Sunday 7 June 2009

UKIP narrowly misses out on North East seat

UKIP has narrowly missed out on a seat in the North East of England euroregion.

The results were as follows:

Labour 25%
Tory 20%
Lib Dem 18%
UKIP 15%
BNP 9%

There are only 3 seats in the North East of England so the LibLabCon get one each.

An interesting prediction is the BBC saying the Tories will top the poll in Wales and that UKIP may get the fourth seat at the expense of Plaid Cymru.

UKIP is polling joint 1st with Labour in Hull.


Anonymous said...

I really wish this wasn't the 1st result announced. I'm annoyed at these people in the NorthEast. What does Labour have to do to lose their support? I'm off to sleep now.

wonkotsane said...

Disappointing result but they've all got to come out at some point. Vote share in Scotland is dismal of course, surprisingly high in Wales and Cornwall though.

Anonymous said...

Just woken up and checked. Yippeee!!!

UKIP are go!

Will check again in the morning.