Wednesday 23 March 2016

Suzanne Evans suspended for criticising fellow candidate

The National Executive Council of UKIP have suspended Suzanne Evans for publicly criticising a fellow election candidate.

Suzanne tried to block the disciplinary hearing with a High Court injunction but her application was refused.

The suspension will last for 6 months and means she will not make it onto the approved list of candidates for the London elections in May.

Tuesday 22 March 2016

BREAKING: Explosions at Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport has been evacuated due to as-yet unexplained explosions.

The explosions reportedly took place at the American Airlines check-in desk.

Cllr Tim Aker MEP pays for free bus service in Thurrock

UKIP's Cllr Tim Aker MEP has put on a free bus service through a foundation he launched last year.

The Aker Foundation has given bursaries to college students and is now paying for a free wheelchair-accessible bus service from Aveley and Upminster.

Aker is using his councillor allowances to fund the foundation and the bus service is delivering on one of his election pledges.

If you live in Thurrock and believe you have a good cause worthy of funding you can apply to the Aker Foundation through his website.

Monday 21 March 2016

Leeds Labour councillor deselected over conviction for misusing disabled parking badge

A Labour councillor in Leeds has been deselected after being convicted of misusing a disabled parking badge.

Cllr Andrea McKenna illegally used a blue badge in Leeds which has a zero tolerance policy towards such abuses. She pleaded guilty and was fined £120 by magistrates.

Cllr McKenna was asked to resign by her local Labour Party but refused so the regional Labour Party deselected her.

Project Fear caught out again as US announces new joint intelligence analysis centre in Northamptonshire

The US government have decided to base their new £200m joint intelligence analysis centre covering Europe and Africa in Northamptonshire.

This decision just three months ahead of the EU referendum and a month before Obama comes to Europe to do his bit for Project Fear seriously undermines the scaremongering by the mad cows at the BSE campaign that we will be abandoned by our allies in the intelligence community when we leave the EU.

The EU already has 18 partnerships with non-EU intelligence agencies and the UK would naturally become the 19th. Our intelligence services are one of the most capable and effective operations in the world and not signing up to an intelligence sharing deal with us would make the EU a much more dangerous place, especially when they are knowingly importing thousands of terrorists masquerading as refugees.

RAF Croughton already hosts 422nd Air Base Group which handles a third of US military communications in Europe and the US military, NATO and the Ministry of Defence.

Sunday 20 March 2016

EU Commissioner for Immigration says we have "moral obligation" to take in illegal immigrants

The EU Commissioner for Immigration, Christos Stylianides, has told MEPs that we have a "moral obligation" to take in all the illegal immigrants that can make it to the EU.

His comments were part of an angry response to MEPs who asked him why the EU hasn't been sending boats carrying illegal immigrant back like they do in Australia. The Australians celebrated 600 days without a successful landing by people smugglers this week. During those 600 days, the EU has seen about 1.3m illegal immigrants arrive on its shores.

Saturday 19 March 2016

Birmingham Labour candidate resigns over homophobia

A gay member of the Hall Green Labour Party's executive committee has resigned from the committee over homophobia within the Birmingham Labour Party.

Luke Holland says that he has been told to hide the fact that he is gay or his selection as an election candidate would be blocked and has been on the receiving end of homophobic comments from Labour councillors.

Chair of LGBT* in UKIP, Flo Lewis, said:
It is utterly shameful that in the 21st century individuals still suffer at the hands of homophobia and discrimination. It is a further shame that this individual had to resign in order to evoke an investigation. Instances like these demonstrate that homophobia goes beyond political party. It is a problem that we must unite and tackle as a society.
Holland has threatened to resign from the Labour Party if nothing is done to address the homophobia in the party.

Boeing decides to build European HQ in London irrespective of EU referendum result

Aerospace company Boeing has announced that it will locate its new European headquarters in London regardless of the result of the EU referendum.

The pro-EU lobby have been trying to convince voters that leaving the EU will cause companies to leave the UK and put jobs at risk but are finding the job difficult as big business keeps on committing investment in the UK.

Car manufacturer Toyota announced earlier this year that it is committed to the UK for the long term in response to claims by pro-EU campaigners that they would pull out when we vote to leave the EU. Nissan also confirmed last year that it intends to stay in the UK, describing its plants in the north east of England as possibly the most efficient car manufacturing plants in Europe.

