Sunday 27 June 2010

Six of one, half a kilo of the other

It looks like the European Empire is going to ban the sale of food by numbers after useless MEPs voted against an amendment to a pointless and badly worded directive that would have allowed the imperial outposts to choose which products to exclude from regulations that force retailers to sell by weight or volume.

Under the Directive, the British government will no longer be able to allow retailers to sell eggs by the dozen, bread rolls by the half dozen or even have "buy one, get one free" promotional offers.  Instead, you'll have to buy eggs and bread by the kilo and the BOGOF offer on bottles of Coke at your supermarket will have to be changed to BTLGTLF (Buy two litres, get two litres free) - hardly trips off the tongue does it?

Any sensible government would tell the European Empire to buy one and get one free but of course the europhile ConDem coalition has come out with its usual weak posturing which is already the norm for its dealings with their masters on the continent.

Caroline Spelman, the Minister for the Environment, says that the Directive appears to go against common sense.  Appears to go against common sense.  Appears?  It entirely defies logic!

Syed Kamall, one of the Tory fifth columnist MEPs, says "In Britain, millions of pounds could be wasted by shops and bakers having to change packaging just to comply with a directive which nobody here asked for or voted for".  Well that's easily sorted Syed, give us a vote on membership of the EU or even just the referendum we were promised on the Lisbon Treaty, it's being changed after all which gives the British government the right to put it back through the ratification process again.

Except "Cast Iron" Dave doesn't want to give us the referendum he promised does he?  He's told the European Empire that as long as they don't change anything in the Lisbon Treaty that affects the UK he won't put it back in for ratification.  The only opportunity he is ever going to have to give us the referendum he promised and he's wriggled out of it once again.

This sort of ridiculous meddling by the European Empire is never going to stop, it's only going to get worse as they try to cement their control over us.  The only way to stop stupid Directives like this one is to leave the EU but the ConDem coalition isn't going to give us that choice.

Farage will be "insufferable" if England beat Germany

Nigel Farage, the Europe-hating xenophobe, has told the Telegraph that he will be "insufferable" if England beat Germany today.

Farage is pretty unique amongst Europe-hating xenohpobes in that he's married to a German. Who is a European. And foreign.

His wife Kirsten will be supporting Germany, he will be supporting England and his two daughters?  Their mother has apparently got them shouting "Come on Germany" to wind him up.

I can sympathise with Nigel's predicament - my two step sons are a quarter Scottish and they sometimes pretend to support Scotland to wind me up and have even managed to get their younger brother and sister to do it as well.  They don't mean it of course but they have a wicked sense of humour and love winding people up (wonder where they got that from).  One of them even put on a Celtic t-shirt the other day and refused to take it off until I told him he wasn't allowed to leave the house unless he did!

Thursday 24 June 2010

New EU Membership Referendum Petition

No-one in Britain under the age of 53 has ever had a chance to give their opinion on our country's position within the European Union (EU).

Currently, we have one foot in the EU, and one foot outside it. This is detrimental to our interests, and to the interests of the EU, both politically and economically, and we need to take a decision as to where our future as a nation lies. This decision must be taken by the people, and our politicians must abide by it. When that decision is made, then we will look to our politicians to show strong and decisive leadership, and to take our country on the course we choose.

We believe that the time to make our decision is NOW! Register your support now at

The Target for this EU membership petition is 100,000

Wednesday 23 June 2010

Frank Maloney

When not dedicating his time to UKIP, Frank is one of the UK’s most successful boxing promoters. Frank and his team are relied upon by media giant Sky Sports to setup exciting fights to televise and he has managed many of the world’s greatest ever boxers including former heavy weight champion Lennox Lewis.

Sadly, Frank’s campaign for the London constituency of Barking in the 2010 GE ended in disappointment, painting a very different picture from Frank’s reception on the street. I can testify that many Barking residents showed a genuine fondness for Frank and his desire for jobs, better housing and an end to unlimited immigration. Situated in London’s East End, Barking is one of the capital’s most deprived regions and is home to large migrant communities. Social cohesion is under severe threat and this is demonstrated by the fact that in the 6 years until the 2010 election there were 12 BNP members of the Barking and (neighbouring town) Dagenham council.

There were real fears the BNP would win the seat and this is something Frank, like any other conscious politician was desperate to prevent. Nigel Farage often talks of a group of people who vote BNP with their fingers holding their noses to avoid the stench- these people are not racist but they want action to stop large scale immigration. One can be sure that many of 1,300 people who voted for Frank were of this category and Frank should be congratulated for taking votes away from the BNP.

