Sunday 8 March 2009

Yet Another Political Party?

It would appear that on March 16th another political party is to be launched. In an article by its founder, highlighting the deficit in our democratic system, he states:

"Everybody knows that the system is broken, everyone agrees that reform is required. However turkeys do not vote for Christmas. It seems that if we want to change the system we have to change the turkeys."

Interestingly the only comment to the article - at the time of writing this blog - perfectly encapsulates the reason why the LibDems earned the nickname 'LibDums!

Unfortunately the central idea proposed by Sir Paul Judge is flawed in that it would, in effect, create a 'rudderless ship of state'.

All three main political parties pontificate about 'bringing decision making down to the lowest level', yet seem to do precisely the opposite. At least the UK Independence Party does have a policy that would do just that and which can be read here.

If the electorate really are disenchanted with the present political parties then they do have an opportunity to 'change the turkeys'

Give your vote to the UK Independence Party!