Friday 8 May 2009

Farage on BBC Breakfast

Nigel Farage appeared on BBC Breakfast this morning and came across well.

The interview - the first of a series with party leaders for the EU elections - started with video footage of Farage giving both barrels to the eurofederalist, anti-democrats in the EU parliament. The presenter said that data showed that UKIP's vote share had disappeared. Farage said it wasn't true and pointed out that the only poll that's been done showed UKIP had double the level of support it did at the same time before the last EU election.

My only criticism of the interview was when the false claim was made about data showing UKIP support had disappeared (something the BBC probably picked up from the lies the left wing press are publishing for their political masters) that Farage didn't challenge them harder and ask them what data and explain that there is no polling showing anything other than stronger support than ever for UKIP.#

But that's my only criticism - he came across as genuine, enthusiastic, well-informed and he didn't wear "the hat"!


Anonymous said...

Farage was also great a few minutes ago on BBC News 24 and on the Today programme this morning on Radio 4. For the 1st time, you guys are now an option for the general election as well. From 5th June, shout out your local and national policies. 4th June should be great for you guys.
p.s. lose the link to The Lone Voice, your enemies would exploit any connection you seem to have to racists, no matter how tenuous. You've got to be careful of LibLabCon spin now your party is a serious threat to their snouts in the trough.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest that from now on, the Bloggers4UKIP site should only carry links from REGISTERED UKIP party members and ALL comments should be moderated to weed out racists and nutters.