Friday 23 October 2009

Wyre Borough Council by-election

UKIP had another excellent result yesterday in the Jubilee ward of Wyre Borough Council, finishing second behind the Tories and in front of Liebour and the BNP.

The Tories won with 38.3% of the vote, UKIP came second with 26.8%, Liebour came third with 25.8% of the vote and the BNP came last with just 9% of the vote.

The earth is still turning on its axis and the BNP are still losing elections despite Nick Griffin appearing on Question Time. Who'd have thought it?


Steve Halden said...

The UKIP message is getting across to the public.

It is time to pull up the drawbridge.

We must get jobs for the three million unemployed before we let any more people in.

Anonymous said...

And we need to totally disassociate ourselves from the BNP.

One of the latest BNP videos ties UKIP in with the BNP - got to counter this!