Monday 31 October 2011

UKIP Councillor Steve Povey has passed away

UKIP Councillor for Leek North, Steve Povey, passed away yesterday after a short illness.

Steve was diagnosed with lung cancer earlier this year and sadly passed away yesterday afternoon.

You can leave tributes to him on the This is Staffordshire website.

Friday 28 October 2011

EU referendum not a priority but line of succession is?

David Cameron told us that now wasn't the time for a referendum on the EU, saying it was more important to sort out the economy and that most people were more interested in jobs and the cost of living than having a referendum on the EU.

Queen with the PopeSo it's not the right time to sort out the cause of our doom-spiralling economy, high unemployment and high cost of living but it is apparently the right time to sort out the laws governing succession to the throne to allow the monarch to marry Catholics, girls to accede to the throne ahead of boys and to remove the requirement for the monarch to authorise royal marriages.

I wonder how many people have written to their MPs asking them to make these changes?  I reckon most MPs will have had somewhere in the region of zero letters about this and quite rightly so - it doesn't matter.

But the changes that are being made are.  The monarch is the head of the Anglican church, how can they marry a Catholic?  The changes require amendments to Act of Settlement and the Bill of Rights - I just don't trust the British government to make changes to the English constitution.  They're already talking about a British Bill of Rights and Responsibilities again, is this going to be used as an opportunity to do away with the English Bill of Rights and replace it with an inferior British alternative?

This is a pointless distraction, an unnecessary tinkering with the English constitution and a complete waste of time and money.

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Thanks Dave

Monday's sham EU referendum debate was a disaster for democracy but it was a bonus for UKIP.

Eighty six people applied for membership of UKIP on Monday night/Tuesday morning, joining the 35 who signed up on Sunday night/Monday morning.

Compared to the LibLabCon parties I'm sure 120 members in 48 hours isn't exactly record-setting but for a party the size of UKIP it's pretty damn good and those 120 are only those who signed up through head office, not through the branches.

Cameron's missed opportunities prove his dishonesty.

This was posted by Dennis Cooper on the Conservative Home blog - I think deserves wider circulation - so here it is! (I asked permission and he basically said 'do what you like with it' - I just added the title you see here!).

Since the Treaty of Lisbon finally came into force on December 1st 2009, there have been no fewer than SIX piecemeal EU treaty changes put in the pipeline.

Firstly a protocol was agreed to sort out a legal pickle over the numbers of MEPs; that was quietly approved by Parliament through Part 2 of the European Union Act 2011:


"There are four more treaty changes which have to be ratified by all 27 member states in addition to the ESM revision. They are Croatia's accession treaty, which must be ratified by 2013; the Irish protocol, which persuaded the Irish Republic to vote in favour of the Lisbon Treaty; the separate Irish amendment to the Lisbon Treaty, which allows every member state to keep their European commissioner; and the Czech protocol which persuaded the eurosceptic President Václav Klaus to sign the Lisbon Treaty. Cameron will not use any of these treaty changes to repatriate powers."

Hang about, what's this "in addition to the ESM revision"?

Oh, that's the other EU treaty change, the radical EU treaty change agreed by EU leaders on March 25th through European Council Decision 2011/199/EU:

which the government, and for some reason also the mass media, like to pretend never happened.

Although Hague did have to lay a statement before Parliament on October 13th:

admitting its existence and denying us a referendum on it; and on Monday a question from Mark Reckless MP forced Cameron to likewise acknowledge its existence, Column 36 here:

"Mark Reckless (Rochester and Strood) (Con): The Prime Minister tells The Daily Telegraph today that we should use any treaty change to shore up the euro to get powers over employment and social policy back, yet on 25 March, he agreed to precisely such a treaty change, but did not ask for anything in return.

The Prime Minister: I have to take issue with my hon. Friend. The very limited treaty change that is about to be debated in, and hopefully passed by, the House of Commons ... "

Except that it isn't a "very limited" treaty change; it's a radical treaty change, and one which Cameron stupidly and recklessly gave to the eurozone states - more accurately, really, to Germany and France - without getting anything substantive in exchange to protect our national interests.

€1,000,000,000,000 eurozone bailout fund

EU governments have agreed to a batshit plan to increase the eurozone bailout fund to one trillion euro.  That's a one and 12 zeroes - one million, million euro.

