Wednesday 8 April 2009

UKIP line up for Freedom2Choose Meeting

Members of Northern England Freedom2Choose will be meeting this Saturday 11 April at The Painters Arms Public House, 35 Bradford Road, Drighlington, Bradford, West Yorkshire. This regular event attracts visitors from throughout Northern England who are concerned with the erosion of civil liberties and choice, particularly in relation to the smoking ban.

MEP Godfrey Bloom (UKIP Yorkshire MEP) will be amongst the speakers attending the meeting, which commences at 2pm, along with Jason Smith (UKIP Bradford) and Nick Hogan (UKIP Chorley) to offer support for the Freedom2Choose national campaign to amend the smoking ban. Godfrey Bloom MEP is expected to speak at 4pm.

Pro-choice group Freedom2Choose hold regular meetings throughout the country and now boast over 4.5 million supporters. Freedom2Choose are a non-political, unfunded, voluntary organisation seeking to demonstrate that suitable alternatives exist to accommodate smokers and non-smokers alike.

John Baker, Freedom2Choose Secretary and organiser of the event states, “The landlords are delighted that Godfrey Bloom continues to take an interest in the draconian smoking ban, as the ban has devastated the licensed trade. They are interested in hearing the UKIP policy on the smoking ban and are expecting more visitors than usual at this gathering. All new-comers and guests are more than welcome to attend.”

The current smoking ban legislation in force within the UK is one of the most stringent within Europe and Freedom2Choose is campaigning for a reform to place the UK more in line with the majority of the other EU countries.