Tuesday 22 December 2009

New Branch Website

UKIP is delighted to announce a new branch website is now online at

Click here

Any suggestions , criticisms welcome !


Fausty said...

Great news!

This is not a swipe at UKIP or any branches, by any means because it's a small party and it has to make do.

But wouldn't UKIP benefit from its websites being more interactive? Frequently, commenters on a blog elicit great ideas and information and they help a community to develop.

Even the Tories have interactivity on theirs.

Shouldn't we be thinking along those lines, given the funding constraints we're likely to face?

Kev said...

Good comment, Fausty. The comments and forum options are on the agenda. However at this stage it would be a strain on our resources. But it's on our minds.

Feedback is highly appreciated.

Kev said...

High again, mistook your comment for another - but same reply applies... especially the feedback bit :)