George Osbourne says that the UK won't contribute directly to the bailout fund but then goes on to say that there is a case for giving the IMF more money which of course will go straight to the eurozone bailout fund and then there's the decision that private banks will be required to write off 50% of their Greek debts.

Osbourne claims that UK banks aren't heavily exposed to Greece so having to write off half their Greek debt isn't a problem but this simply isn't true.  UK banks have the fifth largest exposure by nation to Greek debt in Europe - €2.276bn.  That means they will have to write off over €1.1bn of Greek debt, half of which will have to be written off by RBS which is itself more than half-owned by the taxpayer.  So there's half a billion euro the taxpayer can wave goodbye to already, before a few hundred billion is thrown at the IMF.

The EU is so desperate for money that their whole plan depends on China "investing" huge sums of money in the bailout fund - something that China is willing to do but on its own terms.  The Chinese government says that it may well contribute to the bailout but it is likely to be through direct investment from Chinese firms rather than state investment in the bailout fund itself.

This is the approach China has taken with developing nations, allowing Chinese companies to dominate local industries and hold their governments over a barrel.  It also means effectively siding with the Chinese against the US, who are currently looking at passing a law to allow them to impose tariffs on Chinese goods in response to the Chinese government devaluing its currency to boost their export and domestic markets.

Ironically, the Chinese government's policy of currency devaluation is exactly what Greece should be doing.  Leaving the euro and re-establishing a weak Drachma would enable Greek companies to export goods cheaply which will bring in valuable foreign investment.  It will also drive down imports because they'll be more expensive which will boost the domestic market, creating jobs and reducing the burden on the welfare state.  But of course they can't do any of this because they've tied themselves into the €uro and are subjected to an economic policy designed to suit Germany and France.

To make the expanded bailout fund work, there is going to be closer economic integration amongst eurozone members and non-eurozone members such as the UK will of course be sucked in.  A new treaty will be required for the changes to take place and as with all EU treaties, extra power grabs will be tagged on which will have to be accepted by all member states.  This should trigger a referendum through the useless "referendum lock" but no other treaty has so far and it's unlikely any future treaty will either because any EU-related referendum will result in the "wrong" answer.

IDS - standard collapse or a 'supposed' conservative EUSceptic

The changing face (thin mask) of Conservative party EU Scepticism
Cameron's desperate attempt to prevent complete conservative wipe out in the next EU elections

Conservative 'Champions' of EU-Scepticism

We have seen William Hague start as (probably) a genuine believer in the primacy of Westminster as the UK government and then gradually drift in to the standard EU phillia of our political class.

We have seen David Cameron talk tough on the EU (although whether 'cast iron' Dave was ever genuinely EU sceptic (or has any firm principles) is open to question) but when cornered revealed as an EU phile.

Now we have the supposed 'arch' conservative EU Sceptic - their new champion replacing the fallen Cameron and Hague - Iain Duncan Smith. Presented as the man who disobeyed John Major PM's three line whip on the 'Mastrict Treaty' but then went on to lead the Conservative party (the 'quiet man who rapidly fell silent').

The fall of the final 'Champion'

The story of IDS's Mastrict rebellion was stoked up in the press - the new EU hard man.

Then came the vote on having giving the people a referendum on the EU. IDS follows the party line (as a minister he had no choice! to do otherwise would have split the coalition!).

But we were reassured...

IDS lets it be known that he wanted to vote for a referendum, but couldn't - however if it happened again he would resign rather than go against his EU Sceptic principles:
IDS threat to quit: I won't vote against my Eurosceptic principles again

There are official denials of such a threat, but IDS refuses to support the denials ('Minister Coy over quit threat'):
(Note the BBC have removed their original report of this and replaced it to make IDS look less scheming than he was).

Then IDS admits he didn't support the referendum at all anyway, so any threat to resign was purely on being subject to a three line whip:

Finally realising how stupid, dishonest and unprincipled this whole episode make him appear - IDS now issues a blanket denial that there was ever any disagreement by himself at all!
(This is the story that the BBC used to airbrush out their 'IDS refuses to support Camerons claim of no threat to resign).


