Sunday 7 June 2009

Camoron ignores 77% of members on EU

A poll by ConservativeHome shows that 77% of Tories think Tory MPs and PPCs should be able to sign up to the Better Off Out campaign.

David Camoron has banned Tories from publicly opposing the UK's membership of the European Empire via the Better Off Out campaign. Supporters of Better Off Out are not allowed to be PPCs, MPs that sign the Better Off Out pledge face losing the Tory whip and any MP who was already a signatory before the ban was introduced is banned from sitting on the front bench.

Camoron will not tolerate open euroscepticism in the Conswervative Party, all MPs must get behind his eurofederalist ideals.

If Camoron is prepared to ignore 77% of his own membership then why should we believe that he will listen to the electorate?


Paul Nizhinsky said...

There were so many awful puns in that post that I've completely forgotten what it was about.

For patriots you do a good job of mauling the English language.

Paul Nizhinsky said...

I don't feel that was constructive enough.

What I mean is - you make some very good points which stand up completely on their own.

But reducing them to the linguistic level of the The Sun and the BNP doesn't exactly do you any favours.

wonkotsane said...

I'm pretty sure the only puns I put in there (which weren't really puns, they were wordplays) were the name Camoron and Conswervative. Unless you spotted any others?

Paul Nizhinsky said...

No that's right, but they were there a number of times (I spotted Liebour in the one below too).

I'm not trying to be harsh or anything, but they sound stupid and you don't need them. People end up not taking you seriously.

Which is a pity because like I said, you make some great points!

wonkotsane said...

I see where you're coming from but it's a writing style I've used for a long time elsewhere.