Wednesday 28 January 2009


The Leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) and BBC Question Time regular, Nigel Farage MEP, and UKIP's Deputy Leader and 2009 European Election Lead Prospective Candidate for the Eastern Counties, David Campbell Bannerman, will be making a major statement on immigration policy in Peterborough on Saturday 31st January. This is part of a day of action on a number of local issues including opposing wind turbines, fly tipping and housing being built on vital farming land.

Mr Campbell Bannerman said: “Peterborough has seen a rise of 20% in its population since 2004, mainly due to immigration and the European Union. 70% of new houses needed are for migrants. Whilst we welcome sensible immigration, the number of migrants has to be controlled and managed to prevent problems for local public services. This is about space not race.

"We are campaigning too on key local issues such as opposing wind turbines, which the EU is forcing upon us, saving post offices, fly tipping and reduced bin collections - all happening because of EU meddling in peoples' lives."

The Full Itinerary for the Action Day is below.

Journalists and photographers are particularly welcome to attend all three events when there will be opportunities to meet and put questions directly to Nigel Farage, David Campbell Bannerman, Professor Bush and other leading figures from UKIP.


At 10.00am Mr Campbell Bannerman joined by an expert on energy policy and wind turbines, Professor Stephen Bush and representatives from anti-wind farm campaign groups will be visiting the wind turbine at King’s Dyke, Whittlesey Road. They will be wearing hard hats to illustrate the danger of flying ice from the blades, which recently hit a nearby house. UKIP has long campaigned against wind turbines on the grounds that the wind is too unreliable to generate power cost effectively and with any consistency. They also object to them on environmental and safety grounds.

At 12 noon, UKIP Leader, Nigel Farage MEP with Mr Campbell Bannerman, will be visiting Cathedral Square in central Peterborough to meet and talk to shoppers. Mr Farage will make a short speech about some of the issues of greatest concern to local people such as the consequences of too much EU migration, the credit crisis, closure of post offices and reductions in rubbish collections.

The day will culminate in a public meeting from 1.00pm at the Manor Farm Centre, High Street, Eye, Peterborough when Mr Farage and Mr Campbell Bannerman will make a major new policy announcement on immigration. They will share the platform with local PPCs Robert Brown and Frances Fox. They will also be joined by prospective MEP candidate Andrew Smith and BBC Question Time – Schools Edition winner, Michael Heaver and Professor Stephen Bush.