The UK is the world's fifth largest economy, big business isn't going to abandon us because we leave the EU.

Wisbech Conservative councillor refuses to resign despite moving to Lincolnshire

A Conservative councillor in Cambridgeshire has so far refused to resign despite moving out of the county.

Wisbech Town Councillor, Stephen Brunton, moved to Lincolnshire to be with his girlfriend last year and hasn't been to a council meeting in almost 6 months. If he doesn't attend a meeting by 22nd May then he will automatically be barred and a vacancy will be declared.

Cllr Brunton told the Wisbech Standard that he can still effectively represent his constituents despite living over an hour's drive away from the town because he visits family there regularly.

Iain Duncan Smith resigns from cabinet

Iain Duncan Smith resigned from the Cabinet last night in protest at George Osborne's cuts to disability benefits whilst cutting taxes for the better off.

The now former Secretary of State for Work & Pensions said that while benefit cuts are legitimate in order to cut the deficit, cutting disability benefits at the same time as reducing the tax burden on high earners. He had wanted high earning pensioners to take their fair share of cuts but Osborne wouldn't risk upsetting the rich pensioners who make up a big chunk of their membership.

He has been replaced by expenses trougher and europhile Stephen Crabb.

Friday 18 March 2016

Australia's hard line immigration policy has resulted in 600 days without boats full of illegal immigrants

Since implementing a policy of intercepting all illegal immigrant boats and returning them to their country of origin and housing successful asylum seekers in refugee camps on remote islands in the Pacific, Australia has enjoyed 600 days without a single boat load of illegal immigrants entering its waters.

The policy is still criticised by left wingers and there are some issues with the conditions of the camps but their hard line on illegal immigration is hard to describe as anything other than a success. Australia has a huge immigrant population just like the UK but unlike the UK they expect them to live like Australians, not bring all their customs, conflicts and prejudices with them.

If you have skills they need and the ability to financially support yourself then it's not hard to get into Australia. If you don't have any money and are looking for a career as a hand car washer then you're going to be disappointed. Unlike the UK where you'll be welcomed with open arms and given benefits to make up for the fact that washing cars doesn't pay the bills.

Thursday 17 March 2016

Pathetic Chancellor begs EU for permission to lift tampon tax

George Osborne is hoping to avoid a budget revolt over EU tax rises from his own MPs, telling them that he's sure the EU is only days away from giving him permission to abolish VAT on sanitary products.

The so-called "tampon tax" has been imposed by the EU who decided that zero-rating sanitary products was illegal and ordered VAT to be applied at the standard rate which, in the UK, is 20%. MPs have been up in arms since the EU ruling and a cross party campaign has been formed in opposition to the tampon tax.

The sight of the British Chancellor telling MPs that he thinks he's on the verge of getting permission from the EU to abolish tax on tampons is quite pathetic. The only way out of this madness is to vote to leave on 23rd June.

Met Police refuse to prosecute convicted election fraudster Lutfur Rahman

The Met Police have decided not to pursue criminal charges against the convicted election fraudster Lutfur Rahman and his Tower Hamlets First cronies.

Last year the High Court overturned the corrupt election of Lutfur Rahman as Mayor of Tower Hamlets and the British Department of English Communities & Local Government sent in a team of administrators to take over the running of the council which was rotten to the core.

Despite the High Court ruling that Rahman had broken electoral law in a trial involving as many as 100 witnesses the Met Police claim that there is insufficient evidence to bring a criminal prosecution for the same offences and he will walk away scot free.

This kind of electoral fraud is happening all over the country but the police are scared to get involved for fear of being accused of racism or of getting involved in politics. But a crime is a crime regardless of the colour of the criminal's skin or whether they're a politician. Lutfur Rahman rigged elections, used Imams to influence votes, intimidated voters and racially discriminated against non-Bangladeshis. He profited from his corruption and he did it literally under the noses of police officers who turned a blind eye because they were muslims and they didn't want to get involved in politics. All over the country postal votes are stolen, undue influence is exerted on voters and taxpayers' money is used to buy patronage but it goes uninvestigated because the police are scared.

