Thursday, 18 February 2010

Hegelian: France says economic union is solution to Greek debt crisis

It didn't take them long, did it?

The FT notes that France is pushing for an "economic government" for the eurozone in the wake of the Greek crisis. "It is too early to talk about this openly", said an official in Paris. "But let's face it, this Greek tragedy is probably the best way to get the debate moving forward. It is a wake-up call."

Ah, yes. Wait until Germany has decided on whether or not to bail out Greece, then let the media loose to hail economic union as the cure-all that we 'need', to avoid economic catastrophe!

Yeah, right. Problem, reaction, solution. Only they're not fooling many people any more.
"We are at a crossroads," Mr Balladur wrote in Le Figaro. "The time has come to move to a new stage."

"The issue of economic government is largely about Franco-German dialogue," said an official. "The president and chancellor talk about it each time they meet."
Get ready for the media onslaught and watch McDoom's reaction.



The Arthurian said...

Solidarity & sovereignty. (I stand together with you in the belief we must each stand apart.)

"Neither an omnipotent superstate nor a loose association of 'free nations' but a community of nations of free men must be our goal." -- Hayek, The Road to Serfdom, Chapter 15.

"If nations can learn to provide themselves with full employment by their domestic policy ... there need be no important economic forces calculated to set the interest of one country against that of its neighbors." -- Keynes, The General Theory, Chapter 24.

The EU was always sold as a way to improve economic conditions. It was always... wishful thinking.