with minor updates throughout along with major changes to Crime & Punishment, the NHS and voting reform.

3. How will you demonstrate the strength needed from a leader and what will you do to get a grip on the recent internal party issues?

All the recent issues will be tackled head on. I'm looking for buy-in as stated and an invigorated and unified party ready for the next elections. Campaigning starts immediately. We have no place for people who wish to create tensions and dissent. If that what they want, main stream politics is available to them. We are different. We need to stay that way.

My political experience dates back to 2007 when I was elected as a Town Councillor. I was Mayor of the town for two consecutive terms (population 28K), also being elected as a District Councillor and Vice Chair of the authority. Stopped from serving as chair due to my defection to UKIP in 2011.

4. How will you keep the party being radical without focussing on single issues?

Full use of the new Policy & Strategy unit will be made, making is informed and current at all times. Spokes rolls will no longer be handed out to MEP's and the like. They will be awarded to people with expertise in the given sector by way of an application process. This would be open to members. Terms of reference will be produced and strict guidelines will be followed. Voting reform will become our new core issue and detailed policy will be available to all branches, members and elected members to ensure we are no longer a single issue party. There will be no lunge to either side of the political spectrum. We will occupy and command common sense politics once again.

5. What attitude will you bring to the parties campaigns in the future and how will you look to win the hearts of the electorate?

Drive, belief and new ideas.

With a new unified and re-structured party delivering a clear new strategy and common sense policies, we will appeal again to working class voters and those who are floating and undecided.

I want to target young people and the working classes. Having served my country during war in the Navy, as an unpaid volunteer in the community and as a small business owner, they don't come much more working class than me. I'm confident I have what it takes to appeal with the support of the UKIP machine!

Wednesday 12 July 2017

Sadiq Khan dismisses David Kurten AM's call to remove the EU flag from City Hall

UKIP London AM, David Kurten, has called on Sadiq Khan to respect and honour the decision to leave the EU and remove the EU ring of stars flag from City Hall.

The Mayor of London has so far rejected calls to remove the EU logo from City Hall and said that he will continue to fly it after we have left.
Our city will continue to look outwards and trade and engage with the entire world - including the European Union - and we will continue to fly the EU flag outside City Hall.
London's largest export market is the US, just like the UK as a whole. But Mayor Khan doesn't propose to fly the American flag from City Hall.
I believe it also sends an important message to the almost one million Europeans living in London, who make a huge contribution to our city.
Kurten is calling for the EU logo to be replaced with the Cross of St George. English people are still the largest ethnic group in London although, of course, no longer the majority. How about flying the English flag to send an important message to the 4m English people living in London who make a huge contribution to the city?

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Tuesday 11 July 2017

UKIP Tendring councillor fights off knifeman

UKIP Tending councillor, Mohammed Khan, has disarmed a knife-wielding suspected robber at his shop in Clacton.

The man threatened Cllr Khan with the knife but didn't ask for anything. When Cllr Khan managed to wrestle the knife from his hands he racial abused him and then ran off.

Clacton police are appealing for information on the suspected armed robbery.

Monday 10 July 2017

Havering UKIP councillor proposes "independence" for his borough

UKIP Havering councillor, Lawrence Webb, has put forward a motion to turn the borough into a unitary authority and take back local decision making from the Mayor of London.

Residents in the London borough are unhappy with subsidising the mayor's spending plans for the rest of the city and want to take back control of planning, emergency services and other local services in what locals have nicknamed Hexit.

Cllr Lawrence's motion goes before Havering Borough Council on Wednesday.

Tuesday 4 July 2017

Craig Mackinlay MP in court over election fraud allegations

South Thanet MP, Craig Mackinlay, is due in court today alongside his agent and a Conservative Party activist to answer charges of electoral fraud relating to the 2015 general election.

Mackinlay was found by a Channel 4 investigation to have declared a considerable amount of election expenditure as belonging to his party's national campaign when it should allegedly have been declared as local spending. Adding this expenditure to his expenses return would have put him a long way over the legal spending limit.

During the election campaign Nigel Farage and his team warned that Mackinlay was spending more money than he was allowed and we will soon find out if a judge agrees. Many other Conservative MPs were found in the Channel 4 investigation to have done the same thing but the CPS only brought a case again Mackinlay which suggests either a show trial given the importance of that election or that Mackinlay and his team were doing more than just following advice from the party.

Even if he is found to have cheated the 2015 election a judge would have no power to remove Mackinlay from his post as there has been another election unless he is sentenced to more than 3 months in prison.

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Sunday 2 July 2017

Farage rules himself out of the leadership contest

Nigel Farage has ruled himself out of the latest leadership election, saying that mounting a comeback would be premature.

Although the decision will be a disappointment to many he is right to point out that after three times as leader it's becoming a bit of a joke. We are the UK Independence Party, not the Nigel Farage Party and although he is by far the most successful politician to never make it to Westminster we have to move on under someone else's leadership. We've had a couple of false starts but with the right leader we will rediscover our success of the last few years without Nigel at the helm.

The best way to protect Nigel's legacy now is to get behind the party and its next leader. We have to make sure we get a real Brexit and provide an effective opposition to Labour and the Tories and that's only going to happen with a successful UKIP.

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UK to start withdrawal from London Fisheries Convention on Monday

The UK is withdrawing from the London Fisheries Convention on Monday which will return control of fishing between 6 and 12 miles from the coast to the British government.