The answer is to give wider powers to the Electoral Commission to bring prosecutions for electoral fraud. Whether it is the Conservatives illegally overspending on elections by tens of thousands of pounds, Labour activists "helping" people fill in their postal votes and running postal vote factories or Tower Hamlets First getting Imams to tell people God will punish them for not voting for Lutfur Rahman and escorting people into polling stations to watch them vote these crimes cannot continue to go unpunished. The Electoral Commission must be given the power to launch their own investigations and prosecute those who break electoral law. The decision to prosecute must also lie with the Electoral Commission, not the politicised Crown Prosecution Service which has allowed so any MPs and other politicians to get away with fraud and corruption.

Wednesday 16 March 2016

Tory MEPs plotting to oust their leader for supporting Brexit

The leader of the Conservative Party's pro-EU Europe of Conservatives & Reformists group in the EU Parliament has come under pressure to resign after backing the campaign to leave the EU.

Syed Kamall MEP came out in favour of leaving the EU last week and we said that his days were probably numbered as a result. Predictably, his colleagues are plotting to replace him already making it very clear that supporting continued EU membership is mandatory for any MEP in the ECR group.

Tuesday 15 March 2016

Obama coming to Europe to campaign for Project Fear

Barack Obama is planning to use a visit to Europe to campaign for the UK to remain in the EU.

The US president is coming to the end of his second term and isn't allowed to stand again according to the US constitution so has plenty of time on his hands for interfering in other peoples' business.

There are a number of reasons why Obama is keen for the UK to stay in the EU, primary of which are the devastating effect the EU has on the UK economy, fear of a Commonwealth Free Trade Area and the value of UK public services in the TTIP agreement being drawn up in secret between the US and EU.

Membership of the EU suppresses the UK economy and prevents us from rising up the league table and challenging the US at a time when it is under pressure from China and other fast growing economies such as India and Brazil. The reams of red tape originating from the EU and burden of over-regulation harms our competitiveness and keeps us in our place. Leapfrogging France last year was more of a reflection on France than the UK.

A Commonwealth Free Trade Area would include India, Canada and Australia - three major and growing economies in the top 12 economies in the world. Combined with the UK those four economies are worth well over $8tn - almost as much as China. The combined value of Commonwealth economies is over $11tn which is larger than the Chinese economy and is second only to the US.

The TTIP treaty being concluded in secret by the EU and the US will give American companies access to markets in the EU and open up the public sector to private ownership. American companies will be allowed to sue governments that don't allow them to privatise parts of public sector services such as the NHS or introduce measures that harm their profits. TTIP is tipped well and truly in America's favour and Obama is desperate to keep it on track.

Monday 14 March 2016

Merkel given a bloody nose in regional elections

Angela Merkel's CDU party has been given a battering at the polls courtesy of the AfD and Green parties.

Opinion polls predicted losses for Merkel's party as Germans become increasingly unhappy at the invasion of their country by illegal immigrants and refugees from all over the Middle East, Africa and beyond. The predictions proved to be accurate as Alternativ für Deutschland made serious inroads in Friday's regional elections.

AfD's two remaining MEPs (five have left the party) are currently members of David Cameron's pro-EU European Conservatives & Reformists group in the EU Parliament but are being expelled after party leader, Frauke Petry, told a newspaper in January that German border guards need to stop letting illegal immigrants into the country, using armed force as a last resort.

Merkel has been trying to associate AfD with the Nazis in their desperation to prevent them from gaining power but it has done little to convince voters who have abandoned Merkel's CDU for AfD and the Greens. If these elections are reflective of voting in the general election next year then Merkel's days are numbered.

Saturday 12 March 2016

Cameron's empty threats to farmers over leaving the EU

David Cameron has warned Welsh farmers that his government won't use any of the money saved from leaving the EU to subsidise farmers.

Cameron has taken the Project Fear Tour to North Wales to warn farmers that leaving the EU will mean no more subsidies from the Common Agricultural Policy and increased costs and tariffs.