There are no EUSceptics on the Conservative front bench. For EU Sceptic voters - there is only one game in town - UKIP.

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Monday 24 October 2011

Traitor MPs vote against EU referendum

After hours and hours of debate - mainly from eurosceptics because most of the anti-referendum traitors didn't have the balls to turn up and face the rebels - MPs have predictably voted against allowing us proles a referendum on membership of the EU.

A number of MPs gave spirited speeches about how having a referendum membership of the EU would damage the economy, cost jobs and lead to the unnecessary deaths of several kittens.*  They were mostly booed or laughed at until the House of Commons filled up towards the end when the Tory traitors filed in and started bleating like the sheep in Animal Farm to drown them out.

Adam Holloway MP resigned as Parliamentary Secretary to David Lidington, the EU Minister, during the debate in protest at the three line whip.

The pro-referendum MPs on all sides won the moral debate, if not the actual vote.  In the end, 111 MPs voted for the referendum and 483 traitors voted against it.  Whether any of them do the honourable thing and resign from their party remains to be seen but I would urge anyone who has one of the LibLabCon rebels as their MP to contact them and ask them why they are propping up Cameron's pro-EU dictatorship.

If you have been betrayed by your MP and/or party, now is the time to kick them in the ballot box.  The EU is unreformable, so are the Tories.  Cameron is a europhile and won't give us the referendum we want, the "reform from within" and "repatriation of powers" rhetoric is nothing but lies.  There is no way of taking powers back off the EU, it's a one-way street.

We have been treated like idiots, betrayed by those who are supposed to represent us.  All three of the LibLabCon leaders have behaved like petty dictators and none more so than Cameron.  It's time to stop propping up the insulting, antidemocratic LibLabCon dictatorship and the best way to do that is to join UKIP, the real alternative.

* The bit about the kittens may not be entirely true

Protest outside Parliament today

Today is the day when we see how many Tory MPs are prepared to defy David CamEUron's ban on voting for an EU referendum.

We won't get a referendum because all three of the pro-EU LibLabCon party leaders are committed to keeping the UK in the EU and ever closer union.

Labour and Lib Dem MPs can be relied upon to vote down any proposal to give voters a say of course but even MPs are daft enough to be taken in by the propaganda the Tories put out at election time and the Conservative Party has some eurosceptic MPs.  Cameron has therefore threatened any Tory MP voting for a referendum with the sack if they hold any paid employment with the party or one of its MPs.

While Libya is celebrating the demise of its dictator, Comrade Cameron has turned into one at home.  It's time we took a leaf out of the Arab world's book and overthrew our own dictator.

Join UKIP's protest and mass lobby of MPs at 12 noon today outside Parliament.  Who knows?  You may be lucky enough to see the traitors swinging from the lamposts in Parliament Square!

Sunday 23 October 2011

BBC cancel UKIP appearance on Breakfast

The BBC have cancelled Nigel Farage's appearance on BBC Breakfast tomorrow so they can have two representatives of the pro-EU Conservative Party instead.

The BBC is once again failing in its duty to provided balance and unbiased programming, bending over backwards to suppress the opposition to its paymasters in Brussels and Westminster.

Saturday 22 October 2011

Donate to UKIP online

The powers that be have finally (finally!) seen sense and started accepting Paypal donations through the UKIP website.

Now is a good time to give it a test drive, there is a big protest outside Parliament on Monday to coincide with the sham debate on the EU referendum they've all promised but had no intention of ever giving us and money is needed to support it.

Wednesday 19 October 2011

Sham EU referendum debate brought forward

Next Thursday's sham debate on EU membership has been pulled forward to Monday to make sure MPs aren't pressured into doing the right thing by their constituents.

David Camoron has ordered all Tory MPs to vote against a referendum on the EU and is considering using a three line whip - where MPs are threatened by the whips - to ensure that democracy is denied.  Many back bench MPs are employed by front bench MPs as secretaries and stand to lose their jobs for defying the whip and front bench MPs that defy the whip risk losing their jobs in cabinet reshuffles.  Camoron is actively campaigning against a referendum on the EU - another Cast Iron Guarantee™ broken.

