Monday 29 June 2009

I was somewhat concerned last night when I saw the headline “EU unites to warn Tehran over arrest of British embassy staff”, because it might increase support for the EU and it was my fear that the argument could be levelled that we need EU protection, in this ever more dangerous world, and I couldn’t think of anything at the time to argue against it, being as I am new to politics and still learning.

I turned to the UKIP Press office for guidance, and for the benefit of anyone else who has been troubled by this issue, I publish unedited their response.

Thank you for writing to Nigel about the EU's posing as the defender of Britain and as "Europe's only hope of survival in a dangerous world".

The Iran-crisis (like the dishonest, and criminal interventions, in Iraq and Afghanistan) is derived from interference, in a sovereign nation's affairs, by the so-called "international community", which is actually the USA, the EU and a detachable rag-tag of fellow travellers.

The intelligence services of this "international community" - often posing as aid-workers, journalists, musicians et al - have been highly successful in engineering coups in countries (Georgia, Ukraine, Serbia etc) which opposed the "international community" and its plan for regional trade-blocs (like the EU) linked up to form an (inevitably totalitarian) one-world government.

There is undoubtedly a natural opposition-movement in Iran, but this has been magnified by foreign support, both on the ground and in the media. Consequently, the problems we are facing result from our slavish concurrence with the aggressive policies of the USA and the EU, and not from any reluctance, on the part of our EU-government (for that's what it is) to take part in them.

The EU's control of its member-governments' trade-policies does give it considerable clout in international affairs, but, even if that clout were being exercised in a desirable manner - which it certainly is not - this control of trade-policies would still be highly detrimental to the EU's subject states, which have all lost their voices at the WTO and can no longer conclude international agreements to their own advantage.

If the EU managed to get control of its member-governments' armed forces as well, this situation would become very much worse. Indeed, we would then enter the age of "continuous war", between collusive trade-blocs, which was predicted by George Orwell, as the only way to perpetuate a global dictatorship.

Naturally, our (EU-) government is attempting to cast the EU as a knight-in-shining-armour, in the current (and every possible) scenario, but this could backfire, because it demonstrates just how far Britain's autonomy, and therefore the sovereignty of its electorate, have been eroded by the EU, and how far our ability to "speak peace" to other nations is being destroyed by EU/US global aggression.