We currently pay £55m a day into the EU and the cost to business and consumers of endless red tape and pointless regulations adds even more to the cost of being a member of their club. We pay £6bn a year into the Common Agricultural Policy budget and get £3bn of that back in subsidies. The British government could pay UK farmers the same amount they get in subsidies now for half the current cost and without burdening farmers with one-size-fits-all regulations that are applied equally to sheep farmers in Wales, olive growers in Italy and wheat farmers in Poland.

The standard tariff applied to agricultural imports by the EU under WTO rules is, indeed, as high 40%. This is the rate applied for goods that aren't covered by a trade agreement. Would the EU choose not to conclude a free trade agreement with the fifth largest economy in the world and its largest export market in the two years between voting to leave and finally getting to throw off the shackles? Of course they would, it's inconceivable that they would damage their own economies just to punish us for leaving them.

Research by the Bruges Group and published by the British government found that over 90% of our exports are tariff free and those tariffs that do remain are generally low or not collected because it costs more to collect them than the income they generate. The same research also found that 80% of trade in the UK economy is domestic, over 10% are exports to the rest of the world and less than 10% is to the EU.

Things will change for farmers when we leave the EU but there is no reason to believe they will change for the worse. Cameron's threat that the Tories will abandon farmers is an empty one, the Tories rely on rural votes and donations from wealthy landowners like David Cameron's father-in-law.

Fareham Conservative councillor convicted of benefit fraud

A Conservative Councillor in Hampshire has been forced to resign after being convicted of benefit fraud.

We reported his first appearance before magistrates last month because the national newspapers "forgot" to splash it all over their front pages like they would if UKIP had been involved.

George Ringrow was a Hampshire County Councillor for Fareham and member of the Portsmouth Diocesan Synod. He has resigned as a councillor but it is not clear whether he has resigned from the Synod.

Ringrow claimed £32k of pension credit that he was not entitled to for over 5 and a half years, failing to notify the DWP that he had found employment at St Johns Ambulance and as a county councillor. He said that he hadn't noticed the money going into his bank account but also claimed to have phoned and written to the DWP to tell them that he had found a job and shouldn't be getting pension credit.

Unsurprisingly the judge was less than convinced and sentenced him to 4 months in prison suspended for 12 months.

Most senior Conservative MEP joins campaign to leave the EU

The leader of the European Conservatives & Reformists Group in the EU Parliament, Syed Kamall MEP, has come out in favour of leaving the EU.

The Tory MEP currently helped David Cameron broker his sham negotiation but is disappointed with the outcome and believes that we're better off out. The son of Guyanese immigrants says that immigration is a key concern for him and that "a fair immigration system is incompatible with membership of the EU".

The pro-EU European Conservatives & Reformists Group was one of David Cameron's personal projects so Kamall's days as its leader are probably numbered but his decision to back the leave campaign is likely to encourage more of the supposedly-eurosceptic Conservative MEP's to join the campaign to get us out.

Wednesday 9 March 2016

Lies, damn lies and statistics

The UKIP-hating, Labour-supporting "Independent" newspaper has made yet another poor attempt at portraying UKIP supporters as small-minded Little Englanders.

According to their research, the areas where UKIP has most support loosely correlate with fewer people owning passports and vice versa. This, they imply, means that UKIP supporters don't like travelling to foreign parts, probably because we're all small minded racists.

UKIP's core supporter base falls into two key demographics: older people and the working class. Older people were brought up in an era when foreign travel was uncommon. Package holidays only took off in the 1950s and it wasn't really until the 1980s when it became common to jet off to Spain instead of nailing a tent to the side of a hill in Wales for your summer holidays. People on low incomes tend not to go on foreign holidays because heating and eating is more of a priority than foreign holidays.

The Independent highlights London as "evidence" of its dodgy conclusions where almost everyone has a passport but support for UKIP is low across the city. According to the official figures, 37% of the population of London is foreign born and just 45% of the population of London is white British. Foreign born residents are much more likely to have passports, as are the descendents of first generation immigrants who still have close family ties have family abroad.

Many things affect levels of passport ownership in a particular area such as class, unemployment levels, the size of the immigrant population and whether it is an urban or rural area. Any loose correlation with levels of support for UKIP is purely coincidental. Of course, statistics can be made to "prove" anything as the Independent have shown.

