Monday 20 April 2009

UKIP calls up Churchill

THE wartime spirit of Sir Winston Churchill is being evoked by the UK Independence Party in its Euro election campaign for the European Parliament.

Formally launching its manifesto today, the party unveiled a giant poster featuring the former prime minister giving his famous “v for victory” salute, exhorting voters to “say no to paying the European Union £40million” a day.

The party's deputy leader David Campbell Bannerman, who is the lead UKIP candidate for the East regional party list system of proportional representation used to elect Euro MPs, told a news conference in Norwich: “Never has there been a greater need for a political party to show some real leadership on the European front. UKIP must be that party and continue its valiant fight for Britain's freedom from the European Union.”

Mr Campbell Bannerman accused the three main British parties of not understanding Europe and they didn't represent the majority public view, as shown in opinion polls, that it was time to leave the EU. He said Labour was “a democratic disgrace” for not giving a referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon, hit out at the Liberal Democrats for not supporting a referendum, and said the Tories would do nothing to stop ratification of the treaty.

Mr Campbell Bannerman promised: “This is going to be an eye catching campaign focused on the appalling cost of EU membership, the huge problem immigration is creating for our already over-crowded country and the effect this has on jobs, and the very dangerous breakdown of democracy inspired by the continual Brussels inspired dismantling of our ability to govern ourselves.”

Download your election poster here Please note the election posters are not the same as the billboards.


wonkotsane said...

The BNP are claiming that UKIP have "stolen" their ideas for election posters! These posters have been planned since last year. Muppets.

Anonymous said...

Since when was pictures of Churchill copyright for one political party??.

peter1953 said...

Churchill would not be amused at attempts of the ball-less UKIP to call him one of their own. Those who know the facts of WWII and have read the writings of Churchill would understand this. His written comments concerning the danger of Islam is VERY telling. Can't blame the UKIP for trying; Churchill was the single most important figure of the 20th-century. We need someone like him NOW, certainly not the UKIP or nu tories.