According to the BBC, only 50 Tory MPs could rebel against their party - just one in six supposedly eurosceptic Tory MPs.  The motion has been scheduled as a result of a petition with over 100,000 signatures calling for a referendum being handing in to Downing Street.  Those 100,000 people will be ignored and 44m voters, most of which weren't old enough to vote in the only referendum on what is now the EU in 1975, will continue to be denied a vote on membership of the EU.

You now only have two days to contact your MP and tell them you want a referendum on the EU.

Tuesday 18 October 2011

EU referendum to be debated in Parliament

Our glorious leaders have graciously condescended to have a debate in Parliament on whether they will allow us to vote on whether we want to leave the EU.

Cameron, Milliband and Clegg have all told their MPs to vote against a referendum and the whips are working over their MPs to make sure they toe the party line.

The debate and vote has been scheduled for a week's time to ensure MPs aren't swayed by any inconvenient lobbying from voters and the question will be whether to hold a referendum on leaving the EU, leaving things as they are or the mythical "reform" option.

The exact wording of the motion is:
This motion calls upon the government to introduce a bill in next session of Parliament to provide for the holding of a referendum on whether the UK should remain a member of the EU on the current terms, leave the EU, or renegotiate the terms of its membership in order to create a new relationship based on trade and cooperation.
The motion has been very carefully worded to make the "reform" option the most prominent and appear to be the most reasonable but I wonder if the LibLabCon have scored an own goal offering two pro-EU options?  The thinking behind it is probably that the "reform" option will attract Labour and Lib Dem voters and then they can safely continue with their EU integration project.  But is the delusion that powers can be taken back from the EU widespread or convincing enough that it can overturn the majority who oppose our EU membership?

I'm not so sure but the soft option of "reform" will be attractive to soft eurosceptics (or Tories as they're more commonly known) - people who think that membership of the EU is damaging to our country but who can't decide whether we should leave altogether.  There are only two real options - keep things as they are or leave - because "reform" is impossible as it requires the unanimous agreement of all member states and the Lisbon Treaty/EU Constitution only allows for more powers to be taken, not for powers to be given back.  But "reform" is a safe option, the maybe or undecided option that you won't find on opinion polls and surveys (on any subject) where the questioner wants a definitive yes or no answer to a question.  It's human nature, when faced with a difficult decision, to choose the middle ground which is why the motion isn't for a simple in/out referendum.

The case has been made for leaving the EU over and over again, what is lacking is the case for staying in.  The only answer you will get if you ask is "the benefits are obvious" which shows just how weak the europhile argument is.  If the benefits are obvious then list them, it shouldn't be too hard to state the obvious. The figures are fudged to hide the fact the EU counts for only a small amount of our global trade and then used to put about scare stories that our economy relies on the EU (ignoring EFTA membership which would give us the same access to the protectionist single market).  Propaganda is spread about companies relying on EU immigrants to do jobs that "us Brits" won't do when unemployment has risen to almost 5.6m.

There is very little that benefit from EU membership that can't be got from membership of EFTA or through bilateral treaties and what few benefits there are are far outweighed by the damage that EU membership does to our country.  Email your MP and politely but forcefully instruct them to serve the interests and wishes of the majority of their constituents and vote for the referendum.

Friday 14 October 2011

Another second place for UKIP

Yesterday's by-election in Meopham North saw UKIP achieve the second place predicted by Survation on Wednesday but by a much higher percentage.

Survation had predicted that the Conservative candidate would secure 52% of the vote and the UKIP candidate, Geoffrey Clark, would come second with 26%.  The actual result was 48% for the Conservative candidate and 34% for UKIP.

Meopham is only a village in Kent and the by-election for a council seat but it's important because the Gravesham constituency of which it is a part is known as a bellwether constituency, meaning the voting pattern matches that of the country as a whole - only one result has differed from the national result since the first world war.

It must be stressed that by-elections are not an accurate prophesy of general election results, especially council by-elections.  However, they do reflect the overall trend and that trend is an upwards one for UKIP.  I think Survation's predictions are probably more reflective of a possible general election result than a council election and that is very encouraging indeed.

Geoffrey Clark must be gutted to have missed victory by such a small number of votes - there were just 186 votes in it - but this is still an excellent result for UKIP.  The Tories will have watched this election result closely and they will be getting worried.

