Thursday 25 February 2010

Tories desperate in Buckingham

The Tories are getting really desperate in Buckingham judging by the letter sent out recently by "Friends of Speaker Bercow" to local rich Tories asking them to contribute to a £40,000 election fund .

The Tories are scared of Nigel Farage and for good reason - he's going to unseat Bercow at the general election.  So many Tories in Buckingham are supporting Farage that Councillors have been warned that they will be deselected if they support anyone other than Bercow which frankly makes a mockery of the rule that the Speaker must be apolitical.

Bercow is not a Tory MP, he is the Speaker.  He is not a Tory candidates in the election, he is the Speaker.  The Tories should not be making threats to members of their own party if they don't support a candidate that isn't a Tory and personal details collected for the purpose of maintaining membership records for the Conservative Party should not be used for promoting someone who isn't a Tory candidate - that is a breach of the Data Protection Act.