Brexiteers Breakfast Show – *Live* this Saturday – complete with phone in! 10 am to 1 pm

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To support these events, RadioFreeUK are launching a live show – with phone ins live from street stalls, news, music, chat and features – listen in or play it live on your street stall for all to hear – presented by our experience host Alan Taylor Shearer.

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Tuesday 8 March 2016

Northern Ireland Assembly candidates announced

UKIP's candidates for the Northern Ireland Assembly election in May have been revealed. It's great to see almost every constituency - 13 out of 18 - being contested by a UKIP candidate.

Cllr Donna AndersonNorth Antrim
Alan DayMid Ulster
Alan LoveNewry & Armagh
Brian HigginsonLagan Valley
Cllr Noel JordanEast Antrim
Cllr David JonesUpper Bann
Bob StokerSouth Belfast
Steven ParkhillEast Londonderry
Robert HillSouth Antrim
Jonny LaveryEast Belfast
Stephen CrosbyStrangford
Ken BoyleNorth Belfast
Bill PiperNorth Down

You can use the NHS logo ... but only if you support the Labour Party?

The Department of Health threatened the Vote Leave campaign with legal action last week for using the NHS logo in leaflets about the NHS. Guido has found 8 campaigns that haven't been threatened with legal action for using the NHS logo ...
  • Unite the Union
    One of the militant left wing trade unions that control the Labour Party
  • Protect our NHS
    Left wing campaign group linked to 38 Degrees
  • 38 Degrees
    Left wing campaign group linked to the Lib Dems and Labour
  • Keep our NHS Public
    Campaign group set up by doctors
  • The Socialist Party
    Far left Marxist political party
  • Momentum NHS
    Far left group of Corbynites in the Labour Party
  • London Labour
    Left wing political party
  • Tom Watson
    Labour MP for West Brom
  • Steve Coogan
    Left wing actor and Labour Party supporter
It seems that you can only use the NHS logo when you're talking about the NHS if you're campaigning for more money for the NHS whilst supporting the EU and Labour Party.

Welsh Labour MP under investigation for homophobic bullying

A Labour MP is under investigation for homophobic bullying.

Carolyn Harris, the MP for Swansea East, is accused of physically and verbally bullying one of her aides, Jenny Lee Clarke, after she came out as a lesbian.

Harris allegedly pulled Clarke's hair and made comments about her "dyke" appearance as well as asking for details of her sex life.

Clarke has since been sacked by the MP and is taking action for unfair dismissal.

77m Turks will be given the right to visa free travel in the EU 7 days after our referendum

Monday 7 March 2016

Turkey demands €6bn and fast-tracked EU membership to tackle immigration

The Turkish Prime Minister has demanded €6bn from the EU and a one for one exchange of illegal immigrants for legal ones in exchange for making some efforts to stop the mass invasion of Europe from Africa, the Middle East and beyond.

Turkey has already had €3bn from the EU in exchange for cracking down on illegal immigration but they've done pretty much nothing in return. What are they going to do with €6bn? Well, they say they'll take back unregistered illegal immigrants who've made it to Greece and replace them with registered illegal immigrants.

In addition to the €6bn bung, Turkey also wants fast-tracked EU membership, giving it access to eye-watering sums of money and allowing 77m Turks to live and work in EU countries including the UK.

BCC suspended Director-General for supporting Brexit but not two chief execs who supported remain

Guido has revealed that two heads of British Chambers of Commerce have publicly backed remaining in the EU in the last few weeks without losing their jobs.

The BCC claimed, following the suspension of their now former Director-General for personally endorsing leaving the EU, that making such comments undermine the BCC's official stance of neutrality on the EU referendum. But the Chief Executives of both the Kent and Cornwall Chambers of Commerce have publicly supported the remain campaign with impunity.

Sounds like an open and closed case of constructive dismissal ...

Regional lists announced for Welsh Assembly elections

The results of the internal party ballot to decide the regional list for the Welsh Assembly elections have been announced.

Former MPs Neil Hamilton and Mark Reckless have both topped regional lists, as has the leader of UKIP Wales, Nathan Gill. The regional lists are elected by proportional representation and with UKIP polling 18% across Wales, could return UKIP's first Welsh Assembly members.