Wednesday 12 October 2011

Survation predicts second place for Meoplham North

A by-election is due to be held in Meopham North tomorrow and polling company Survation predicts that UKIP candidate Geoffrey Clark will come second, beating Labour by 6% in the pre-election polling.

Survation were the only polling company to come close to predicting the result of the Barnsley by-election in March this year when UKIP got its best ever by-election result with Jane Collins coming second.

There are some encouraging numbers in the polling results which you can read on the Survation website.

Roger Helmer to resign as Tory MEP

Tory MEP, Roger Helmer, has announced his resignation as an MEP with effect from the end of the year saying that he disagrees with 90% of Tory policies.

Sadly he isn't defecting to UKIP which would be the obvious thing for him to do as a Better Off Out signatory but is resigning as an MEP, saying that he was elected as a Conservative MEP and resigning is the "decent, honourable" thing to do.  Perhaps he could explain how that works to DCB?

Helmer said that he hopes to remain a member of the Tories but not everyone is convinced.  Whether he joins UKIP or not remains to be seen but I would pay good money to be a fly on the wall of Camoron's office right now.  A defection yesterday, a resignation today and all because he refuses to give us a referendum on our membership of the EU.  What a great leader he is.

Tuesday 11 October 2011

Slovakia votes against increasing €uro bailout fund

The Slovakian government has voted against increasing the size of the €uro bailout fund tonight.

The proposal was rejected by 21 votes and resulted in a vote of no confidence in the europhile Slovakian government.

According to the BBC, a new government will be formed soon and a second vote taken which is expected to pass.  For the sake of the Greek people and everyone else suffering because their governments tied them into the political vanity project that is the €uro, let's hope the Slovakian government drags it out for long enough to force a Greek default and the collapse of the single currency.  A poll on the Bloggers4UKIP Facebook page shows that more than three quarters of people who voted don't believe the EU will survive the collapse of the €uro.

Lord Hesketh defects to UKIP

Another Tory peer has defected to UKIP after becoming disillusioned with Cameron's Cast Iron Guarantees™ over the EU.

Lord Hesketh is no longer a member of the House of Lords since Labour's botched constitutional reforms aimed at wiping out any opposition to the career politicians in the Commons so sadly UKIP's group in the Lords remains at two with Lord Pearson and Lord Willoughby de Broke.  He will, however, bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the party as a former Treasurer of the Conservatives, former Chairman of the Conservative Foundation, former head of the family's Formula 1 racing team, current director of Kazakhstan's national airline and chairman of Towcester racescourse.

Saturday 8 October 2011

Peace in Europe is a myth

According to the Daily Mail, our masters over the channel were under the mistaken apprehension that they were in for the Nobel Peace Prize for bring peace to Europe for the last 50 years.

Mary Ellen Synon goes to great lengths to explain how peace in Europe was achieved not through the creation of a federal superstate but through the partition of Germany and the iron curtain and she's right to a certain extent.

Bosnian Genocide: "peace in Europe"
The partition of Germany effectively wiped out their ability to start a war, the siting of Allied and Soviet military bases in West and East Germany respectively and their demilitarisation naturally stopped Germany starting another world war but the Germans have no need to start another war now because they already run most of Europe through their domination of the EU.

But has the EU prevented war in Europe for the last 50 years, either through its actions or as an unintended consequence of its mere existence?  Well no, because Europe hasn't been free of war for the last 50 years has it?

Fifty years ago was 1961, two years after the Basque separatists started a civil war in Spain and France.  In 1968, the USSR invaded Czechoslovakia and the IRA started a civil war in Northern Ireland.  In 1970 various far left groups started a civil war in Italy and in 1974 Turkey invaded northern Cyprus.  In 1984 the PKK started a civil war in Turkey and in 1988 Armenia and Azerbaijan went to war over Nagorno-Karabakh.  In 1989 Romania underwent a revolution and in 1991 Slovenia went to war with Yugoslavia for its independence.    In 1991, rebels in South Osssetia and Abkhazia started a civil war in Georgia and Croatia went to war with Yugoslavia for its independence.  In 1992, ethnic Moldovans started a civil war in Transnistria, there was ethnic cleansing in North Ossetia, civil war in Abkhazia and the start of the war in Bosnia.  In 1994, civil war started in Chechnya for the first time.  In 1998 there was civil war in Kosovo, the Real IRA started terrorism again in Northern Ireland and civil war broke out in Abkhazia again.  In 1999, Chechnyan separatists invaded Dagestan, the second civil war started in Chechnya and there was another uprising in Yugoslavia.  In 2001 there was civil war in Macedonia.  In 2004 there was more fighting in Kosovo.  In 2007 there was civil war in Ingushetia and in 2008 there was a second war in South Ossetia with a Russian invasion.

