Tuesday 5 January 2010

Lisa Duffy for Chairman Director?

The Chairman of Young Independence, Lisa Duffy, has been put forward for the post of Chairman Director of UKIP.

The appointment will need to be ratified by the National Executive Council (NEC) on Monday.

Lisa hasn't exactly shone in the post of Chairman of Young Independence, with members complaining that she is out of contact for weeks on end.  This is apparently due to work commitments - she juggles a full-time job and the Chairmanship of Young Independence.  Presumably the post of Chairman Director of UKIP is a full-time, salaried position otherwise I fail to see how she can possibly be effective in this role.

This is all just speculation of course, she might not even get the job and the terms won't have been confirmed yet.  We will have to wait and see and give her (or whoever gets the job) the benefit of the doubt until they have the opportunity to prove their worth.

The post is Director, not Chairman as previously thought.


The Pub Consultancy Service said...

If this is true, it will go down like a lead balloon in the ranks. Nepotism comes to mind.

Yasin said...

as much as I dislike Bob, I completely agree with him. Nepotism to the core. How many more YI members has Lisa gotten for the party? Nepotism with a capital N. Nigel must have just stopped caring