Tuesday 26 May 2009

Tory youth chairman tells Tories to vote UKIP ... kind of

The Chairman of University of York Conswervatives has been expelled from the Conswervatives for suggesting that eurosceptic conservatives might want to consider voting for UKIP.

In an article written by Ralph Buckle for the University of York's student newspaper, he says:
This leaves you with the Conservatives and UKIP as viable options. Both have well spoken representatives such as Dan Hannan and Nigel Farage. As for image it depends whether you favour a vaguely eurosceptic position and want to suggest that it might be time for a new government or if you want to tell your MPs that you think it's time the UK left the undemocratic, illiberal and wasteful EU behind. As you may have guessed, I favour the latter and would encourage you to do the same, but the decision is up to you.
Like Norman Tebbit, he doesn't actually tell you to vote UKIP, but the implication is so clear he may as well have come out and said it. However, what Buckle actually says is that he favours telling MPs that it's time we left the European Empire rather than being vaguely eurosceptic when there's an election on.

I imagine someone from Young Independence will be on the case soon pretty soon.


Steve Halden said...

Another good news story for UKIP !

UKIP is getting endorsed by all sorts of celebrities this year.