Sunday 15 February 2009

Talk Sport Tonight Farage v Moraes

Talk Sport tonight @ 10pm- Farage v Moraes

EU Debate , Live from Talksport radio at 10.00 p.m until 1.00 am. Guests are Nigel Farage UKIP Leader and Claude Moraes Labour MEP. It should be a massive debate with the guests live in the studio. This is your chance to get your oar in, ring the show early if you want to get on. There is an audience of over two million so worth a try.

For anyone who doesn't know who Claude Moraes is (I didn't) here are his details -

Claude Moraes MEP was elected to the European Parliament for London in 1999 and again in 2004 where he led the London List of candidates. He was one of the first Asian MEPs and London's first ethnic minority MEP. He is Labour's spokesperson on Employment and Social Affairs and a member of the Justice and Home Affairs Committee.

Claude is also President of the Intergroup on Anti-Racism and Diversity, Co-President of the Intergroup on Ageing, and active on the issues of regeneration and social exclusion; older peoples' issues, human rights; employment rights; international development issues; and justice and home affairs issues including migration, people-trafficking, European police cooperation and the Far Right in Europe