Saturday 5 September 2009

UKIP will be the only party opposing devolution in Wales

From the news section of the UKIP website:

THE UK Independence Party will be the only main party opposing further powers for the National Assembly at a referendum, its Wales MEP had said.

John Bufton told UKIP’s annual conference: “I am confident we will take up our first seats in the Welsh Assembly following the elections in May 2011.

“We are the only major party to oppose the Welsh Assembly.”.

Genius. I can see devolution policy soon becoming being the UKIP equivalent of Tory EU policy - the party leadership being out of step with the electorate and their own members.

UKIP members who accept that devolution is here to stay and that opposing it is costing us votes rather than winning them can register their support for the UKIP 1997 Group which advocates equalising devolution in the UK so that all four home nations have devolved parliaments with the same powers as the Scottish Parliament.