So people can come up with whatever explanations they want for 50 years of peace in Europe, be it the EU, the partition of Germany or the Cold War but 50 years of peace in Europe is a myth.  The only genocide in Europe since the second world war (Bosnia) was not only during this supposed era of EU-imposed peace but under the watch of EU "peacekeepers".

Thursday 6 October 2011

Greece orders €1.3bn of tanks

The Greek government has placed an order with the American government for 400 new tanks costing an estimated €3.2m each!

Greece is begging for billions of pounds in bailouts just so they can make a structured default yet they can find almost €1.3bn to buy some new tanks?

Perhaps they're expecting serious civil disturbance or some particularly aggressive bailiffs?  After all, they do owe €470bn to various loan sharks.

Do as we say, not as we do

Yesterday Cast Iron Dave™ told us all we should pay off our credit cards and deal with our debts.

Today the Bank of England invented £75bn of unbacked money in the third round of quantative easing since the recession began.

So how does this paying off your debts thing work Dave?

Monday 3 October 2011

Cameron and Hague say no to EU referendum

Cast Iron Dave and Wee Willy Vague have repeated their belief that membership of the EU is in our national interest and that they won't support an in-out referendum on it.

Camoron says that us voters don't want an in-out referendum, we just want the British government to change our relationship with "Europe". He says:
It's not our view that there should be an in/out referendum. I don't want Britain to leave the EU. I think it's the wrong answer for Britain.
Which is proof, if proof were needed, that he knows what the answer will be.  He knows the answer will be to leave and he thinks that's wrong so he's not going to let us say we want out.

He employs his usual trickery to try and scare people into thinking that by leaving the EU we will lose trading partners:
I will always defend the British national interest. I think our interest is to be in the EU, because we need that single market. We are a trading nation, it is vital for our economic future.
But membership of EFTA (European Free Trade Agreement) or EEA (European Economic Area) doesn't require membership of the EU.  Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Iceland are all members of EFTA and none are members of the EU.  All but Switzerland are members of the EEA.  In fact, the EU has free trade agreements with Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Bosnia, Chile, Columbia, Croatia, Egypt, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Mexico, Montenegro, Morocco, Norway, Palestine, Peru, San Marino, Serbia, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland, Tunisia and Turkey.  The EU is also in the process of setting up free trade agreements with Antigua & Barbuda, Argentina, the Bahamas, Barbados, Bahrain, Belize, Brazil, Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Indonesia, Jamaica, Kuwait, Laos, Malaysia, Oman, Paraguay, Philippines, Qatar, St Lucia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, St Vincent & the Grenadines, St Kitts & Nevis, Suriname, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay and Vietnam.

So why would the EU, which is quite happily empire building across the globe, refuse to sign a free trade agreement with the UK?  Why would the EU go to the effort of pursuing a free trade agreement with a country like St Kitts & Nevis - 104sq mi of tropical island with a population of 51k (less than a third of the size of Telford) and a GDP roughly equivalent to the annual wage bill of a Premiership football team - but not with the sixth largest economy in the world?

A petition with over 100,000 signatures has been presented to the British government calling for a debate on a referendum in Parliament.  The debate will go ahead but any vote will be meaningless as these debates don't make law.  What it will do though is root out the true eurosceptics from the "mainstream eurosceptics" who want to stay in the EU and talk of reforming the unreformable.