Mid & West Wales
1Neil Hamilton
2Gethin James
3Des Parkinson
4Howard Lillyman

North Wales
1Nathan Gill
2Michelle Brown
3Mandy Jones
4David Edwards

South Wales Central
1Gareth Bennett
2Alex Phillips
3Mohammed Islam
4Liz Wilks

South Wales East
1Mark Reckless
2David Rowlands
3Susan Boucher
4Julie Price

South Wales West
1Caroline Jones
2Martyn Ford
3Colin Beckett
4Malcolm Biggs

BSE claims EU membership is having a seat at the "top table"

The mad cows at BSE have come up with this dodgy graphic to tell people that leaving the EU will mean we won't have a seat at the "top table".

You might be wondering what leaving the EU has got to do with the United Nations but they don't mean the 193 member global organisation with a presence in almost every country in the world, the "top table" is apparently in Brussels with its mere 28 members.

The UK is an active member of the UN with one of the five permanent seats on the UN Security Council and the UN Trusteeship Council. We are founder members of NATO and the Commonwealth, members of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe, Western European Union, International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council, the G20 and G8 and many more.

Far from losing a seat at the "top table" when we leave the EU, we will regain our World Trade Organisation seat which we had to give up to allow the EU to conduct all our trade negotiations for us. In terms of trade, the WTO is the top table. In terms of diplomacy and international relations, the UN is the top table. The EU is a 28 member regional body accounting for just 17% of the global economy and a fifth of that is down to the UK.

Department of Health threaten Vote Leave over use of NHS logo

Vote Leave have been threatened with legal action for using the NHS logo on leaflets about the NHS.

The leaflets argue that when we leave the EU, the money we save can be used on services like the NHS. The Department of Health doesn't think that a leaflet about the NHS should use the NHS logo but doesn't seem to explain why. It's not like the NHS is a profit-making organisation or one that needs to protect a reputation to ensure it doesn't lose customers. Using the NHS logo in a leaflet about the NHS is clearly fair use and the Department of Health's legal threats are just part of the British government's campaign to try and undermine the leave campaign.

Bradford Labour councillor arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice and misconduct in public office

A Labour councillors in Bradford has been arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice and misconduct in public office.

Cllr Naveeda Ikram - a former Lord Mayor of Bradford - was suspended by the Labour Party last year when accusations of financial irregularities emerged. She was arrested by West Yorkshire Police last week but has not been charged.

Sunday 6 March 2016

Longworth resigns from BCC following suspension for supporting Brexit

The Director-General of the British Chambers of Commerce, John Longworth, has resigned after being suspended for saying that we would be better off leaving the EU.

The comments - which were made in a personal capacity - sparked complaints from some of its more influential members, resulting in him being hung out to dry.

The BCC's executive and non-executive board is a who's who of former quangocrats and public sector wonks who've forged careers in unaccountable quangos managing EU regional funding and pushing the EU regionalisation agenda.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Longworth said that the British government is issuing exaggerated warnings which will become a "self-fulfilling prophecy". Cameron can't predict doom and disaster if we leave the EU and then backpedal when we vote to leave and expect the investors and businesses he's put so much effort into scaring off to suddenly have faith in our future outside the EU.

Saturday 5 March 2016

Wildern School banned pupils voting UKIP in mock election because the party is "racist"

The school that called in anti-extremism police officers to a 15 year old boy who looked at the UKIP website also stopped pupils from voting UKIP in a mock election last year, describing the party as "racist".

A parent who doesn't want to be identified for fear of reprisals against his child who is still at the school has told the Express that teachers told pupils that they couldn't vote for UKIP because it is a racist party. The school was holding a mock election before the real thing in May last year.

The school haven't denied calling UKIP racist but said that they only included the "three largest parties at the time". Except UKIP had already been polling consistently and significantly above the Lib Dems for more than a year before the elections last year as well as having the fastest growing membership and winning the EU elections outright the year before.

Teachers are banned from expressing political opinions that will influence students but as any UKIP supporting parent will know, it happens all the time. There is a left wing bent to the education system as a whole and the higher you go in the education system, the more overt it becomes. It culminates in the far left's control of every university in the country and the suppression of independent thought.

Orwell's book 1984 was a warning, not an instruction book.

