Friday 27 November 2009

Another Farage BarageTM

Nigel Farage was told off for being a naughty boy in the European Imperial Parliament the other day by the new EU President, Herman van Rumplestiltskin.

It must have been like being savaged by a daffodil.

Watch the video here and compare the van Rumplestiltskin, the man who is supposed to be so important and such a big personality that he's able to stop traffic in foreign capitals, with Nigel Farage.  Van Rumplestiltskin is a bumbling, barely coherent speaker even when he's speaking his own language whereas Farage is a confident and enthusiastic speaker, even when he's surrounded by his enemies.

You can watch a video of the speech that upset van Rumplestiltskin here.


The Pub Consultancy Service said...

Are you sure that's the new President. He certainly looked nothing like his picture. Have you got this right.

Stephen Howden said...

Regardless of who he is, the whole situation is outrageous! A story should have hit all the major UK news networks about this, its clear evidence of EU censorship, the kind that both the EU and the current British government deny takes place. Its perfect ammunition to show the British people what is really going on over there. Someone we have elected to speak for us is being silenced when asking legitimate questions that need answering!

Animal Magic said...

To clear up the confusion the bloke telling Nigel off is Jerzy Buzek 28th President of the European Parliament.

Nigel must get fed up with bashing his head against a brick wall. They just ain't listening. Notice the look of utter disdain on Barroso's face.

Anonymous said...

Full Video here:

Anonymous said...

UKIP Bournemouth West first with Leadership results:

Peter Stewart said...

Bulldog Nigel has sunk his fangs deeply and delightfully into the flabby rump of the new EU president.

But because this flabby Belgian backside is now irreparably punctured, I see a problem.

Every time the ink is liberally applied to his buttocks ready for rubber-stamping the thousands of EU documents (surely this is the sole function of an EU President?) then Nigel’s dentition will be plain for all to see.

Imagine it! Superimposed on the otherwise perfect cheek imprints! Fixed in a crazed, demonic grin reminiscent of Jack Nicholson in "The Shining"! A lasting testimony to UKIP on all future post-Lisbon documents! Nigel’s teeth marks! Or will a more conventional rubber stamp have to be used? Could this even form the basis of another question from Nigel?