Thursday 5 November 2009

Dan Hannan resigns from Tory EU front bench

Daniel Hannan, last of the eurosceptic Tory MEPs, has resigned from the front bench following David Camoron's pathetic betrayal of his party and the electorate of the promised Lisbon Treaty referendum.

He says:
I want open primaries, popular initiative procedures, elected sheriffs, self-financing councils, an end to quangos, recall mechanisms and, yes, referendums – lots and lots of referendums
And you think you're going to get that with the Conservatives Danny boy? Not a chance. But you know that don't you?

Dan Hannan is very good at saying what he thinks people want to hear. I suspect he's after a Boris-style "promotion" to a cushy job which is what tends to happen to members that are too popular to sack but persistently off message.


Steve Halden said...

Dan Hannan is a fine man, but he is struggling to keep supporting a Conservative Party that has just gone back on its cast iron promise to hold a referendum on the new EU Treaty.

Anonymous said...

i'm glad he's gone to be honest - he always struck me as a bit of a loose cannon, and his comments about the NHS went too far. let's hope he doesn't blight UKIP with some of his stranger beliefs