Tuesday 16 February 2010

Swindon Selects New PPC

The United Kingdom Independence Party held their Annual General meeting last night at the South Marston Hotel and Leisure Club.

The Chairman, Greg Heathcliffe was re-elected, following an unsuccessful challenge by Stephen Halden, UKIP's North Swindon PPC. The treasurer and secretary were elected unopposed and five other committee members adopted.

The party is also pleased to announce the selection of Robin Tingey as the new PPC for South Swindon. Robin has been a UKIP member since 2001 and has held a number of branch committee posts. He is the branches local webmaster.

He has lived in Swindon for fourteen years, and works for Motorola in Swindon. Robin has strong family values and is a committed practising Christian. He has previously stood for election both as PPC and as a Council Candidate. He has also acted as a candidate agent.

Commenting on his selection he said, 'I am very pleased to be standing for UKIP again. Britain needs to rid itself of the EU and use the money for this country. If elected I will serve the people of South Swindon to the best of my ability.'

Robert Feal-Martinez
Spokesperson UKIP Swindon