Sunday 20 September 2009

Has Cameron Got His Wish?

David Cameron wrote an article for the Observer today, calling on all LibDems to come and join the Conservative Party and it would seem that he has, partly, got his wish if this picture is anything to go by.

What with blue going green and yellow going blue, is it any wonder the British electorate are totally confused?

As to the stage - words fail one! Perhaps the Libdems urgently need the services of a good PR & Presentation expert, on the basis that the 'setting' should convey a subliminal message. The only message this seems to convey is an example of the number of workable ideas to govern the country that the Libdems possess!

And the message 'Ready to Win' - win what? First prize in the 'Whose going to be the first LibDem MP to get decapitated in the General election coconut shy'?

Richad Dawkins, prominent atheist, speaking on civil liberties says that whilst he is not a member of the party, he has always voted for them. It helped, he said, that Evan Harris is his MP - purleese! So Evan Harris is the Devil incarnate?

To combat the counter-accusations that 'fly-around' during conference season (here and here) we now have Vince accusing the Conservatives of intending to raise VAT to 22.5 or 25 per cent. Knowing that 'cable' is a stitch used in knitting, one has to wonder whether our Vince is the prime example, in the political world, of a 'stitch-up' - but one digresses.

And the 'logic' of this motion which proposes that 'a regional points based system for immigration' be introduced. This would 'see immigrants encouraged to move to areas most in need of new workers to relieve pressure in other areas.' Besides adhering to the EU idea of 'regions', how pray would the LibDems 'encourage' immigrants to move to those areas?And if those 'regions' did not want them? Oops, forgot LibDems also 'believe' in devolution of power.

As was posed in an earlier offering - the purpose of the Libdems is.........................??


Steve Halden said...

Beware the enemy within.

The MPs that voted for the Lisbon treaty without the promised referendum are the enemy within.

They are trying to destroy our parliament at Westminster and replace it with an EU federal government based in Brussels.

Beware the enemy within.

Anonymous said...

The purpose of the Liberal Democrats are to redefine the terms "liberal" and "democracy", by catching all stray collectivists that haven't signed their livelihoods away to Red or Blue Labour, and give them another chance to make 'the responsible choice' : "equal coercion for all."