Saturday 29 August 2009

English Parliament Online: UKIP & Devolution

Prompted by the creation of the UKIP 1997 Group, the English Parliament Online has an article and poll on UKIP's devolution policy.

Please do pop over, read the article and cast your vote (you will need to register).

A bit of background ...

The author of the article and poll, Gareth Young, is one of England's foremost English nationalists and an extremely well-respected and well-connected political thinker. The English Parliament Online is not a campaign website, nor was it set up to promote English nationalism. The site was set up as an online forum for the discussion of English issues in the absence of a national parliament for our nation. Although the site is hosted by the Campaign for an English Parliament, there is no executive input from the campaign and the site is completely independent of the campaign (trust me, I did the deal!).