Thursday 15 October 2009

More lies and libel from EU mole Junius

The EU-sponsored anti-UKIP blogger, Junius, has quoted a now deleted post at the similarly anti-UKIP blog "True UKIP" claiming Jill Seymour has thrown in the towel with UKIP.

The Junius version of recent events is - as with pretty much every bile-filled piece of EU propaganda on his blog - based on a dodgy dossier compiled by EU moles.

Jill Seymour was offered a job by Nikki Sinclaire MEP after the election. Jill took the job and resigned from the NEC because the party rules ban NEC members from taking paid employment by the party. Jill subsequently resigned from Nikki's staff, partly because of personal differences, but mainly through illness. She is considering standing for election to the NEC again in the next round of elections.

Has she abandoned the party? No. Was money (or a supposed lack of it) anything to do with her resignation? Hardly. Junius' researchers at the EU obviously aren't very good at their job because it's hardly the best kept secret that the Seymours are considerably better off that your average UKIPper - a brief look at the list of donations to the party will tell you that. In her own words, she only wants a job that pays her phone bill - pocket money.

Jill is still very much involved with UKIP and running the election campaign for two PPCs. The general rule of thumb with anything written by JunEUs is take it with not so much a pinch of salt but more a sack full and this is certainly no exception to that rule.


Steve Halden said...

The EU makes 70% of our laws, and has taken control of almost every aspect of our lives.

We must expect them to infiltrate UKIP blogs, and say anything that would assist the EU Monster to expand its powers.