Thursday 31 December 2009

Taxpayer subsidised skiing holidays for EU officials' children

The European Empire is using our taxes to subsidise skiing holidays for the children of MEPs and EU officials.

Our imperial masters are already threatening legal action if they don't get a 3.7% pay rise next year on top of their already generous salary, expenses and perks.  A sizeable proportion of EU officials, including MEPs, get diplomatic immunity and pay reduced rates of tax.

The subsidy is worth up to 52% off the cost of the £822 holiday for someone on a meagre £69,620 salary and an official on a salary of £108,000 is still eligible for the subsidy.  If more than one child is sent on the holiday, a further 10% subsidy is available.

I'm sure we'd all love to send our children on a subsidised skiing trip - I know for a fact that my eldest son's school charges a damn sight more than £822 for their skiing trip - but we don't all have that luxury.  Whether we can afford to send him on the skiing trip remains to be seen - I don't earn half of the £69,620 salary the European Empire considers to be a low wage.  But I won't get a 50% subsidy on the cost of his skiing trip courtesy of the European Empire, I'll just have to pay for people who earn more than double what I do to send their kids on subsidised skiing trips instead.

And here was me thinking we were in a recession.


Anonymous said...

Where would anyone get the idea that these guys are out of touch? The world may never know.

Anonymous said...

Westminster has been doing this for more than a decade. The total bill for a couple dozen MPs and hangers-on is fairly huge I can promise you.

The issue here is that no-one should pay anyone else's way, not that the culprits in this case are EU officials.

It's another horror story useful as ammo against the vile technocracy of the EU, but one must make sure one doesn't have double standards.

Therefore, you have no right to feel angry in this case if you are not a minarchist.