Friday 28 August 2009

BBC's response to Norwich by-election coverage complaint

In the period before the Norwich by-election, the BBC covered the three main parties - and the Greens, despite its performance in recent elections - but failed to give UKIP any airtime.

As a result, I complained to the BBC and received a pathetic response, as expected.

I then complained about the response. Finally, I received a reply. Unfortunately, but predictably, it was inadequate.

What do you think of it?


The Pub Consultancy Service said...

I think all who complained got the same reply.

Of course they could justify not promoting the Tories if they were of a mind to. There is a motion at Conference calling for UKIP members to withhold their licenses fees in protest at the bias.

Whilst I agree with the sentiment, can you imaging the banner headlines.

Political Party Support Law Breaking.

It would transverse the Globe like wildfire and whilst many would say 'good on them'. The establishment would have a field day dstroying the party.

mark starr said...

I am sorry but I think this is an interesting reply . Effectively they are saying that they base their coverage on the past electoral performance of the political party plus opinion poll.

In theory this is very good news if you take my constituency West Worcestershire the 2 last tests of electoral opinion were the EU elections and the local County Council election. In the EU election in the West Worcestershire part of the West Midlands region UKIP beat all other parties except Conservatives with 22% of the vote.In the local County elections in the 8 wards which form West Worcestershire our support across the 8 meant that we got 13.5 % of the vote and held 3rd place in the popular vote.
This means that in any coverage by the BBC especially local coverage we should be treated on a par with the Lib Dems, with Labour and Greens totally ignored. This scenario actually applies across the West Midlands and gives us a significant tool to approach the BBC for better coverage.

Other areas need to use it as well .