In the end, the seat was one by former Labour Minister Margret Hodge. Although loathed by many of her constituents, she won a record vote of 24,628 increasing her vote by 6.5%. Many political analysts have commented that, due to the prospect of the BNP winning the seat, migrants voted Labour in droves. Apparently Labour campaigners visited local religious and cultural centres alarming minorities to the fear of a BNP win. Despite an extensive campaign -(Frank personally paid for thousands of leaflets, newspapers and badges) -Frank’s noble pursuit was unfortunately doomed from the start.

Nevertheless, Frank is one of the Party’s greatest assets. Partly this is simply because you must ask what Party wouldn’t want to have on board a high-profile, highly successful businessman working in the exciting world of entertainment sports. But there is more to Frank than just this; he is no ordinary UKIP candidate.

Frank is attracted to UKIP because of its core belief that Britain must leave the EU and little else. Frank’s campaign was humanist and compassionate, he connected to voters on issues like jobs and called for government intervention in the jobs market. He would never have told one of the people he canvassed that our manifesto would slash government budgets, not because of the electoral unpopularity of such a remark but because Frank actually opposes the idea. Frank reminds us that despite a right-wing leadership, UKIP is actually a broad coalition of those who oppose the European Union from all sides of the political spectrum. We cannot be surprised the neoonservative (perhaps New Right) UKIP ideology puts off left-wing eurosceptics from voting UKIP.

The great liberal thinker Ludwig Von Mises wrote that "No politician is any longer interested in the question whether a measure is fit to produce the ends aimed at. What alone counts for him is whether the majority of the voters favor or reject it."
Cynical though it may be this is true. To appeal to a greater electorate, UKIP should not ignore calls to shift a little to the left. This does not mean abandoning our pledge to Europe: our left-wing supporters like Frank are just as Eurosceptic. To reach the widest electorate possible UKIP must become a catchall party. Blair made Labour catchall in the nineties with the "New Labour project". He shifted the party to the right for popularity but as soon as Labour got into power they abandoned their plans and we ended up with nationalised banks just when we thought they'd got rid of Clause 4.

As a party we must broaden our access to potential voters by shifting towards the left. Without doing so we have potentially much to lose including the support of people like Frank; yet if we do so we have much to gain.

Tuesday 8 June 2010

EU insists on vetting UK budget before parliament

The EU President, Herman van Humpy-Pumpy, was in Downing Street yesterday to tell David Camoron what he is and isn't allowed to do with the budget.

Make yourself at home President van Rompuy, sir.
Finance Ministers from other EU provinces have, according to the BBC, "moved closer to agreeing to allow other governments to study their annual budgets before they are seen by national parliaments". The UK government has apparently said no but the EUrocrats are saying that a compromise has been found which will be interesting to see because it is illegal to disclose the budget to the European Empire before it is presented to parliament.

Whether Camoron and Georgy Porgy cave in to the European Empire and break English law to satisfy the demands of their EU masters will be a good indication as to whether we can expect the ConDem government to honour their promise not to give any more power to the European Empire.  They have already broken their promise to repatriate powers from the European Empire so it doesn't look too promising, does it?

The euro will collapse within 5 years

Experts are predicting the collapse of the Euro in the next 5 years unless the French and German governments can convince voters that it's a good idea to bail out bankrupt member states and hand over more sovereignty to keep it afloat.

Worryingly, the same experts are warning that the financial difficulties could lead to an official federal EU, as opposed to the effective federal EU that we have now.

The UK economy is getting battered because of the impending failure of the Euro even though we aren't a member of that particular white elephant because we are still shouldering some of the cost of propping the currency up and the ill thought out financial regulations that the EU are cooking up at a frightening rate are being applied equally to us, not just the bankrupt Eurozone.

Thursday 3 June 2010

Lord Monckton appointed Deputy Leader

Lord Pearson has appointed Viscount Christopher Monckton as Joint Deputy Leader of UKIP, alongside David Campbell Bannerman.

Lord Monckton is an outspoken and respected climate change realist and a controversial public figure - exactly what is needed to attract publicity and show the voting public that UKIP is different to the tired old parties.

However, this appointment does raise some concerns for me personally.  Of the three top people in the party, two are Scots and two are Lords.

Whether we like it or not, UKIP is an English party.  In the general election this year, UKIP retained only one deposit in both Scotland and Wales.  A party led by Scots opposing devolution for England does not sit well with English voters and having two Lords in charge isn't going to do a lot for our ambition to attract voters from all parties rather than the Tories (we do attract members from other parties but it's still mainly the Tories).  And Lord Monckton isn't without his Scottish ties either - he's pictured on the UKIP website wearing his family tartan and he founded the Tory breakaway group, the Scottish Peoples Alliance (now the New Party).

I remain as committed to UKIP as I always have been but the Brit/Scot leadership is really not going to improve our chances of electoral success.