Under the Convention, trawlers from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy,
Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden have the right to fish in the 6-12 mile zone around the UK. In two years they will lose that right and the estimated 10,000 tons of fish that are landed from that zone annually can be landed by UK fishermen again.

Glastonbury sack 600 EU immigrants on zero hour contracts

The company behind the Glastonbury festival has laid off 550 staff almost two weeks early thanks to zero hour contracts.

Jeremy Corbyn attracted a lot of criticism last week after turning down multiple requests to attend Armed Forces Day events to tell thousands of middle class festival goers who'd spent over £240 on tickets that he was going to end austerity for them. Corbyn appeared beside the millionaire landowner and festival organiser, Michael Eaves, to tell the masses about the evils of zero hour contracts, exploitation of workers, how the minimum wage should be set at £10 an hour (including for 16 year olds) and how EU immigrants must have their rights unilaterally guaranteed.

Embarrassingly for Corbyn, the company behind Glastonbury shunned the million+ unemployed people in the UK and employed around 700 mostly EU immigrants on zero hour contracts to clean up the mess left behind after the festival finished and then sacked 600 of them because there wasn't enough work for them to do. Many of them don't have enough money to get home or pay for accommodation until their return flights.

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Tuesday 27 June 2017

UKIP Halesowen councillor raises £3k for prostate cancer charity

UKIP Halesowen councillor, Stuart Henley, has completed a 145 charity cycle challenge to cycle from Barnsley to Amsterdam.

Cllr Henley and his friend Bill Campbell raised over £3k for a prostate cancer charity with the overall total raised by the event coming to over £520k.

The pair are already planning to repeat the event next year and are looking for sponsors. If you would like to help he can be contacted on

Tories offer DUP £1bn bribe for Northern Ireland

Theresa May has caved in to demands from the DUP for yet more English money to subsidise their spending in return for supporting the Tories at Westminster.

Labour politicians up in arms about the £1bn bribe have short memories since it was a Labour government that introduced the Barnett Formula which guarantees extra spending per head of population in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland compared to England and successive Labour governments have used the Barnett Formula to buy Scottish and Welsh votes.

The Barnett Formula currently gives a subsidy of £1,623 per head to Scotland, £1,180 per head to Wales and £2,347 per head to Northern Ireland. This comes to £4.25bn for Northern Ireland with the Tories now promising to add another £1bn on top to secure the DUP's 10 votes.

A Labour government introduced the Barnett Formula in 1979 which was conceived by Labour MP Joel Barnett (who now campaigns against the use of his own formula). Successive Labour governments have abused the Barnett Formula to buy votes in their former Scottish and Welsh strongholds. The Labour government led by Tony Blair introduced devolution for Scotland and Wales, deliberately leaving out England and successive Labour (and Tory) governments have blocked access to the minutes of the Cabinet meetings where that decision was made. Labour courted the DUP in both 2010 and 2015 with the offer of more money for Northern Ireland. Whilst still a Labour MP, Jack Straw said "the English as a race are not worth saving". Former (Scottish) Labour Lord Chancellor for England, Charlie Falconer, said that there would never be an English Parliament. Labour have consistently fought any attempts to give financial or political equality to England.

The Labour Party never has and never will be the party that represents English interests. The same goes for the British nationalist Conservative Party. UKIP is the only mainstream party that is calling for an English Parliament, the abolition of the Barnett Formula and an end to the institutional discrimination against England. We are the only party that represents English interests and the hypocrites in the Labour Party complaining that the Tories are copying their ideas should hang their heads in shame for their past and present actions.

Tuesday 23 May 2017

Terror In Manchester, Today Is Not A Day For Politicking

This morning we all woke up to the terrible news of children and their parents being killed at a concert in Manchester.
I won't say who the artist was as she feels bad enough as it is.

News rolled out as more casualties and deaths unfolded.

As the day has worn on, the usual apologists have come out in sympathy for members of a faith, calling people racist for decrying the faith of the perpetrator. The perpetrator was Muslim, followed his interpretation of the Quaran, so he is nothing else and can be nothing else except for a muslim.

Also Islam is not a race just as much as Christianity is not one.

Another bug bear of mine is all the loons crying out Christianity, our Christian country etc.
Religion is the cause of this atrocity, go on stoke the fire with you sudden found faith.
Well done.

All the usual pray for whatever hashtags etc. are out in force.

The only one I agree with is the " We Stand With Manchester" one, as a whole I would think most of us would and do feel united behind their struggle today.

On one thing though the country has united behind is the no political campaigning today. I totally agree with that, although many are flaunting that tenement in anger, most have stuck to it.

My one hope is that science and reason will be taught to a degree where people become enlightened, stop all the hatred about religion and stop the racism, be it casual or with menace.

Fighting over whos deity is the best and what wording should be interpreted from books written thousands of years ago is just madness.

We are all human, we should be treated equal, we should not be subjugated by others.

We should have the right to control what is ours, who runs our countries and who we choose to make our laws.

We should not have things forced on us like open door migration, it doesn't happen anywhere else apart from those within the EU.

We should not be forced into poverty by our governments being forced to bail out others all the time.

We should be looked after by our government and not put at the back of the que in the name of social justice.
Social justice warriors do not realise they are committing unsocial acts by forcing others to go against the grain for the satisfaction of people who just want free stuff.

I really do hope the enlightenment comes through science and nature so we do not have to listen to people fighting over fairy tales and mythical beings in the sky.

My piece here is written by me and is my opinion only.
Do not try and link it to others or UKIP.

Sunday 14 May 2017

The Real reason Mrs May called an election?

Still trust the Tories?