Friday 4 December 2009

Foreign police on our streets, foreign judges in our courts

The European Empire is planning an exchange system for judges and police officers from member states.

The "Stockholm Programme" will see foreign police officers patroling with our own and foreign judges sitting with our own judges.  It will also include prosecutors, customs officers and border guards.

The Roman/Napoleonic legal system is funadamentally incompatible with our own legal system.  How can a judge from another country that has a completely different legal system to our own sit in judgement in one of our courts?  How can a police officer from an EU member state enforce a law they don't understand in a foreign country?

Unfortunately, there is little benefit in opposing the Stockholm Programme because the Lisbon Treaty gives MEPs an "equal" say in justice and home affairs with national governments and there are a lot more MEPs than there are national governments.  A Dutch MEP has pointed out that because of the Lisbon Treaty, Justice ministers will no longer be able to ignore MEPs.  This, she suggests, is a good thing.


Steve Halden said...

We are all one great big country now. The Lisbon Treaty was the final treaty. All we can do is complain about it, and bang the drum. The federalists can get their way by law now. All we can do is tell everyone, that their sovereignty has been given away to the EU Federal Government in Brussels.

Anonymous said...

We can also ask our MPs to join the Albion Alliance, Steve. It forces them to nail their colours to the mast before we consider them electable.

ozace said...

everything I read seems to suggest that it wasn't an instruction from the EU or Ashton but an agreement across all member states to do the withdrawal.
I am very much in favour of pointing out where the EU crosses the line into our sovereignty but only where it actually does?