Saturday 28 February 2009

The Socialist Mindset

A story in the Telegraph today focuses on the dominance of Google in the 'search engine market' and reports that 25 Labour MPs have signed an Early Day Motion (EDM) which urges ministers to “consider measures to prevent the monopolisation of the online search advertising market”

“A monopoly is unhealthy,” said Andrew Dismore, one of the Labour MPs backing the motion. “Google cornering the market is not good for competitive pricing or quality of service. The Government should recognise that there is a potential problem."

Just because Google may have increased its share of the market to nearly 90 percent must surely be due to the fact that users have a choice of search engines and consequently have made that choice.

How would Mr. Dismore propose regulating which search engine is used? How would any monitoring system work and who would implement it? Welcome Big Brother?

If Mr. Dismore believes a monopoly is unhealthy, what pray is the NHS if but a monopoly based on the fact we have no choice other than the NHS if we want free healthcare? A number of Mr. Dismore's colleagues are reportedly 'up in arms' over the 'privatisation of Royal Mail; however what was Royal Mail, before privatisation, but a monopoly?

What, Mr Dismore, are political parties if not monopolies as only members of a party can select their candidates as prospective parliamentary candidates?
To follow Mr. Dismore's arguments, it would be necessary for open primaries to be held for the selection of any prospective parliamentary candidate whereby anyone, regardless of political beliefs, could have a vote.

It would appear that Mr. Dismore, has caught the affliction of his Great Leader -at the moment neither seem to know what they are talking about!