Calais police advise lorry drivers to run over illegal immigrants

Calais police have advised lorry drivers to run down illegal immigrants if they jump out in front of them.

A common tactic the illegal immigrants in Calais use is to jump out in front of lorries, forcing them to stop so that others can break into the lorries and try to get to the UK illegally.

Lorry drivers must pay a fine of £3,000 per illegal immigrant found in their trailers.

Friday 4 March 2016

Multi-millionaire BSE chairman wants to keep us in the EU to keep wages low

The chief mad cow at the BSE campaign to keep the UK shackled to the undemocratic, bankrupt EU has admitted that he wants us to stay in to keep wages down.

Lord Stuart Rose, the former chairman of Marks & Spencer and a Conservative peer, told a select committee of MPs that leaving the EU would push up wages for low paid workers and that wasn't necessarily a good thing.

Asked "On immigration and impact on wages, if free movement were to end following Brexit is it not reasonable to suppose that we could see increases in wages for low skilled workers in the UK just off the back of the economic impact of free movement on wages?" by Labour MP, Wes Streeting, he responded:
Well, if you're short of labour the price will frankly go up. So yes, but that's not necessarily a good thing.
Lord Rose has a personal net worth of around £34m and was paid £1.13m a year as chief executive of Marks & Spencer.

Thursday 3 March 2016

DVLA warns staff they will be monitored for anti-EU comments on social media

Staff at the DVLA have been warned that their emails and private social media accounts will be monitored during the EU referendum campaign to ensure that they are supporting the British government's campaign to stay in the EU.

DVLA management have told their staff that the rules forcing government civil servants to promote the campaign to stay in the EU applies to DVLA staff as well, even in their own time and in a personal capacity. The PCS union is strangely silent on this draconian infringement of the freedom of speech and association of their members at the DVLA.

The remainians are getting desperate ...

UK "anarchists" trying to incite riots in Calais

So-called "anarchists" from the UK are causing havoc in Calais trying to incite riots.

While the French police were clearing an unauthorised section of the illegal immigrant camp known as "the jungle" in Calais, UKIP MEP Mike Hookem and his team witnessed activists from the UK torching shacks and telling the illegal immigrants that it was the French police. One was heard telling fellow activists "next time we have to make sure everyone's out before we start it" as she was taken away by police.

The Prefect of Calais has commented that police officers politely telling illegal immigrants why they need to move were abused by British activists.

Not content with trying to incite riots in the illegal immigrant camp, these self-styled anarchists are also attacking lorry drivers. One driver has told the Express that a group of people with middle class English accents threw stones at his lorry, smashing the windscreen and one even lanced his cab with a sharpened metal pole narrowly missing him.

French authorities are moving illegal immigrants out of the camp at Calais in the hope that they will go to one of the official asylum reception centres dotted around the country where they will have running water, electricity, security and medical care. The illegal immigrants are reluctant to do so because that would require registration and making their asylum claim in France rather than the UK where they want to be.

The situation in Calais is clearly out of control and the police are unable to effectively manage the situation. It's time for the army to take control, root out the British agitators, demolish the camp and secure the border. Every one of the so-called anarchists helping people illegally enter the UK, causing criminal damage and recklessly endangering lives are accessories to a crime and should be deported back to the UK and hauled in front of a judge.

If the French government doesn't have the balls to hand policing of Calais over to the army then hauliers need to bite the bullet and switch to another port such as Antwerp or Rotterdam. It will cost them money but at least their drivers will be safe and with no regular supply of lorries to try and break into Calais will suddenly become less attractive to the illegal immigrants whilst the imminent collapse of the whole Calais prefecture's economy will give the French government the kick it needs to start acting responsibly.

Wednesday 2 March 2016

Swiss Parliament votes to withdraw EU membership application

The Swiss National Council has voted to officially withdraw its 1992 application to join the EU.

Swiss voters have rejected EU membership more than once and support for membership in hovering around the 5% mark. No real moves have been made to progress the application for years so an MP proposed formally withdrawing it and it was passed by 126 votes to 46.

The proposal now has to be passed by the Council of States to become law and Switzerland will join Iceland in cancelling its application, leaving Norway as the only EFTA member with an open EU membership application.