Saturday 25 April 2009

Telegraph predicts UKIP 2nd place

The Telegraph appears to be predicting a second place for UKIP in the imperial elections in June.

Apparently, polling evidence is showing that Liebour may be reduced to fourth place behind the Tories, Lib Dems and UKIP. As UKIP pushed the Lib Dems into fourth place in the last imperial elections (UKIP 12, Lib Dems 11) and early polls are predicting double the support we had last time, that means UKIP is in with a very good chance of coming second in June.

All we have to do now is remind voters that the LibLabCon are all eurofederalist parties committed to keeping the UK in the European Empire, committed to having 75% of our laws made in Brussels and Strasbourg, committed to unrestricted immigration from the EU, committed to spending £106,000 per second on EU membership, committed to handing over our sovereignty to one of the most corrupt, anti-democratic governments in history.

A vote for the LibLabCon is a vote for the European Empire.


ukipwebmaster said...

Thinking of voting for the Lib Dems?

wonkotsane said...

Thinking of voting for the Lib Dems?I'd rather gnaw my right hand off.

DaveA said...

Dan Hannan said recently that 85% of out laws comes from ther EUSSR. I really hope that UKIP do exceedingly well and see a ZanuLabour wipeout. I have met Nigel Farage on a number of occassions and wish him well too. He does like a smoke and a drink.