Wee Willy Vague told Sky News:
Of course we will look at any motion, but we won't be in favour of holding now an in/out referendum on Europe. At a time of economic difficulty to actually say to people, instead of getting everything growing in our economy, we are going to spend our time on an in/out referendum which will create uncertainty for businesses in Britain - that wouldn't be a very sensible course of action.
I wonder when Wee Willy last asked someone in the City if they thought leaving the EU would be a good idea.  Or the Chairmen of some of the largest multinationals operating in the UK.  Or even just the owners of the hundreds of thousands of SMEs that contribute more to the economy than all of the big businesses put together.  Because all of them are seeing their businesses harmed by the EU, buried in red tape dreamt up by unelected foreign eurocrats who base policy on the desire to accumulate power and further EU integration rather than common sense or need.

We are contributing billions to bailout funds for the €uro and its failing members and new regulations supposedly aimed at stopping the €urozone economies from failing are being heaped on our financial sector. Thousands of SMEs fail every year because they can't afford to employ staff they need to win business.  Big multinationals are being hit with extra costs coming from EU regulations such as green taxes, additional costs of employing staff, etc.

And then there's "guilt by association" - when the EU sneezes, we get a cold; when the €uro gets into trouble, the pound gets into trouble; when a €urozone economy fails, billions is wiped off the FTSE.  Being part of a free trade agreement doesn't do this to an economy, being part of an economic and political union does.  It's having the EU running the country that is dragging us down, our economy would thrive outside of the EU.

Wee Willy said that the Tories aren't split on the issue of the EU, claiming that most Tories are "very closely aligned" with his and Camoron's eurofederalist beliefs.  Meanwhile, in the real world the Express has published results of a poll that shows that almost three quarters of Conservative Party members want a referendum on membership of the EU.

Opinion polls consistently and without exception show that the majority of people would vote to leave the EU.  Even with all the state-sponsored propaganda telling them that membership is good for us, even with the EU-sponsored BBC promoting the EU most people still think we should leave the EU.  The argument for leaving the EU has already been won, it is for the europhiles to make the case for staying in.  Camoron and Vague say we are better off in so show us why we're better off as members of the EU.  They say most voters don't want an in-out referendum in defiance of all the evidence showing that we do so prove it.

The Tories are a pro-EU party, Camoron has consistently said that he is pro-EU and will ignore any calls for a referendum.  Any eurosceptic that stays in the Conservatives in the hope of the party turning eurosceptic is deluded.

Sunday 2 October 2011

Again UK again stands as a beacon of freedom in Europe.

Now the Euro project honeymoon is passed and the scales are falling from the eyes of the gullible who took it at face value the real story is starting to be told and recognised as the real truth.

The Centre for Policy Studies publication of 'Guilty Men' a short read by Peter Oborne and Frances Weaver not only tells it how it is, but tells it as it always was. Nothing material has actually changed, it is just the the truth of it can no longer be denied.

It is just as it was during the second world war, when the UK stood alone as an example to the peoples of other European countries. An example that it is possible for the people of a country to resist the sweeping oppressive domination of Germany and their French collaborators.

The UK not only (again) has its share of appeasers, but has a strong fifth column that actively support the interests of the UKs enemies against the interest of the UKs people.

This time the enemy is the EU - not the people of Europe nor their countries, languages or customs - but those people who have been allowed to become their political leaders and the people and institutions who have actively supported them and opposed the forces of freedom.

The collapse of the Euro project is an opportunity to show that their previous arguments and assertions were nothing other than 'whatever was required' to bring all the people of Europe into subservience under the yoke of the EU.

The UK stands as an example to the people of Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain etc that there is life outside the Euro - we are the physical proof of that, the proof that EU-apologists were so keen to destroy by taking us in to the currency.

The people of the UK are now close to having the opportunity of leading the oppressed people of Europe to freedom. Not just out of the Euro, but right out of the whole evil EU empire.

Freedom for the people of western europe, and real freedom for the people of the former eastern European states who thought they were getting freedom by leaving the USSR ,but just swapped one totalitarian politcal master for another - the EU.

This is the line between the people of Europe (including the UK) and their politicians - it is our own political class who have sought to enslave (just as most african slaves were first enslaved by other africans - our real enemies are within) - most people have not been as vigilant against this as they should have been, it is not too late, now is the time to push ahead and lead the way out of the EU.

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Saturday 1 October 2011

New Facebook Page

Facebook are doing away with old-style Facebook groups so Bloggers4UKIP now has a spangly new Facebook page.

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